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New term "Apatheist".....

Athiest= I 100% believe there is no God
Agnostic= I 100% believe that I have no idea if there is a God or not
Apatheist= I 100% don't care if there is a God or not

I am 100% Apatheist.

zappaisfrank 4 Apr 19

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Already too many labels


I guess I am all three, if there is a God he is not worthy of worship.


I jus tuse freethinker-self explanatory


Skepticism is my nature.
Evidence based Free Thought is my methodology.
Agnosticism is my conclusion.
Atheism is my opinion.
Humanitarianism is my motivation.

Regarding Apatheism: I think if a god exists I would want to know that.


That's not apathy that's nihilism i believe in nothing and i don't really care in the first place.


I thought you just didn't believe in bees


I would claim this, but when religious based beliefs are pushed on me socially or legally, then I care and will denounce the belief system.


What crazy, random happenstance. I'm also an apatheist. I already described how it fit me at: [], so I won't repeat that here.

Glad to see the term is gaining some momentum.


I have called myself that for years.

JK666 Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

You are happy that matters

Rosh Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

I'm in... Great word.


Again, not believing something is not the same as believing the opposite.


I am Athiest. I really see no evidence for anything supernatural and as such I am firmly convinced nothing supernatural exists. I would change my mind if real evidence was offered however unlikely such evidence is.


Apagnostic = apathetic agnostic = don't know don't care. That is me mostly.

like this!

@crazycurlz thanks!


Im an "Aga-apatheist"...I have no idea, but I do know I don't care. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!


" I 100% don't care if there is a God or not"

Yet you are on this site discussing gods, so a bit of a paradox there, eh? 😉


Seems odd to me is all.

It's like a person who doesn't care about politics going onto a political site of their own volition to say that they don't care about politics.

If they don't care, why go to the site and say anything at all in the first place?

@TheMiddleWay I don't know the OP, but I'm willing to bet that while they may not care about gods, they care a great deal about those who do acting against us.

For example, as an agnostic atheist apatheist I don't care if a god does exist. I do care if religious people dictate who I can marry, whether I can keep my job, or that scientific research should be stunted. I care about that a great deal more than any god.

While discussing real issues is important to me, I also like to discuss philosophy, so I'll talk hypothetically about any and all gods. That part's just fun.


Finally someone from my team !!!! I do NOT give a rat ass if there is a God or not. I don't care and I don't care who cares or what anybody else believe. Its amazing how this simple concept is so hard for a lot of people to understand


I like that


I am to a degree all 3.

1 have invented a new category of belief.

New category of disbelief

Excellent distinction...@MrBotany420


That makes sense. I'm sort of Apatheistic. I don't care whether God exists or not. I figure that if God does exist, He'd let people in based on their behavior as opposed to whether they believe or not.


Me, 2, except that I believe in Source energy and our Higher Consciousness.


Personally I believe atheist and agnostic Are separate terms that can be used simultaneously. I consider myself an atheist, because I do not believe in god per se, but I Believe in the POSSIBILITY of there being a God, again I just don’t believe in one. Then we have those weirdos matter just “oh I don’t know if there is a God” when belief is a state of being, you can’t be into places at the same time, it’s binary either you believe in God or you don’t.,You don’t know if there is a God or not? good, but do you believe in one? They are two separate question.,

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