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What’s the craziest story from your life, that is true but people would find hard to believe.

Eg. I was arrested for the attempted assassination (edited) on of a US President

GilesD 5 Apr 18

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"I was arrested for the attempted assisination of a US President."

OK, you can't drop something like that on us and not share a little more!

It was an example. It might be true, it might not be. I was asking your story of a crazy thing. (Besides, I’ve told that story so many times it bores me now) 😉

I’m pretty sure that was just an example.

@indirect76 it was 1983, Ronald Reagan, flying into Windsor in Helicopter to see the Queen. I happened to be on a roof top with an air riffle as I worked in the Theatre Royal and the pigeons could be heard during the performance. Armed police cordoned off the area and held me for a day and a hal. Searched my flat for firearms and explosives and nicked me for some stolen goods (pills) that my girlfriend had left years ago). I was a gobby kid with attitude (weren’t we all) so after British Special Branch has finished interviewing m; in walked two guys in suits (like men in Black but before that film came out). I said something like”who are theses goons” and was told in no uncertain terms, to have a bit of respect because they were American Inteligence..... to which I replied “isn’t that an contradiction in terms? ...... that’s why they held me for even longer! (My apologiees to all my American friends, as I said, I was a teenager with attitude)

In my college days in P.R. I knew this young girl that was married to this older artist. As an Artistic Gesture, he threated the US President visiting P.R. Needless to say his house was raided by the FBI and Secret Service and was incarcerated during the president visit. Darn was she mad! It was the 70's.

@GilesD Now THAT is crazy!! LOL

@TheLiberalGent the funny thing was that I was a bit pissed off, but it didn’t really phase me. Talked about it at work for a couple of days but that was it! It must have been all the weed we smoked there, we just moved on and forgot about it.


Your story would be interesting if you had succeeded in offing the current president. Otherwise...blah.

Mine was an example. E.g.

I wasn’t going to tell the story but I did in the end, above. ?


I’m afraid I can’t share mine on an open forum.

PM me



I hitchhiked, alone and at night, with a truck full of illegal Guatemalian men up a mountain in Belize. I only spoke a few words of Spanish and they only a few words of English. It was a lovely experience. Oh and I stood in the middle of the road to make them stop for me. ?


I spent a week in the Israeli Army.

The whole Israeli Army has spent a week in the Israeli Army!!!! Get a grip woman! 😉

1970-Its true was an American/Canadian/Israeli experiment. I was a guinea pig


I saved three people from drowning in one summer.

JK666 Level 7 Apr 18, 2018

That’s not crazy, that’s lovely. It must have felt very rewarding ?


Back in the late 60's, early 70's I was a draft resister. Refused to fight in the Vietnam war. Was very active and was pursued by the Commonwealth Police (Australian Feds). I was facing two and a half years jail. Went to an antiapartheid demonstration. This was at a stadium where the South African team was playing Australia in a game of rugby. Positioned myself on top of an embankment a couple of hundred meters from the main action where a riot was taking place. Thought I was safe. But a big lumbering copper run past me from behind. Didn't see him coming. He tripped over my boot and landed on his face in the gravel a couple of meters below. Quickly 8 to 10 coppers converged on me and tried to beat the crap out of me. The riot was getting worse so they handed me over to two other cops and took off towards the riot. These two frog marched me to two awaiting riot wagons. The wagons were full. So in all the confusion they through me out of the stadium. Lucky escapr. Reckon I would have served five years in prison. Later that night met up with a group of comrades at a pub. Got congratulated numerous times for what I did to that copper. Explained that it was all an accident. Knew that there were police spies in all the anti war groups.
Heady times. Had other escapes but this was the most memorable.


Now this is something that my ex-girlfriend did. I'm so proud of her. She used to be a helluva activist. And I would have had difficulty believing it except that I found multiple independent references to the story. My ex-girlfriend (no names here) was arrested along with her fellow activist and served 6 months in prison for trespassing and attempting to vandalize a Space Shuttle on the pad. She had her reasons.


I was instrumental in causing the business of the US Government to come to a halt for 15 minutes.. That's all I'll say but it is true. I also was responsible for causing $2 Million damage to an ICBM Nuclear missile. I was offered a promotion later.

Can you elaborate? Sounds like a great story (well, both do actually) ?

@GilesD The first one involved a Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. That's all I care to say, though he is deceased now, I will keep my silence about his name from the general public in respect to his family, his son of which I am on Facebook with.
The second, I can't say anymore about at the risk of busting my Top Secret Clearance.

@TheLiberalGent fair enough.


I drove from Cincinnati to Salt Lake City in one 22 hour stretch.

Sounds familiar! I once drove from Mission Viejo, CA to Aurora, IL in 36 hours. I did take about a two hour break in Amarillo, TX for food.


I was a victim of a violent armed bank hold up but managed to detain the guys a little, in addition to getting all the money back I also got just under $500 extra from the robbers. Police contacted after a few months and we had to give it back. Turns out it was all they had left from a previous bank robbery the week before.


I have met two other hikers who stood in a rainbow high in the mountains during a rainstorm. People don't believe them, either. Men lecture me on refracted light and insist it is impossible. Here's what happened:

At age 23 I was backpacking on Mt. Shuksan near Mt. Baker. We camped above the tree line at around 7,000' elevation. That evening we saw the sunset behind Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The next day a massive storm blew in. Hail piled up like snowdrifts, washing ptarmigan birds downhill. ("PEEP! Peep... peep... pe...." ) Lightning struck around us. ("Here, you hold my ice axe." ) Pouring rain soaked us to the skin. The sun shone in a nearby valley.

And we stood in a rainbow. We could see the rainbow colors on each other's faces. I stuck out my arms and marveled at the colors on my arms. It only lasted a minute or two. We were not high. My hiking partner was a medical doctor.

Afterwards the sun steamed our backs as we slogged our way to the car.

This was a PEAK EXPERIENCE of my life.

Sounds fantastic, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that phenomenon. my limited science knowledge wouldnt find it unbelievable, and I’m a man! Lol


I think you were arrested for poor spelling. "assisination""

Oh if that was a crime then I’d had been locked up years ago!

Yes...It's a problem we all face.@GilesD

@nicknotes I rely too much on autocorrect and spell checker and this interface, that I'm typing on now, isn't the best! Perhaps it's my old tablet but it's reallly laggy and doesn't underline in red my misspellings. Don't even get me started on grammar and apostrophes! It's all about the difference between "knowing your shit" and "knowing you're shit"! Lol.


I was arrested and served three days in jail for not returning video cassette tapes.

In the course of a move, I misplaced some cassette tapes I had rented. I had forgotten about them entirely until I answered a knock on my door to find a largish policemen standing there. He took me in, and I spent the next three days in the clink. I never did find those damn movies either.

Wow that is crazy to be locked up for that.


I got a letter from President Ford recognizing me for a cost reduction thing i did in the we all know it wasnt really signed by him. But it was presented to me at commanders call. I shined for a little while.

Know the feeling, thank you for your service and sacrifice.


When I was an undergrad, I walked in to a "Sports in Ancient Greece and Rome" class, and the professor handed out an hourly exam. I was unaware there would be an exam, but I still got a perfect score.

The reason: The week before I sprained my ankle, and I couldn't walk miles to class, so I stayed at home, bored on the sofa, and I read my "Sports in Ancient Greece and Rome" textbooks cover to cover.

BD66 Level 8 Apr 18, 2018

Can't share the biggest riddles for they may still be top secreted. Did get to know one of Gorbachev double.

But it’s got to be unbelievable. Meeting people, celebs etc is a great story but it’s not really unbelievable

Have to think what I can say.

@GilesD I have scaled the outside of the John Wane resort hotel in New Port California.


I used to work for National Semiconductor in Sunnyvale Ca back in the day on night shift. It was a cool job I would program in software patches and other things in grocery store systems. Now this was back in the late 70’s early 80’s. What made this great was I was the only one working night in a building set apart from the rest of National Semiconductor I would ring a bell get let into a small area place my Id on a reader and look in the camera and then get let into the main building.

Well one night I was working on some software on a machine in a room dead end into my office . The office door was closed and I could see it at all times I looked down for a few minutes and when I looked up there was a guy dressed in farmer clothes shirt bib overalls and muddy boots.

He then got up walked across my door way into a supply closet next to and with out opening the doors disappeared.

I had to leave work for the next night


3 Golf Stories:

I once sliced a golf ball so bad that it went off the fairway, across the fairway of an adjancent hole, bounced off the side of a highway where the concrete was built up about 3" above the bare earth, came back across the adjacent fairway, and landed in the middle of the fairway I was intending to drive the golf ball onto.

I could never beat my brother at golf, then one day I was about 5 feet from the hole, and I needed to two-put to beat him by one stroke. Just as I was about to putt, a fly flew up my nose, and I hit the ball about 20 feet past the hole. I ended up 4-putting, and he beat me by one stroke.

(stories other people told for the rest of their lives"

When we were putting on hole 7 on my hometown golf course, people would often slice their drives on hole 1 and the ball would end up in a spot that was blind to them close to the 7 green. Whenever we saw that, we would take their ball and drop it into the cup on hole number 7. A few minutes later they would show up looking for their ball, and we would point to the cup and tell them the ball went right in the cup. They would always respond "Well God Damn, that's the only time I will ever get a hole in 1!" They are probably still telling their grandchildren about the holes in one that never really happened.

BD66 Level 8 Apr 18, 2018

One of my favorite stories is golf related, too! My friend and I were playing. She hit the fence and next thing we knew this little white dog hopped the fence, grabbed her ball, and jumped back over the fence. We looked at each other, the fence, each other again, the fence again, and decided it was equivalent to a hazard except she wouldn’t get the extra stroke. It cracked us up for the rest of the round (I think it was half way through our game).


I was partially disabled with debilitating chronic pain for years. Only hard to believe if you know what I look like--and nothing about "invisible" illnesses.

You mean you don’t look like a partially disabled person with debilitating chronic pain???? What?!!!


I do have a story in mind, but it would be rather X-rated, and I think only women would be interested anyway.


Having been born in Puerto Rico, lived in 3 European Countries (Spain, Greece, Germany) besides living in U.S.A.. 20 years in the US Navy including doing 3 Med Cruises and 2 North Atlantic, Drug Ops from Colombia to all the Caribbean and Golf of Mexico and living to be 64 I have a ridiculous share of stories. But already mentioned here I should had been murdered over 30 years ago and convinced the thugs murdering me will be their end and a hour later they murdered somebody and tried to pinned it on me. Story short, I am here and they are not around. I had posted the whole story before including my wife was 8 month pregnant at the moment. Advice to all...... "Live your life with the attitude that ain't over until you said so unless you die in the process".


Oh man.....
...... Some things.

A tame one :
Long ago and far away two friends and I went to a waterfall in upstate New York - 110 foot drop. On acid.
Sitting at the bottom getting wet he said he wanted to climb it.
No, don't...bad idea.
Fuck you, I've climbed the Rockies and Swiss alps with my father, this is nothing. It was true.
Ok, well, then let me run up the trail to the the top so I can watch. And I did. Sat there, legs dangling over....watching. He got off to a good start, making careful progress til he got about 15 feet from me. Then he slipped. He fell backwards, sommersaulting five times, each orbit hitting the side of the cliff.
He landed in a sitting position, on point, and slumped over.
I told the other guy to go find anyone and ran back down the trail.
Off He went.
I ran back down to where He hit.
He had a large gash across his forehead, one foot was backeards, his right forearm was unnatural and bleeding bad.
I ripped up my shirt and tied off his arm, asking " are you dead? "
He opened his eyes, "what. A. Fucking. Rush."
Then told me he take his knife, car keys, and wallet.
Shortly after an EMT showed up with the other guy. A bit later a fire rescue crew came up the creek bed, did their thing and took him away.
I explained what happened to the police and they let me go.
I drove his car to his parents house and hitched home.
I never saw him again, but heard he still walks with a cane.

@Slappy_Longarms gruesome but good. The acid trips, reminds me of a few I’d forgotten.

Yeah, that was 1974. I told him not to, but.......

Yeah, that was 1974. I told him not to, but.......

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