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Got hacked at Found out just after the stuff was ordered (email from the site) and was able to cancel the order ASAP. I removed my card info from the account and changed the password, but then, decided to delete the account as I rarely used is.

Since I was able to cancel the orders so quickly, they show as pending on my account info, but then, the deletion of the orders show as pending, as well. Called the card services, am getting a new card, and all should be well.

By the way, the orders were for $300 worth of face cream. At 69, even that much face cream would not get rid of my wrinkles.

If I had the power, I would smite all of these hackers to hell--if there were a hell.

Gwendolyn2018 9 Jan 15

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The best thing was that you succeded in stopping the order. Happy for you

If the site had not sent me a confirmation, I would not have known! That email allowed me to cancel it in a very short time after it was placed. I am happy, too! Ultimately, I would not have had to pay for the goods, but this saved me the stress of going through the dispute process.

@Gwendolyn2018 that's very good.


I had my credit card number stolen by the ever revolving secretaries at my doctor's office. It was intercepted by the card's security as a suspicious purchase. The relief you must feel must be enormous. A lesson for us all . Thank you.

The same happened at a garbage company I used for many years. I always paid my bill over the phone, but they stopped accepting credit/debit card payments by phone because of this.


I have gotten phone calls that tell me some one is trying to use my Amazon account. The call is from a call center and there is a lot of noise in the background. They got me to do some things to my computer that would have allowed them to copy everything on it. They did not get anything as their agenda was to get into my bank account, They were good, really good and I fell for it. Do n to fall for this, accounts do not work this way and I KNEW IT, BUT DID IT as I had a brain fart. Do not let anyone into your computer, OH I should say that as soon as I really figured out what was going on I unplugged the computer, this killed everything even their connection into it. After about ten minutes I plugged in the computer and erased everything they did to it. Scary.

I have gotten those calls, too, but when I checked my email, Amazon had sent a confirmation that something had been ordered and they always do so. I also checked my Amazon account to see if anything had been ordered and nothing had. I have not stored my CC info on Amazon for a long time. If I want to order something, I add the card and then, delete it after the order is placed.

I have let my schools have access to my computer when I had tech issues, but never, never anyone else.

Another reason I don't answer the phone.


I use my credit card for everything because it gives me travel miles. I pay it off every month so it doesn't cost me anything. My credit card company sends me a text every time I use it and most online merchants send you an email when you buy something. I use Capital One for my credit card and they also create a unique number for each online merchant. That means if any one steals the credit information from a merchant they can't use that number anywhere else.

I mainly use mine for cashback bonuses. Walmart did send me an email that I had placed an order, and that is what alerted me. The scammer even took my name off the account and used David Lee instead. I only had two accounts where I order things online (now, only one, and it does not have the CC info stored). I use my debit cards to pay bills online, though.

Me too.

BTW I'm closer to Cuba then a Walmart.

Some people have all the luck!


Sorry this happened to you but it is not Walmart's fault. Those at fault are the greedy people of today and this includes the hackers. You can be hacked and it might be your neighbors, or anyone seeing a piece of mail that might be suggestive.

My ex was always getting hacked in Canada. She was a buying agent for North America but her company had never actually sent her to Canada. The hackers would start with something small and the bank would immediately change all her passwords. Isn't that lovely? I told the bank that when they start changing my passwords without my knowledge it will be time to find another bank. 🙂

Now that this is exposed, Gwen, stay right on top of it. Pending is not a completed transaction.

The purchases showed pending in two ways: one was the that the payment had not be made, but the other was a "minus" pending to show that they would be deducted if they posted. I called the fraud department of my CC and they are aware of the issue.

I don't blame Walmart, but as it has been over a year since I ordered anything from the site, I cancelled it as no need to take risks.

The goods were going to Cali, so I don't think it was any of my neighbors--and I don't have many.


I'm proud to say I have never set foot (or bought anything) in a Walmart. 🙂

Good for you! I didn't shop there until I moved to MO (there was no Walmart where I lived in CA) and Walmart was the closest store so that I did not have to drive 1/2 hour to shop.


Your already cute, no need for face cream…..

Hackers suck

Thanks! The most the cream could do is hide the wrinkles if I slathered it an inch deep on my face!


I work for a credit union as card services. I have these conversations multiple times a day. Glad you're on top of it. I talked to a member this week who was not so on top of things 😟

It happened to me once before, but the person make the purchase at JP Penney's store and I didn't know until Penney's sent me a past due statement for it--I had no balance on the card. It was resolved, but it was a hassle. With the online order, a confirmation that the order was made was sent to me right away, and that helped!

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