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In a world where there seems to be a crazy theory about practically everything, how many of the more common conspiracy theories make sense to you?

Which of the above are whacko conspiracy theories and which make at least some sense to you? Just tick the box for the ones that make sense to you.

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SnowyOwl 7 Nov 10

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None of the above are more than total nonsense.


Gee, why not throw in that god exists?

lerlo Level 8 Nov 11, 2021

Let's not go into Tinfoil Hatland.


None of those, but I may have fallen victim to the "a giant fucking plane didn't actually crash into the Pentagon" theory. They showed us tons of footage of planes hitting the WTC, why no footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon, it's not like it wouldn't exist...

I guess the Pentagon doesn't have any surveillance cameras. lol

@SnowyOwl That's what I'm saying. There were reports of men in suits confiscating video footage from businesses in the area. Even if those weren't true, the government should have access to footage from the Pentagon and traffic cams in the area that should clearly show the plane on course to the building but we got none of it. Just 5 blurry frames from one angle that you couldn't even determine the location of or what was being filmed.

@JeffMurray, SnowyOwl: An editor of AARP Magazine was there & assumed it was a smaller plane until he saw the American Airlines tail logo. The story & comment is in their last issue.


I wanted to participate, but there was no option for "none of the above."


Major shame on those who voted for the pyramids.

Compared to Trump being cheated out of a win? You crack me up, there still isn't a good engineering solution for how the Egyptians built the pyramids.

@SnowyOwl No one voted for the Trump option, but of course, very extreme shame for them considering the complete lack of evidence (If only MAGA idiots had the capacity for shame). The evolution of Egyptian pyramid construction is well documented. Nothing alien about it.

@racocn8 is it well documented? I haven't seen anything that seems remotely plausible but what do I know?

@SnowyOwl If you really wanted to explore it, I highly recommend this course:



It's an anonymous poll and I appreciate the comments, not judging one way or the other. I do think that the Queen is the real woman of steel in Britain and wouldn't necessarily have Diana killed but would certainly be quite amused if it came to be, which it did.


I cannot vote because there is no option for " none"


All conspiracy theories belong at the bottom of Donald Trump's swamp.

Some conspiracies are true though...

@Tejas Ah, the difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory. 🙂


I don't know if it was the CIA or if there was a conspiracy in JFK assassination but it's the only conspiracy theory that you posted with any credibility at all.


I think there is more stock behind the government killing JFK than the rest of these.

Tejas Level 7 Nov 10, 2021
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