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Is this your crazy aunt?

PondartIncbendog 8 Mar 5

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And she scared god to death. But not a crucifixion this time.


Oh where, oh where are the Squirrels when you REALLY need them?

Obviously there are no squirrels in Idaho. They would see this nut from hundred of miles away.


well maybe not quite that nuts but probably not far off... 🙄


No my family is sane

@Jenifer Do have a few marginal cousins but not that stupid

LOL, are YOU 100% certain about that...LOL

@bobwjr I'll admit, unfortunately, that I have niece, related by blood but NOT by choice, who comes very, very close to fitting that bill and may even exceed it as well.

@Triphid Yup

@bobwjr Ah, but as one Psychiatrist said to the other, " I know I'm sane, it you I'm worried about"....LOL.


I find it funny how stupid they are when they try to defend themselves by saying they didn't hurt anyone or destroy property. Now that the mob aggression mentality has subsided they feel they are victims, very common with the simple-minded after committing mob violence.

They are sheep, and Trump fleeced them.


Assume for a minute that there is a god who put her in that window. Imagine it a moment. What does it mean? Would it make everything alright? No. Another batshit crazy.


No, my aunt was the ordinary type of crazy--like burning pictures of relatives whom she hated and then, seeing the pics (unburned, mind you) at the bottom of the sink when she washed her hands afterwards. I don't remember if she said that god told her to burn the pics or not.

@Jenifer True story!


I saw someone taking about her on twitter. God "put her in that window". Nah bitch you put yourself in that window. But I bet if you pray hard enough gawd will come bust you out of prison. Hold your breath here he comes.

What a fucking idiot.


I'm too old to have crazy aunts but I like to think that I am a crazy uncle at times.


Not mine and even if she was I'd be disowning her anyway.


No, sorry, can not claim that one, looks very like a couple I know, but all of mine are accounted for. Have you thought of taking her down to the police station, and handing her in, the relatives may still turn up to claim her.

Or they might not claim her.

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