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Has everyone been unable to post anything for the past 13 or 14 hours? I know some of us have had that problem. If so…I suggest that we make contingency plans in case such a situation becomes permanent. We should make contact arrangements- such as exchanging email addresses or arranging to be Facebook friends with any members we would particularly like to continue an online friendship with in the eventuality of this site crashing for good.

In the meantime I’m pleased it seems to be working again.

Marionville 10 Nov 10

Enjoy being online again!

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For the last two days, I have been unable to post in Politics. Thought I was banned in that category.

My post about gentrification culture clash was deleted, presumably because I ticked off Republicans by writing:

"For decades, orchardists have burned their fruit trees and sold their property to developers. Then they move out of the city where they can spray poisonous insecticides to their heart's content. Transplants from Seattle and California build mansions in Wenatchee hillsides with spectacular mountain views. Unfortunately this puts their homes in the path of wildfires.

"The good news is folks from Seattle and California tend to be more liberal. They care about environmental protection. Hooray! This has increased the number of Democrats. In 2018, we elected a female Democrat state senator who is a pediatrician."


It was probably a temporary glitch that righted itself without intervention on the part of a ' maintenance engineer ' on the site. Could be that we are all aboard a rudderless ghost ship of a site wherein the thought of maintenance is no more effective than re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic would have been..

I agree, exchanging email addresses with those on this site with whom we have developed a good rapport or friendship is certainly an excellent suggestion.


from Security & Privacy wise; please don't share your email here publicly! send direct messages if you want.

Diaco Level 7 Nov 10, 2021

Facebook and all its auxiliary companies were offline for a time. The Internet itself has had outages as well as Google. Xfinity was down, even their phone lines just a few days ago. I wouldn’t worry about it, just one of the joys of electronic communication. Still far better than waiting three month for a check that was mailed from less than two miles away! The disruptions are generally short lived and restored with little loss of data. For social networking, a minor glitch. For many businesses is can be a major pain in the ass, but part of doing business on the Internet.

Didn’t realise it was a universal outage…thanks for the info.

@Marionville sorry, I didn’t mean to imply it was, though it very well could have been. Just generalizing that things on the Internet regularly go down and are not due to individual maintenance factors as was implied in other answers.

Michelle Garcia on Facebook my profile picture

Marje McBride @FB

@Marionville I'll friend request you!


I had been offline pretty much since noon yesterday, so was unaffected. Am already friends on fb with a few here; others need only ask. Do not forget the twice weekly (Thursdays and Sundays) Zoom chat that Lisa started, now being handled by Aaron @azzow2 while she is ill. Aaron usually sends me an email with a link for the next dozen sessions, and I believe he posts the link in the Singles Mingle Chat group.

Yes…this is a good way of keeping in touch.


That sounds good to me. Anyone here who wants to Facebook friend me can send me a private message, and I'll give them the particulars.


It does seem to be that site maintenance is largely abandoned. Probably just a server in a closet that could get unplugged.

Got it!


I'll send you my email.

Yes Patricia…please do….I’ll give you mine too.


Email is
Feel free to email me, just tell me your from agnostic.



For about the last 16 hours, I could not even log in to this site. I kept getting some sort of error in which I could not log in.

I was kicked off FB for doing nothing and the hell if I will rejoin them.

May be we could re group on Trumps new site and drive him crazy.


So the site is now officially a ghost ship?

I don’t know…someone must have fixed the glitch I’m assuming!

@TomMcGiverin With or without a rudder?

@Mcflewster It appears to be without one.



Yes. I did a copy-and-paste to the Scientist group .I then saw a blank screen saying to include a question in my post. Nothing got posted. I will try again on Thursday.

It’s fixed again now.


Yep happened to me. I was worried that my repeated attempts would result in multiple displays of the same post. But that seems not to have happened.

Looks like our time’s not up yet!


Happened to me too now corrected

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 10, 2021

Have received this post. Am optimistic things will work out with this site LOL.

…makes a.nice change for you!

@Marionville Good, you got my jest. If I had thought about it I could have used on of the new punctuation marks. BTW I had another crazy coincidence yesterday and it was to my benefit (again).

@JackPedigo …do tell!

@Marionville Okay you asked.
I am trying to get my booster Covid vaccine and the local pharmacy says to check their site between 9 and 9:30 so I did, with no luck. I normally go the the gym at 9 but put it off 1/2 hour. After my hour got talking to a guy about his 95 YO mother that got the virus but had been vaccinated. She was able to recover at home. Then I mentioned a new friend here, Ruth, that was 77, had an existing condition was vaccinated but got the virus and was bedridden for 7 weeks. Her daughter was a pediatrician (also tested positive but had few symptoms. Her husband remained virus free) and tended to her. He asked about the daughter and I said Sarah. He knew of her but did not know she was a doctor - point being it took some time. I had to turn in and pick up a book at the library which is only open Monday's for delivery and P-U. So I drove to the library. The parking lot was empty except for 1 car and a couple were ready to go for a walk (it was a beautiful day). The couple were Ruth and her daughter Sarah. I mentioned the issue with the vaccine and Sarah said the county acquired 600 doses for the booster and to log on to the counties site to make an appointment for the 19th (her mother has one). I did and got an appointment. This island is about 30 sq. miles with 2,500 permanent residents. Ruth and Sarah live near our airport some 8 miles away. This is my 2nd serendipitous meeting since Ruth started getting better from her illness.

I had an accident two weeks ago (fell from (not off) a ladder, hit my head and rushed to the clinic. Later another coincidence occurred. Another story but it was the clinic that benefited.

@JackPedigo Coincidences can and do happen quite often in my experience.

@Marionville Maybe we should start a group for this. I have lots more.


Yeah it wasn't working.

I wasn’t sure if it affected everyone…apparently it did.


Only couldn't post, still could comment though and the chatrooms in groups appeared to have worked okay.

I could make comments and reply to posts which had been made earlier in the day…but there were no new posts going up over a period of many hours. No idea about the chatrooms as I didn’t try to use any of them.

@Marionville I just reached level 10 on the sister site IDW, and apparently there was no perk for level 10, not that I saw anyway. Was that the same for you? Kinda strange no perk considering how long it takes to reach 10.

@SpikeTalon No perk…nor even an acknowledgement from the powers that be! Congratulations to you anyway on your achievement….are you the first on the other one?

@Marionville Thank you, and yup the first to reach 10 on there. From the looks of it, guess there was no rush getting to 10, oh well...


I didn't have a posting problem, however for several hours when I attempted to sign on I got a message saying "token has expired" whatever that is supposed to mean.

Anyone’s guess!

I got that error message for about 16 hours.

I thought it was a timed out token on my chrome browser. It was the site. I installed the app on my phone and I was able to log on. Don't know what it was.

@barjoe I don't understand the reference to "token". What is a token in that context?

@Alienbeing It's usually timed permissions granted to your browser. In this case it was an error message that didn't make sense.


Do We resubmit? Glad you posted about voiding.

Resubmit? I don’t quite understand what you mean.

@Marionville I posted and nothing has happened. I kept a copy.

@Mcflewster Well ok then..try reposting it now.

@Marionville will later thanks

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