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Who believes as i do of aliens visited earth and they were made out to be gods, only because of their advanced technology

Gymrat 2 Dec 3

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I believe in Ockham’s Razor. Generally, the simplest explanation is the most accurate. That is, look to the cultures that spawned their gods before you look to the heavens.


If it had happened, I'd say humanity would have considered alien technology to be magic and would have worshipped the visitors as gods or treated them as God's emissaries. But I don't see evidence that aliens visited early humans (or anally probed a bunch of people in the Midwest over the last few decades). It seems more likely we're filling in gaps in our own knowledge with things we think are plausible, but for which little supporting evidence truly exists.


Having read the comments, I am dumbfounded. Maybe there is no hope for our species after all. With the slightest knowledge of evolution, biology, genetics, history, technology, and science, such ideas crumble to dust, yet we still have people who lock onto this idea that aliens came here to make us what we are and give us the technology to reach the stars. I find these notions to be nearly indistinguishable from other superstitious beliefs.

I grant you that one cannot rule out that Earth may have been visited at some time by someone or something, but we have no evidence of that and we can't automatically conclude that if they came here they had to do something. So, belief in this is based on no evidence just as all the other god myths and outright fictions. It is fun to conjecture on these ideas, but that is the stuff best left to us Science Fiction writers and not grabbed at as a 'plausible' explanation for things that have already been explained quite well in the world of real science.

Maybe they come from the under side of are flat earth...


I consider it remotely possible, but unproven.


I used to consider this to be a possibility when I was younger. It was the premise of "Chariots of the Gods", a popular documentary in the late 1970's. However, since thin people have pretty much figured out how most ancient cities that were built without use the wheel were built. They figured out how the giant statures on Easter island were moved an placed and so on.

I think it is much more likely that differetn parts of th world gave virth to geniuses, who advanced local technologies very rapidly, but due to wars and conflicts and perhaps just general laziness in patyign attention to detail, the technologies were lost creatign a "dark age" for the area. They had no way to record technical information. Ancient forms of writing were mostly trade, accouting, and to denote which ruler reigned when. So, if there was no sophisticated writing system tht could record technical information, then the process had to be passed down by apprenticeship and word of mouth. Wars can throw tht process into total disarray.

I am of the opinion that if aliens ever did or will visit our world, it woudl more likely be from teh multi-verse than from our own galaxy. I surmise this mostly due to what happens to mass as it approaches the speed of light. It is doubtful organic life could survive near light speeds. This has been understood for quite some time, which is in part why the theory of "warp drive" came out as a way, in part, to get around the exponential increase in mass. Gene Rodenberry herd of "warp drive" but didn't really understand it, and the general public would nto be capable of understanding how it worked, so a lot of Star Trek, as portrayed, is "junk science".

Let me say thought, that I am a Star Trek fan much more than, Star Wars or Star Gate. The reason being is that it pictures a future where society has advanced along with technology, rather than just technology advancing and society being as fractious and war like as we are now. i see a Star Trek future as desirable, but dont' see any real appeal in a Star Wars society over how things are here and now.


I do, I do, I do! I find the Sumerian stories of creation to not only be fascinating but much more of a consideration than any other creation story I've ever heard. We have unanswerable questions concerning genetics and DNA this creation story addresses. And the monuments and cities built above ground and below can be explained in a manner easier to imagine. I dream of them coming back and taking me back with them.


I keep it open as a possibility but there was a time I was sold. I began reading Erich von Däniken ("Chariots of the Gods", etc) at about the age of 10 and, looking for "reason beyond religion", I was completely taken by this line of thought.

Surely there are enigmas in earth's history but those do include the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our distant ancestors. A case in point is our "Dark Ages", when abrahamic religions all but ended serious scientific inquiry for over 1000 years.

Today I find the possibilities of ancient advanced civilizations (such as Atlantis) equally compelling.


I can't say I believe this, but I do find it a fascinating subject, and possible.


It is possible, but not probable. If aliens visited, I can certainly see how they'd be worshiped as gods. Its an interesting topic that I'd like to see some real research on.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 3, 2017

I think a bit further outside of the proverbial box. WE define "life" as like us, recognizable. What if that's way too narrow? Could there be life forms that we would not even see as alive? I bet we'd miss many, possibly already have.

Zster Level 8 Dec 3, 2017

5th dimension.


Aliens = God
I'm an Atheist do I need to say more !?!

mzee Level 7 Dec 3, 2017

I have seen no evidence of such a thing.


When Ancient Aliens started showing I was so excited. Finally confirmation that other people believed liked I do. While a lot of the current episodes (last 4 seasons or so) are mostly rehashed opinions and bunk, I still occasionally find information that is intriguing.

I have believed for decades that Aliens had a hand in the evolution of at least humans. I never really thought of them as Gods until Ancient Aliens, but it sounds about right.


Years ago I saw the movie on the silver screen "Chariots of the Gods." After sitting for two hours in the multiplex focused on Erich's theories I left the theatre a believer. Call it indoctrination. I had beliefs in extraterrestrials until I started watching Discovery and the History Channel which explained it all away.


Though there is no actual evidence of aliens having visited, i can’t help but occasionally think there are more unexplained phenomena that may be the results of aliens than any evidence that religion has for there being a god. Things like the pyramids, Cusco / Manchu Pichu and the Antikythera mechanism are simply amazing and can hardly be replicated by modern man with machines. So i don’t believe in aliens having visited but i would love some real ideas and proof as to how these amazing structures were built.


It is as good a theory as any. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 3, 2017

Highly doubtful. Almost on a par with the likelihood of an actual deity.


I think the governments are aleins. what is a alein? it is an another species that are stronge and not human friendly but they where on this planet just like humans. just killing these animals governers have made a lie to make money and use people x


There is nothing upon which to base this belief. I suggest you think about it a little more.


Possible. Not something I'd assume or jump toward though.


Just as I see no evidence of any gods, I see no evidence of past alien visitors.


Have you ever watched Babylon 5?

godef Level 7 Dec 23, 2017

I have considered it over the years, but one has to realize that if aliens EVER visited earth it would mean also that they have concord the faster-than-light barrier. Life does not likely exist other than on earth in our solar system, so aliens would have had to come from another star system. The closest star is a "mere" 4 light years away. However, the kicker is that with our chemical reaction based rockets, that distance would take over 80,000 years to travel making it an impossible and pointless trip.


when you are talking about something which is untestable, then you have nothing but imagination. impossible no. likely no. beyond extremely unlikely, almost certainly


its possible

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