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What is your M.O. with receiving "butt dials" from those you're potentially interested in?

Qualia 8 Apr 18

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I'd wonder how or why they have my number in the first place. πŸ™‚


I only seem to receive accidental dials from people’s children. I hear them in the background playing. πŸ™‚


Butt dialing? I would never carry a cell phone in my hip pocket.


I would be impresed that they got my number for one lol !!! I am pretty tight.

That's very wise.

Yeh there are so many free data calling apps it's not needed unless know people more ..


I understand absolutely none of thus!

Thanks for asking that question. There are two of use not understanding. We need an encyclopedia of code words.


@Nickbeee holy bleep this is scary and potentially dangerous: " "Accidental calls, if not hung up immediately, tie up the recipient's phone line. If this is a landline, the recipient may not be able to disconnect the call in order to use the phone."

@earthman I miss having a landline. Theyre particularly useful after or during a hurricane

@earthman we used to keep one to find our cell phones. LOL /gone now

@earthman I do


Hasn't happened to me yet. You make some good points about intentionality. Something I'll keep in mind... or perhaps use! πŸ˜›

after a little research, I guess it's a problem with some iphones so glad I thought nothing of it. There are fixes in the settings though.


I haven't butt dialled for a long time, I have an ex whose name begins with A would would always be the recipient, so I amended her name in my contacts by placing a "Z" in front of it.
I seem to receive them from people whose phone rings the last person they called, even if it happens to be a few days later. Don't usually get to talk, only hear them shuffling papers or talking to somebody else.


Few butt dials, but l do get lot of assholes.


@Archer What is ROTF?

@Sticks48 Rolling on the floor. It's short for rotflmao. Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.
Your comment really made me laugh!

@Archer Thanks for the info. ?


The other day I couldn't find my cell phone. So I called myself, using our landline. But my cell phone wasn't ringing. I realized I'd misdialed and hung up.

Five minutes later a woman called me wanting to know why I called her. Why? I hung up the phone before you answered because I did not want to talk to you. Because we had nothing to talk about. I guess we can talk about me hitting a "4" instead of a "5." Now we are talking, which I didn't want.

Not every phone call is a gem. In fact 90 percent of them are a waste of time. So, you know, don't call people who didn't complete the phone call connection. They hung up for a reason.

well I got an interesting call with coughing on the other end last night, after a couple of hellos hung up...


I receive very few calls. Most are from people who want to sell me water purification, home owners insurance or sometimes Jesus. I enjoy it when someones butt thinks of me and gives me a quick call. Excuse me, the phone is ringing.... Maybe someones butt is calling.



No one calls my number except Dr's offices. People accidentally call me on Messenger though.


Is that likely to happen? Weird question. And why would you have an MO for something that someone else (unintentionally) initiates?

As likely a Jam Sandwich building a superconducting fusion reactor!

I was wondering the same thing. But, I gather from other comments here that @qualia is referring to the accidentally on purpose type of call or text.

@BlueWave Good lord πŸ˜‰ thank you Bluewave


I'm not good with shortened versions of words, what does MO mean?

m.o. = method of operation. Or policy.
I'm just curious what others do. Just made a new personal rule that guys get 1 "free butt dial" before I call it out, otherwise I'm ignoring it.

I realize this can and does happen to everyone at some point(me too, even with my wee dinosaur "dumb" phone), some more than others. I don't think anything of it from friends, but in the early stages w/a guy, and particularly after "weird juju", where the error margin is narrower .. has the potential to color my thoughts in the negative.

@Qualia Ah okay, thank you for that explanation. I'm terrible with shortened versions of words, at one time I thought the expression lol was a reference to Land O' Lakes butter.

@SpikeTalon LMFAO! You're good.

Modus Operandi is the root I thinks..



Hey. hello,, hello, hey can you hear me, hey you dumb shit can you fucking hear me........well fuck this.

that made me laugh thanks πŸ˜€


Haven't got one in a while.


I don't really have an M.O either way unless they owe my money.


I'll take them however I can get them.


I have an open mind is always a curiosity complexity when indulging in an emotional endeavor.


Depends on interest level. Maybe call back if I have time. If not send a text.


Same as any other butt dial; hello? hello? hang up


Or something like this happens: Murder Plot Derailed By Butt Dial, Police Say []


Mine are "thigh dials." At least you are in their phone if it happens. That means something!

JK666 Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

They must have a pointy butt, to hit all the numbers, yes?

Speed dial.

I've only a vague understanding of how iphones work. "Pocket dialing" is a HUGE problem for 911 dispatch, it actually wastes time and has the potential to cost lives.

It could be a few things, it's happening off a txt, or he's got me on a single digit speed dial, or inadvertently calling last #. No idea.


Explain "butt dial" please?

@AnneWimsey []


This is why I don't want a smart phone, ever. Spent way more time reading up on the topic than I care to admit. I've been clueless about this as I've had a death grip on my dumb phone for 12 years now. I LOVE my phone. It's too bad they don't make them anymore. Don't ask me what it is because I'm trying to collect what I can find in good condition. If I can get another 12 years out of a single phone I'll be happy.

And I'm not convinced my "butt dialer" wasn't being clever. . . after silence on my end he upped the ante. idk wtf to do w/him.

And for all those who hammered me on my neighbor thread this is the guy, and he knew waaay more about me than I could've ever dreamed. So FU to those who dogpiled me.

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