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What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?

babsy 6 Apr 18

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Help some one who is very hard to help


Everyone (within reason considering disability) at 18, should be cast adrift in the world with only the clothes on their back. To navigate our country as best they can for one year. If this practice occurred to everyone, I'd like to think those in power would understand those with none. Those with money would understand unconditional charity. Those who judge wouldn't .

4time Level 4 Apr 18, 2018

Be kind too many people are self-absorbed in this greed stricken island called Earth.


turn an enemy into a friend

skado Level 8 Apr 18, 2018

@MrLizard No, if you have no enemies, then you should make me a friend, so I can learn your magic! 🙂

@babsy ... []


Save the life of something.

I sort of saved a spider today. Does that count? I capture them and put them outside.

@SweetHarp That's awesome. People are horrible -- the ones who left them in a box. 😟

@SweetHarp wow, love this, love kittens.


go camping at the very least. but id say, live out there with nature for a bit. maybe get a new perspective.

Byrd Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

LSD in small dose. Continued use optional.

I've actually, for the first time ever, considered it lately. Not actively pursued, but considered. Who knows?

Start small....see if it fits.
It's not for everyone, but it is something most should experience, right setting, etc....imo


Make a resolution to say yes this year, to something outragous, no excuses, just do it. I went away with someone aboard a sailboat for a weekend and didn’t return for two weeks.. Lol. What a blast that was.


wait tables
work at a sex toy store
work at a funeral home (or other death industry)
LSD (or other hallucinogen)

@AMGT looking back I’ve already had a full life filled with experiences that have allowed me learn a lot about people including myself. ?


Work a customer service job. Server, retail, call center, food service, etc.


Truly fall in least once


Fly in an airplane.


Go to Fantasy Fest in Key West.


Fall in love.


Volunteer for an organization that actually HELPS people or animals, on a holiday.


Learn a dance step - with a partner.
Memorize a poem which says something meaningful to you and say it to somone who is important to you.
Create a painting.
Speak (or act in a play) before a large number of people.
Go on a shamanic drum journey to meet your power animal/spirit guide.


Float a river in a canoe.

I'd kill(metaphorically) to do that!!

@farmboy2017 If you ever make it to Montana I'd be glad to take you on the Upper Missouri River. Or if you are feeling adventurous, down Alberton Gorge of the Clark's Fork River.


Butt stuff.


way past once. It's my 'go to' form of contraception 😉


Travel to a place that is radically different from what you are familiar with.


Skydive. Especially flat-Earthers.

@babsy My ex got dizzy from being up on a ladder and did it with me. 🙂


Substitute teach

Terrifying ~


Hike the Grand Canyon on a full moon night it's like no other hike you will ever do


Surf with dolphins, ride the Porcupine Rim Trail in Moab, UT, take a ride in a biplane.


Climb a mountain.
Build a boat.

@HoaryMarmot It was very small but it worked. Had a daggerboard instead of a keel and the sails were jib and loose-footed gaff mainsail. Could carry two people with ease. Took me two years.

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