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Any fans of Route 66? Personal stories, road trips? I will share a couple of mine in the comments.

MikeEC 7 Apr 18

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Is on my bucket list

Rosh Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

Is on my bucket list

Rosh Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

I grew up (70's - 80's) in a small town in southern Illinois, literally right on Route 66 - it skirts the edge of my home town. After the interstate was built, instead of hopping on I-55, most locals would still frequently use Route 66 as the "back way" to get between numerous neighboring small towns up and down the area -- we all drove on it pretty regularly. In those days, it still had some great mom-n-pop truck stops, gas stations, hotels, and diners along the way. But then it was fully decommissioned when I was in high school ('85)... as teens during the waning heyday of leaded "regular" gas and muscle cars, we would often use Route 66 to drag race, because the viable section near us was was so smooth, straight, and empty. In the 90's, though, it didn't take long for the County to start chopping it up and covering it up, instead of having to maintain it; more and more sections of it were barricaded off with each passing year. Near that town where I grew up, half of it (2 lanes, one whole side of the highway) in a sizeable stretch between towns, was just completely covered over with a mound of dirt, like it never existed -- the half that remained was turned into a typical 2-lane road. But as a silver lining? At least the part that is still there can still be driven for about 20-25 minutes, unimpeded, outside of occasional stop signs in towns. It's still just as beautiful out there, too... even with the ghosts of what-used-to-be popping up occasionally along the sides of the road.

tmaaz Level 5 Apr 19, 2018

I grew up in Lincoln, Illinois in the 40's and 50's, which was on Rte 66. We regularly traveled on it to bloomington, and on vacations out west. 55 is the expressway now, but 66 runs alongside it. When I visit Lincoln, I always drove up 66 to visit my cousins in Bloomington

Lincoln, IL huh? I grew up in Mason City, IL, and we used to go to Lincoln, IL for excitement. I've eaten many meals at the Tropics that sat right on Route 66.

@BD66 What a small world. I loved the Tropics. They had the best food. There was even 2 movie theaters in Lincoln. Now there is only one, but they bought the building beside it and made into a multiplex, but it is still downtown, in the same old elegant building. The Tropics closed a few years ago, and when I was in Lincoln last year, they were tearing it down. They saved the iconic sign though. I'm not sure what they are going to do with it, but a lot of travelers recognized it as a landmark. I was a little broken hearted to see it close and get torn down. I think they are desecrating the site with a bigger McDonald's. Bummer.

Many years ago I went to a restaurant in Lincoln that had some pretty crazy decor. One thing I remember is that there was a manikin leg attached to the ceiling as though someone had fallen partially through from the second floor. Does that ring a bell?

@PappyOnWings I remember the leg, but I can't think of the place. Do you know if it was downtown, or near the outskirts?

@Wisewoman3 not downtown, pretty small, an older building. That is all I can remember. Now that I think about it, it was probably over 30 years ago.

A trivia question: Of all of the cities named Lincoln, what is unique about Lincoln, Illinois?

@PappyOnWings I wish I could remember. I might be able to find out from one of my friends who still lives there. Lincoln is the first town to be named for Abe Lincoln, before he was president. He was a circuit lawyer, who came to the Postville courthouse once a month in Lincoln. He christened Lincoln with a watermelon.

@Wisewoman3 Perfect! It is the only one named after Lincoln while he was still alive.

If you need a reference for being a contestant on Jeopardy, just let me know 🙂

@PappyOnWings I do love Jeopardy. I watch it every night.


I did aElectric job in Winslow Az. few years back Anyone from there?


I done parts of Route 66 It's been a while.


If I ever find a partner for a road trip Route 66 is on my list.


I've driven many sections of the southwest portion of it... most of the CA route and much of the AZ. In addition to Oatman, a couple other gems near here are: Amboy... a 50s ghost town which is allegedly going to be redeveloped; Grand Canyon Caverns... a must see in AZ; and Selligman, AZ (the town used for the inspiration for "Cars" ). Check 'em out! The section with both Selligman and the caverns is also a great section to bicycle!

Wow! I am learning a lot about the Western portion of Route 66. I will have to start taking notes 🙂


In ten days I will be in Oatman, Arizona, photographing motorcycles on Route 66. If you are at the Laughlin River Run, you should swing on by, say Hi!, feed some donkeys, get your picture taken.

I just got a hot tip – if you bring apples you will be very popular with the donkey crowd. 🙂

@PappyOnWings Or carrots, but I don't think either one is very good for the donkeys. There has been a diabetes problem caused by eating too much sweet stuff.


I live near the 285 which is old 66


I live fairly close to it...and I've done the whole thing in two separate trips. Chicago to OKC...and OKC to Santa Monica. Both were stellar road trips. I have tons of photos. I love, love, love the antique shops and mid-century signs --and businesses-- along the route.

@SkotlandSkyke I have never been on Route 66 west of St. Louis. I will definitely put it on my to-do list


Lisa's Truck Stop - east side of Moriarty - best food around.


I live just off route 66 in New mexico...til June anyway.
Be sure not to miss the singing road just east of'll complete your life.

It won't be this year, but I love traveling through the West and will try to make this and Lisa's Truck Stop part of the trip.

Lisa's is a real truck stop.
The cooking is fantastic. I go there once a week or so.
Really good stuff reasonably priced.


Get your kicks on Route 66! I like the version done by Asleep at the Wheel


Several years ago, I worked at the Abraham Lincoln presidential library Springfield Illinois. People from all over the world came to visit. When asked if there was anything else about Springfield that attracted them, I was amazed at how many Europeans, especially English and Germans, were fascinated by Route 66 and were "Road-tripping" on Route 66. Any of our European members able to shed light on why that is?

In 2008, Paul McCartney and girlfriend Nancy Shevell took a road trip on Route 66. Paul was supposed to be traveling incognito but was recognized while in Springfield. Here is a picture of Paul with his new friends in Springfield and a link to an article in a British newspaper:



I grew up in Joliet, just south of Chicago, one terminus of Route 66. A couple of times per year, we would visit relatives in Bloomington, IL, a city in central Illinois through which Route 66 passes, I traveled a lot of miles on the original.

Interstate 55 was built parallel to Route 66, and much of the old Route 66 is now frontage road that has been repaved numerous times. However, many miles of the original concrete highway still exist right next to the frontage road through most of central Illinois.

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