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The Monthly Atheist Latest Edition

A Leaked Document To Christian News

please read carefully, published under the know your enemy programme

*Dear fellows,
Hail Satan!
As you know doubt are aware we "atheists" having sold our souls to Satan are obliged to keep up the myth of there being no god and that evolution explains EVERYTHING!
To that end I'd like to inform you that this new moon picnic we will be gathering at Sister Lilith's house, were in the back garden we WILL be broiling little Tommy Atkins (six months old so should be nice and ripe) to consume with new potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and mint sauce, gravy optional.
After dinner we will behave in the traditional manner of debauched drunks and the chant of
"We Hate God"
Will commence at midnight precisely.
For senior acolytes the consuming the blood of goats with which we have previously had sex will take place in the Gazebo at one o'clock.
For junior members worshiping of the two hundred foot tall idol of Christopher Hitchen will commence simultaneously.

Hope to see you all there for the love of Darwin, Mephistopheles and Sam Harris be with you all.


LenHazell53 9 Apr 17

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