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Lately, I’ve been feeling really lost. I have felt like I’m doing nothing meaningful. All I do is go to work, try to sleep, and worry about anything and everything.

I have a degree in Special Education with a reading endorsement. I tried teaching in the public school system, and I hated it. I still have a passion and love for literacy. I want people to thrive and do well, and I also want them to have fun reading.

I found a program here in Jacksonville called “Learn to Read.” It is a volunteer based program that teaches adults to read. I filled out a volunteer form this evening, and now I just need to wait for a call back in regards to the next class for training. I am really excited to keep using my skills and passion for something good and rewarding.

By Bverret20126
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Sometimes being lost is a good way to find yourself. Volunteering is such a wonderful way to find what you want. You are not only helping people and giving to your community, but you are exploring your own needs. So, good for you and enjoy the journey you are on. I don't know how old you are, but sometimes it takes a while and a lot of exploration to learn where you want to be. I was 30 years old when I was learning and started on the path to finding my purpose in life, and I was 48 when I returned to school to become a midwife. So hang in there. Be brave and explore, and be grateful for the times you hit a dead end. Those dead ends show you that it is time to try something different.

Wisewoman3 Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

It sounds like you are taking steps to do what not only makes you happy doing, but will benefit others in need. I have been an adult literacy tutor. Just a few tips: A "match" sometimes takes a while to find. Don't get discouraged if some are not able to be committed. If you should get matched up with someone able to commit, it will be a long wonderful up and down ride. One more thing, the program you are volunteering for may only have more ESL students to offer than they do literacy students. If you want to help with ESL, good for you. But, don't be pushed into it if not interested. I was only interested in adult literacy. Enjoy and good luck! smile001.gif


When your mind is in a good place, you can be in a good place. Try Headspace. You won't regret it. It has changed my life


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Aquabright14 Level 2 Apr 16, 2018

I'm so glad there's people like you.
You're helping people overcome the suffering and stigma of illiteracy.
When something you do relieves suffering and helps fight ignorance there's no down side.
You deserve comfortable compensation, but the beans you have aren't the beans they count, but to me your beans are priceless.

Mortal Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

You sound as if you are feeling at a loss in many areas, I hope this new venture fills some gaps for you.
Look for others as well

Rugglesby Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

Whenever I get down, helping others brings me up. Way to go!

Archer Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

That's wonderful. Some of the most rewarding work I've done was volunteering as an advocate for kids in the child welfare system.

Browneyedlady Level 6 Apr 16, 2018

I used to do that. I used a phonetic song series, "Sing, Spell, Read, and Write"-can be found on YouTube-with yellow background for the charts, to teach adults and mentally challenged children to read in about 20 minutes.

Using the right hemisphere of the brain to learn to read makes it effortless, and gives them total recall as well. I usually just extended the lesson to include speed-reading, since it also is on the right side of the brain, so even challenged people can do it.

Nomal kids in the school system learned just as rapidly, and to my surpise, even the kids in Thailand who didn't know a word of English could read in English after singing the songs, even if they didn't understand the words.

birdingnut Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

Brilliant, good luck.

LeighShelton Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

Start your own company offering your skills to the public

Twanee Level 4 Apr 15, 2018

“My Safe Harbor,” by Peter Love.
My Safe Harbor is anyone you feel betters your life. Click on the link below to see the video.
Peter Love 💕


That’s really great! I’ve thought of making meals for the homeless a time or two, but I never get past thinking about it. The process worries me.

Joshuahenley Level 5 Apr 15, 2018

What worries you? I used to help run a soup kitchen out of a van at a local beach, it was a great and rewarding thing to do. Everyone had their stories.


Sounds fun!

birdingnut Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Good for you - started Masters in Special Ed-gotburnt out after one year teaching,

sassygirl3869 Level 9 Apr 15, 2018

I used to feel like that alot in years past. Some things I learned about purpose is that I valued what I was being told to value via media, family, etc. When I recognized my greatest purpose was exactly what I'm engaged with right now (typing this message) is my purpose, I learned to be connected again. Seems lost can sometimes mean disconnected. Our 5 senses are amazing portals to right now, right now wherein lies our purpose. I have direct influence on that a majority of the time. Hope you find connection. You are connection. You are.


I hope that it works out for you. I think many of us go through stages such as this. I did.

Gwendolyn2018 Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

You seem to be going in the right direction for who you are and want to become.
I wish you well and success in finding what you are searching for here and in your life.

jlynn37 Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

Good for you! That’s inspiring that you have a passion for helping the disadvantaged. I hope you can find a way to pay the bills as well.

JamieH Level 4 Apr 15, 2018

Well... it's your way of giving back and also having purpose... good for you.

BucketlistBob Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

I know how you feel. Saying to 'be patient' is no consolation. What can be is to write. Write a story about your situation and let the mind wonder. Think about the absurd, take your story to the limit, well a funny limit. There's always a funny side to life.

You are a lovely person. Wish you the best.


jules4169 Level 6 Apr 15, 2018

I hope you find a passion, a purpose. We all need that. I was lucky to find mine when fairly young and kept adding to it. We're pulling for you.

tioteo Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

Hi. I am sorry about how you feel,I too feel as if I've no purpose. I am ok with that. I am not ok with being alone, and unhappy

RobShotwell Level 2 Apr 15, 2018

You're not alone on here @RobShotwell. Hope your happiness improves soon, I guess many people do find that having a purpose improves happiness.


Is there a need in your area for private tutors? Working with one on one might suit you? Good luck with the volunteer position.

Freedompath Level 8 Apr 15, 2018

I think volunteering to teach others to read is a truly worthwhile endeavor.
Good on ya for trying to improve your own life while helping others.
Good luck moving forward!

KKGator Level 9 Apr 15, 2018

You got a lot to live for, you may not see what is your purpose but you been preparing for that moment... Patience and resiliance You are precious regardless of your current situation, is part of life and life is a Marathon not a Sprint to a Finish Line. Easy.... easy. You are on your way even if you don't understand the direction.


Good luck to you! Hope you get it!

bleurowz Level 8 Apr 17, 2018
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