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Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
We have a lot to be thankful for...
Could we hit the pause button on the constant Christian bashing and look on the bright side for one day, or half a day?!? It's too bad we have no positive alternative to replace all the hate-mongering.
Or do we? DOES anybody here have anything positive to say? Yes I know, they suck. Everything about them is bad, even the good things!
Is it possible to have happy people?
A Utopia on Earth?
Or are we damned to be always at each other's throats?
Is that just a part of life?

Storm1752 8 Nov 25

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Actually, I decided on November 10th to stop being so restrained in dealing with Christians. They are insufferable, annoying and judgemental. I am actively trying to avoid dealing with them. They espouse the stupidest crap as a matter of fact and think people who don't believe that garbage are nuts. As a long-term atheist, I don't go about arguing my belief but I have to listen to these dimwits preach their dogma. Fact is, most Christians haven't even read their book and talk out of their asses.


My only point is, we're focused too MUCH on the negative, not that the bashing isn't justified. It most certainly is. Nothing else is possible until we deal with it. IF we can deal with it.
I mean, we're on the brink of final, conclusive defeat. Or close to it. The focus should be on it. But we already know how bad the problem is. So why keep preaching to the choir about it, and why not instead concentrate on what we're going to do about it?
Or can nothing BE done? If that's true, we might as well talk about what life will be like in a theocratic plutocracy.


When they stop attacking I'll stop resisting.

Exactly 🤗


I will never pause from bashing christians until there are no more christians....🤔

Buck Level 7 Nov 26, 2021

I have things l am grateful for such as good health and the ability to still play music and make money doing it. I don't have a minute of time to waste on Christians. They are the main reason we can't advance as a society and a nation. Fuck'em and not in a fun way. 😁


Me, me, me. We got a family of 6 out of Chicago/Gary indiana. Permanent relocation. The two little ones spent the night at my house. It was great fun. Something to be thankful for. 💜

Now if their patents would just STOP the talk about invisible men and going to hell.



It's possible. But ask yourself how long, or even if, the other side will pause for any length of time?

Let us be thankful for learning the profound truths that have been discovered, and look forward to the day when more people will give up their dishonesty. And to hope that our species survives, somehow.


I like your perspective here, as I too would prefer a calmer, less combative environment. Whoever first uttered the toast, “May we live in interesting times,” might have chosen other words had he lived in our time!

I am not by nature a drum beating militant, but much of what we are angry about on this site has been brought upon us by an outspoken minority who seem to think their religion is of the utmost importance, and should be more interwoven with all of society. We are forced into this conflict and so we must defend the values of pluralism, secularism and staunch church-state separation if we are to avoid going back to a darker age.

The US Constitution Framers intentionally left God out, much to the chagrin of those who do not support the values I listed above. We must engage the enemy of a secular society as fiercely as they seek to do their God’s bidding. As my avatar said, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

So let this holiday be a day of peace, but tomorrow brings more heightened conflict, I fear, then we’ve ever experienced in recent years.


Thats just human nature to help and harm each other. I oppose organized religion and think all holy building should be shut down. I all so think that all holy text should be burned and stop from being printed.


Everything in life is positive with a good dog, a a good beer, and Trump’s policies in your heart.

Trump does not have a dog, says he does not drink, and has lots of bull in his heart. Maybe a bit of hate as well.

@DenoPenno I’m keeping my dog, I’ll continue to drink, and Trump is awesome. Probably a dick to work for, but his policies were great.


No, it is not possible. Humans evolved, in part, by cooperating with each other. However, they also evolved by harming each other.

And I have positive things to say about some Xtians and negative things about some atheists.


You do you.


Some folks are working thru separating from the religious. They can do it safely here without facing the condemnation of their religioso families, friends etc. I always loved Thanksgiving as I think gratitude is a positive attitude. But the holiday has taken on new meaning as our First Americans suffered immensely as a result & still do. I am grateful for so much but do not observe this holiday as it has deformed into another excuse for gluttony, greed, commercialism & family trauma. For those who are less cynical than I, enjoy. I will not. Just as with Columbus day which was FDR's appeal to the Italian vote. We need some holiday revisions. Honoring the Prince of Peace on the 25th has become "recipe WARS" ( wars! Really?) or competitive brain bashing sports events. Watch CTE as it happens. Humans must find a manner in which to resolve their differences without storming the Capitol & smearing feces on the doors of those they disagree with. That was the idea of the Founding Fathers who were not perfect, could not see into the 21st century, but were trying to form a more perfect union by which to baby sit ourselves. Good tidings to all & peace be with us.

I wonder if things are really worse now than they used to be, or is it we grow darker and more pessimistic as the disappointments and disillusionments of life pile up and cause us to interpret each succeeding blow to our idealism more bitterly?
Things ARE worse, most likely. I thought resistance to change would weaken as the need for it, and the benefits of it, became clearer. We used to snicker at Jim and Tammy Baaker, thinking the embarrassment over their antics would shame the rest of them into retreat.
The Moral Majority of the Reagan years seemed like a curiosity. Neither seemed a serious threat to progress. We had no idea it was only the beginning.
Like the Native Americans seeing the first few ships from Europe on the horizon, who knew it would become a onslaught? Who knew they would come to dominate, making up for fewer numbers with fanaticism, treachery, lies, and greed?
Yes, it IS worse, but aren't we allowing despair and discouragement to make the brutal impact even more damaging than it needs to be?
Maybe it's partly true each victory is harder now because the enemy is more aware and, with it's defeat imminent, is making an even more desperate last stand? It doesn't SEEM that way, but looks can be deceiving.


Answers to your questions; no, no, no, yes, maybe, yes, yes.


Yes, we are damned to be at each others throats. I find that there is a good bit of violent thinking at this website.


I laugh a lot at what I see here. I don't find it hate filled at all and hate for religions is a good thing, bad things should be hated and this site has a lot to do with religion.


Most of the positive stuff on the site is in the groups, it is true, the front page tends to be news and views, which are rarely positive.

But today was a bright winters day and I had friends over for a game of petangue, then we had mince pies and wine afterwards. That was positive, but sadly that is where I go for most of my positive, social media is not a good place to look for it at all, but I would say the this site is far better than most.


@Storm1752 French form of bowls.

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