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Then the Marine was arrested for battery and when he used "God sent me" as a defense, and was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. The professor filed a lawsuit against the Marine and was awarded compensation for his medical bills, pain, and suffering, and the Marine was forced into bankruptcy once his jail term was completed. God was strangely silent during the Marine's criminal and civil trials and subsequent financial difficulties which led him to be homeless due to his actions, all because the Marine lacked the intelligence to acknowledge that his military service was supposedly performed to enable the professor to have the right to think and speak exactly as he did.

273kelvin 8 July 6

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People who are dillusioned with grand ideas of self importance often feel thst because they are right, violence is acceptable. Its sad to see religions of so call acceptance acting violently out of fear of the unknown. I often wonder if it has to do with their own doubts.


God and violence...Go figure πŸ™‚


I came across this on the internet....15 years ago?

twill Level 7 July 7, 2021

The lesson here is...

Its not God you have to be concerned about, because he doesn't exist...its the believers...they can be convinced to kill in his name.


This is as stupid as it gets........


God didn't send the marine. The marine had a fragile belief system and could not bear to have ti challenged.


typical jarhead. Now let's see if god will bail his ass out of jail.

Maybe that's why God always needs money?


That sounds like it could have come straight out of a Pureflix flim flam, sorry film fan.


That would only happen in the US.


My biological brother posted this story many years ago. I made the observation that using violence to further the cause of a all-loving/all-forgiving god was not exactly the best way to win over followers.
It was the final straw. He railed on and on, publicly berating me until I finally blocked him and his Marine son.
Full disclosure: the family was already fractured beyond repair. No love lost there.


Just watched the documentary "Hell and Back Again" the other night. At the end it listed the Marines and ANA (Afghan National Army) names that God didn’t give a shit about apparently.



The Marines have a nickname, 'jarhead.' Many are respectable soldiers but the name fits guys like this.


When I first got on the Internet in 1992 as an AOL subscriber I would occasionally receive these sappy, syrupy stories which came to be known as a β€˜glurge.’ Never attributable to any real incident, these feel-good stories were clearly the products of wanna be Reader’s Digest contributors or Hallmark movie screenwriters.

I don't see them as feel good stories. It is just ever so pathetic.


I think I heard this stupid story about 20 years ago. It never dies.


If God is so powerful then why the F would he need a jar head?
Burning a witch makes you a murderer, not the hand of God.
How arrogant and stupid in juxtaposition.


I was in the marines. A lot believed going in. Very few believed after hitting the battle field too many times. None that I am still in contact with believe.

@Jennifer112 sure


Typical of many actions of ignorant believers. Also typical of what happens to those who assault others. The problem here is that it will be told in church without saying what happened to the Marine.

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