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There is no christian persecution.

glennlab 9 June 13

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Okay... is this general or a hello?



They don't know the real meaning of being persecuted, all these fucking Christians these days are just a bunch of soft fluffy assholes, and couldn't stand in the sight of real persecution, all they would do is cry and piss their pants.


Amen to that. πŸ˜› sad though that there are so many that will say some shit like ' Well I'm a christian, so you know I'm a good person. Then they say or do some of the most un christ like things. I love to call them on that bs.


Isn't the whole focus of Christianity to obtain salvation through martyrdom? Little wonder they claim persecution but ironically they are the ones who love to persecute others and in direct contravention of the teaching of their savior who tells them to be meek and mild, to turn the other cheek and they will inherit the earth for doing so. Typical double talk, humans do love to listen to their own looped feedback in their own heads.


Coped that meme and posted it on Facebook


They should quit being assholes

bobwjr Level 10 June 14, 2021

Christians have told me several times that they were being martyred/persecuted for their religion, but the only one that I truly remember was an incident that happened decades ago. I was still going to church and a friend of mine was hired to be a part-time librarian at the small school our children attended. I don't remember if I were a teacher's aide at the school at the time or was subbing at that point, but I knew the teachers well. My erstwhile friend overestimated her intelligence and her social skills were often lacking. I also don't remember the specific event that set her off, but I remember one of the teachers telling me that the friend was overstepping her boundaries and was not consulting anyone at the school about the changes she made.

Finally, she was approached by the principal who told her about the issues. She moaned to me that she was "being martyred" because she was Christian. I pointed out to her that I was a Christian, too, and had no problems with the faculty and staff, but she still insisted that she was being persecuted. She quit the job.

"Martyrdom" is most often the go-to excuse for any criticism.


I don't agree that they are being held accountable for not acting like Jesus. First off, there's no evidence besides the Bible that says that he did exist and they can't act like a person who never existed. Second, there is no credible descriptions of if he existed, how he acted. Third, what persecution?

Also, I would like to note that the vast majority of Christians claiming persecution are white. Black Christians are not complaining about persecution for being Christians. White Christians can point to nothing of substance which can be described as persecution related to their religious beliefs. When you analyze their complaints it's usually mirrors the complaints of racists where they don't have the privileges that their religion or skin color gave them in the past and they feel put upon. Their grandparents could force a non-Christian out of office a hundred years ago, it's harder today. Having been treated as if they are superior and watching the foundation of that false assumption fall can be seen as persecution to some.

redbai Level 8 June 14, 2021

This goes at least as far back as GWB' BS about a "War on Jesus!"
Every damned stolen election by the GOP has left massive wounds on the country!

And,I include Reagan's first electoral victory, won by way of his traitorous arrangement with the ayatollah Homeiny.


Sociologists Campbell and Manning diagnosed a "culture of victimhood." It pays to present oneself as a victim. Of course, no one wants to be a real victim, but more and more people want to be perceived that way, because as a victim you have the moral authority.

Matias Level 8 June 14, 2021

I think that Repubs, as well as conservative Christians, like to claim victimhood.

youve just described black lives matter. and they follow through by obscuring of omitting the victomhood the blacks create. the result, and bottom line? in this mornings npr "news" the figure of SIXTEEN TRILLION was mentioned at a starting figure for federal programs to foster "black enntrepreneurs"


Yes, exactly!


100% constitution


They don’t have to act like him at all. They can do what ever they want. I just don’t want to be told that I should believe in him.


And just look at what Christians did in the name of their evil god to the Cherokee, the Apache, the Navajo, ...

That was done in the name of greed. We want, you have, we take. Granted, some of the worst offenders were xians. But so were some of their most loyal defenders. All in all, it's a part of history that hurts my heart.


The cries of Persecution and Christian/Christianity go hand in hand just as they have done since who gives a monkey's fart knows/cares when.
If a Christfool cannot CLAIM persecution at least once in every month then his.her life seems worthless and trite, that IS their mentality and they adhere to it like shit to a blanket.
For example, THEIR first 'claim' of Persecution AROSE in the latter years of the Roman Empire WHEN, as they try to have everyone believe, Emperor Nero PERSECUTED ONLY the Followers of Jesus, WRONG.
A few, a very FEW were Followers of Jesus, the vast majority persecuted in the Arenas were ACTUALLY Criminals, etc, etc, and WERE NOT by any means Followers of Jesus.
Secondly, they claim LOUDLY that Nero BLAMED them for the Great Fire that ravage Ancient Rome, SORRY but Nero did NOT blame them, nor the Hebrew/Jewish Community either.
Nor did he ORDER the fire to lit in the first place, NOR was he playing the Lute/Lyre whilst Rome burned, he was actually in Capri at the time, NOT in Rome.
The fires started in the Sabura districts of Rome, a 'suburban' type district where the buildings were at least 2 storeys in height, tightly packed together, made from wood and other highly flammable materials, they were, in all truth and Historical Fact, a Tinder-box just waiting for a spark.
Christfools WILL scream 'Persecution' as a pig squeals when stuck with a knife or spear, that is their 'nature' and NOTHING will ever change it.


No shit.


Christians cry foul everytime they are held accountable.

They cry 'FOUL' even when there is ABSOLUTELY no Reason to do so.

They cry foul when they are caught doing the foul deeds.

@Holysocks No, they just either head off to Confession and get their penances OR merely kneel down, pray and beg Big Sky Daddy for forgiveness whilst telling Sky Daddy that it was the Devil that "made them do it."


It may be true that Christian privilege in our society has been rolled back from where it used to be, but removing privileges Christians never should have had in the first place is NOT persecution.

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