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So, I got this excerpt ... or "opinion dump" as a result of some heated discussions with my God Bot Sister. .... I am organizing my thoughts and am thinking I might just write a letter instead of messages that seem to demand a response.

I have plenty of thoughts of my own, but I'm thinking I'd like to hear some of yours .... you know .... so I can plagiarize the ones I'm impressed with. ๐Ÿ˜€

"The fact is more children have been hospitalized from effects of the vaccine than from Covid. The fact that the side effects from the vaccine itself are more dangerous to children than the virus is mentioned by her. But of course, personal sacrifice of children for safety of the elderly and more vulnerable adults is what the powers at be have decided. So let's force vaccination of all children and then figure out what the fall out is, so the rest of us more important people can be safe. Oh wait, we don't want to know or anyone else to know why the fall out is so let's censor that.
So Socialistic and wrong. Giving up freedoms and constitutional rights for a treatable virus and free Medicare for all. Yet you have no choice in what you can and can't have medical treatment for. The rich become more powerful and above the law. The people who work hard have their money and rights taken away. They poor have no power and the rich & powerful do as they like without being held accountable. That have made themselves above the law and don't have to take the vaccine or be sued for their rights abuses.
We don't agree on anything here. I know we all will perish eventually and God will judge us. Justice will prevail in the end. I am going to focus on him and help my neighbors. We obey our government to a point. Like pharaoh's command to kill all male babies. There are points where you speak up for the helpless and injustices, like slavery, child slave labor, harvesting of organs, science experiment ion on people against their wishes, abortion, imprisoning people because of their religion, etc. Speaking out against these abuses and the ability to do so, is a constitutional right. It has been instrumental in changing human abuses throughout American history. Freedom of speech is at the heart of our constitution and was upheld until today. That freedom is being infringed upon more today than ever in our history.
I can not discuss these things with you anymore. We are in opposition on almost every thing. You are against God and those who believe in him. You say religion caused all the wars in the world. But ignore the atrocities done to people in the name of science. Personal rights are sacrificial as long as medical and education are free. Even though greed and injustice are the result of communism throughout history. And still are today. Power, wealth, greed, human corruptness are at the heart of all wars. The desire for land and control.
I can't let my mind focus on these things. I will focus on God, my family and loving my neighbor as God commands. I have no control over others and don't desire to. But I do have control over my life. Thank God. So I will work on doing what he teaches. Loving God and loving others. If everyone did that, what a great world it would be. But obviously, we are all battling our own sinful nature. There lies the core of our problems.
You won't hear from me for a while now.
Peace be with you"

Normanbites 7 Dec 4

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Wow, easy boy easy. One thing at a time.


Sooo glad I don't have such numbskulls in my family.

I have a surplus and offer free delivery!

Got a couple that my family can spare IF you are that desperate, they are all female so you should be right.

@Normanbites I don't think you could pay anyone to take them.


I was curious about that opening statement and did a Google search. Here are a couple resources to counter the statement that more children have been hospitalized due to COVID vaccines.

"The Benefits of Vaccinating Kids against COVID Far Outweigh the Risks of Myocarditis" - Scientific American

"Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)" - CDC

"CDC says more young people hospitalized from vaccine than COVID-19 itself? False" - Politifact. This one addresses the source of the false claim.

How loving of her to "tell you off" with internet rumors no less and misinformation distributed to benefit those in power (as she derides your position of doing) and then refuses to speak to you "for a while now".

As for her God, the following link might prove useful .... to you anyway. I doubt your sister will read it much less accept it. It does explain how a rather haughty individual can view themselves as "loving".

"Study: Believersโ€™ inferences about Godโ€™s beliefs are uniquely egocentric" - Univ. Of Chicago


How can we get them to stop roping America in with their whacked out beliefs? That is our first, foremost and HUGEST challenge. Right now and forever

twill Level 7 Dec 5, 2021

Wow, so much wrong with every statement she made. Maybe just go through line by line and set her straight? I don't think she would hear it - she sounds too far gone to listen to reason.

I would probably copy the whole letter and go through highlighting each statement in RED and then putting your rebuttle statement in BLUE. At least you would get it out - whether she reads it or not.

All I can think of is saying "Not true" to each statement that she has so wrong. There are statistics and charts and graphs, but honestly, I don't think it would be worth your while to dig them all up and share them with her.

My thought is to say that in your mind, if you were ever to be judged by a god upon your death, your fellow humans during life, and those who come after us in history, you would rather be seen as a hero for doing your part in the solution of our problems, promoting peace, truth, health and goodwill toward all people.

It is the selfish and greedy who are wicked, promoting the negative propaganda regarding vaccines, preventative medicines, and other scientific breakthroughs that can save humanity, because they have evil reasons for wanting the poor to get sick and die, or be duped into skipping the vaccine and have to pay for thousands of dollars in remedial pharmaceuticals instead that the propagandists may have stock in, thereby giving them financial reasons for touting them.

You likely have more altruistic reasons for getting the vaccine than she does for depriving her children of the vaccine, etc. She is doing the "devils" work by perpetuating the lies being fed to her by evil propagandists.


I have a sister like that also, along with her Qanon children and the thug to whom she became a handmaiden. Though there is grieving over the loss of what an adult sibling relationship could be, I know the fractured fairy-tales and lack of respecting factual information are her life choices. Please take care of yourself, feel your feelings, live your best life and know that her misperceptions are not yours to fix.

Your response resonated with me quite a lot. I have two brothers and a sister. This sister is the latest to erupt with this willful ignorance. There is a non-logical part of me that says "you are only one of the four and the only one to go against the grain" and a couple of my sibs have outright said as much (appeal to majority fallacy).

It does make me feel lonesome. Only a few of my cousins are of a similar mind set but prefer to be closeted. .... that doesn't help me feel less lonesome.

Curiously I have an aunt that for decades has sequestered herself from her sibs and now I am finding out it is for similar reasons. That helps a bit and I find myself understanding her a bit more. But I am still "tainted" as far as she is concerned. So there's that.

It is getting to the point I would consider relocating to where there are more people of a similar mindset if only I could figure out where that is.

Thank you for your response. Every little bit helps.


Holy shit. Sheโ€™s beyond help


Well, she's not completely nuts. She is very right about the rich and powerful being above the law, and also about all of us peasants losing more civil liberties all the time. But she is so wrong about everything else, including the stuff about the Dems and Biden being "socialist", what a laugh! If only they were, I would be happier. Same thing about her assertion that the Dems are wanting to provide M4ALL, if only. She obviously drinks the Fox News Kool-Aid and is full of shit.


Been listening to Fox again


๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ˜ทโ˜ ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

Don't know why the male female symbols showed up, not what I wanted.


Nothing she's said regarding the vaccine is even remotely a fact.

Just like a Christian to conflate her stupid, destructive beliefs with facts.

Why bother responding? It'd be like flushing a diamond down a public toilet in Aberdeen.

Ironically, the Gospels urge people to not put their pearls before swine.

Good advice.


In all honesty, I don't think anything you might say to her, no fact you could prove, no lie you could refute, would make one damned bit of difference to her.
Her mind is made up. She's right and you're wrong.

By all means, do what ya gotta do.
Get your two-cents in. Speak your mind, get it all off your chest.
Just don't think any of it will get through to her.

You know the vaccine works. You know it's saving lives.
Some people will continue to refuse to accept that.
It is what it is.


Where are your facts? If we think babies and children are being killed now because a vaccine is forced upon them and somehow all for the benefit of the elderly, where did this come from. Your bible mentions Pharaoh and later Herod as slaughtering babies but these stories are myth. We have found no evidence for them in modern times and certainly we can search more records now than we ever could before. I'm also wondering what personal rights you are talking about as being sacrificial for benefits to the elderly. I've been vaccinated my entire life and I have witnessed many killer diseases conquered because of it. Nobody complained then about some personal right. Very few people had fits about getting the shots. We simply did it and maybe it was because we had no Internet where people posted stories that would benefit them and influence others. I do hope these opinions are not yours. Maybe it was your "God Bot Sister."

I found a partial answer to your question about the vaccine from this fact check on an apparently recent assertion on 11/5/21 by a Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP.


Definitely not "my" babble, but yes, I agree.

I also have no idea how or where she is coming up with the "vaccines are evil" shtick either.

Only the first two paragraphs were mine. A lot of this comes from way outfield in my mind too.

To be honest though .... I think her thoughts are fairly indicative of her "religious AND social group" which tends to primarily Southern Baptist.

I'm also dismayed by the apparent inability to distinguish between socialism and communism.

@Normanbites Most Americans have no idea of the differences between socialism and communism and the corporate media take every opportunity to blur the two as well, so that doesn't help.

@TomMcGiverin For those who claim the vaccines are killing babies and children it would seem that common sense would tell you they do not get an adult dose. Take off the MAGA hats and do real thinking.

@DenoPenno Ah, but that would be asking too much of them....

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