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What weird thoughts have kept you awake recently?

I've found that I often think of things that are fairly normal until about 2AM, but if I'm awake after that, thoughts wander to moving to strange places and exploiting the gift of a work at home job/

DJVJ311 7 Apr 16

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I really think your thoughts are normal, nothing odd about going places or jobs. I don't know about others but after the election of trump, I still wake up at night wondering how did that happen. I'll be happier to think about some else, but it might be awhile.


I've been kept up after I've talked/texted with someone and usually think about them. Not weird thoughts but what ifs.


why do we call it a pair of underwear but we only call a bra a bra? why do we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway? why do some critters get to have cool eye colors and hair/fur colors and some have interesting pupils like cats and goats and cuddlefish...where are my cool colors and all that? if i was born in a different time they would have killed me for not fitting in. i wonder if my kids will be ok when im gone, i wonder what my grandpa would think of my recent choices...lots of things, and then they turn into some weird feeling dreams

Byrd Level 7 Apr 17, 2018

I have had strange thoughts about sitting on a Big, Horny Hairy Man's lap and making out with him!
I don't know why?


I don't have ruminating thoughts that are keeping me up right now.


Tbh, I once stayed up thinking about how much I despise grapefruit and another time I thought I saw my cat hanging off a hair until I realized my cat is an outside cat and hates being in doors, it all just kinda depends on what happened that day I guess


I wake up thinking about posts on thus excellent site !


Also we have an Insomniacs group: []


Should I bring up that dream I had about John Travolta bringing me for dentures?

That's dreams! I'm not going to tell you the things that keep me awake! lol

1 could try taking an early morning walk to reset your thyroid and sync your sleep rhythms with the sun.

Avoid chocolate and caffeine, eat organic food, avoid drinking pop and other chemically loaded food. Eat fish and fresh produce.

If you can't sleep because you've thrown off your sleep patterns, you can take a tiny pinch of catnip..that will knock you right out.

If your mind is in turmoil, CBD oil is reputed to take care of that.

@babsy I ordered a pound of powdered catnip online. It was way too much, and I only took a tiny fraction of it in years. You don't need much. Just google the closest place to you-probably most health food stores carry it.

Many people use it to calm babies during teething.


Chocolate and caffeine and sugars seem to put me to sleep.

@BucketlistBob LOL! Drinking coffee can keep me awake for two days. Not fun. Chocolate keeps me awake only for one night.


Sometimes l dream l have hair, only to wake up disappointed, again! ?


I wake up with high anxiety over stupid stuff. My dreams have got me working or solving problems that need to be done now but i don't know what the problems are. There running dreams.


I wonder when they are going to release all the prisoners from area 51. If there really was an invisible woman and if she likes the way she looks in the mirror. Can I really create a black hole in my mind and if I am successful will it suck in all of my thoughts.


I find when I can't sleep my brain goes to the more depressing aspects of my life. If I'm up at 2 it's a good bet I'm bummed about something.


Home renovation nightmares

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