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Four year old shoots self in head in back of car. Three kids in the back of the car. Mom and another adult smoking some pot up front, not paying much attention to the kids. 4 year old finds Dad's gun, left in back seat. No one arrested, yet, giving family time to grieve. Who is to blame?

Open SmartNews and read "Four-year-old boy dies after shooting himself in the head with gun in car as mother smoked cannabis" here: []
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Who is to blame?

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Beowulfsfriend 9 Feb 2

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So what's the difference between both adults and father and mother? Were they not the only adults in the car?

Father's gun. Father not in car.

@Beowulfsfriend Thanks, I seemed to have missed that detailed. Can I revise my answer?


Both to blame, but simple blame is one thing, guilty of a crime if charged would be more difficult to prove I suppose. Depends on the laws of the state, I suppose. Neglect and blame for all around for the 3 adults mentioned in my opinion.


No need to ask more questions now. Ask later. Throw parents in jail each time a kid is hurt with negligence or the kid hurts anyone else. Everything will get better. Freedom has gone overboard. Change the freaking laws.

These kids will go on to seek online counseling when they grow up.... if they survive the messed up childhood.

Why our society cannot figure what family is? Why this is not in front pages and headline news? Why this isn't terribly shaking the nation's conscience?

We have shiny buildings and the largest economy but I have seen we don't have a soul. We don't know the soul of a society is family, not the church yo.. fucked up parents.


I agree with @yvilletom Who would you prosecute? Did the mother know the gun was in the car? If she did I'd find her responsible. If not I don't see how she could be. The smoking pot part is BS. Who cares what she was doing. She wasn't paying good attention obviously.

The pot is a red herring. And, anyone who has had 3 kids together knows you can't or don't keep a constant eye, especially when you can hear them right behind you.


The father is immediate the guilty party. The NRA and Congress have blood on their hands for allowing America to be flooded with easily obtainable firearms by people not qualified to own firearms. Like this father.


Taking it past blaming, who would I prosecute?


All adults assuming all knew the unsecured gun was available to a youngster. Anyone who did not know a gun was in the car can not be held responsible.


The presence of cannabis is a red herring. The intended implication is that the mother and her friend weren't paying attention. One cannot give children 100% attention. It's a reasonable assumption they didn't know about the gun until it was too late. That should put responsibility back on the father for not securing the gun.

While cannabis drivers are generally safe, authorities continue to presume that using cannabis is the same as intoxication. Having children in a car while smoking is a bad idea because law enforcement will be hostile to that scene.

I agree. I just put in what they said.


Didn't have time to research this thoroughly, but a quick hit says, "Even if medical marijuana is legal in your state, driving while under the influence for any reason is illegal. Most people are aware that it's illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs, including marijuana."


All of the other sites I looked at said the same. If they were smoking pot in the car, they were breaking the law. And I have seen quite a few people who couldn't find their belly buttons while high on pot or sat staring into space.

@Gwendolyn2018 Yeah. With the wrong cop, say goodbye to the children as they get taken away by 'Protective Services' .

@racocn8 Maybe they should be taken away--each case is different. Someone who flagrantly breaks the law is not quite the ideal parent. I know people who have medical marijuana cards and none of them would dream of smoking in the car, especially with the kids in the backseat. Not only is it illegal, but the kids are getting secondhand smoke.

@Gwendolyn2018 I saw the pot issue as a distraction. The gun should not have in the car near kids in the first place.

@JackPedigo no, the gun should not have been there. However, that does not absolve the adults in the front seat breaking the law. Also, I grew up in Humboldt Co, CA, one of the premier pot growing capitals of the USA. I knew more potheads in high school on up to know that pot affects many aspects of alertness and other aspects; yes, being high could well have detracted from paying attention to the kids in the backseat. It also shows a basic disregard for the kids.




Both adults and the father.


I voted Mother and Father…but actually the whole gun culture, lax rules around sale of guns, and ease of purchase and ownership of guns, in the USA are all contributory factors.

At present the U.K. is run by a clown and his cabinet of spineless sycophants, and a cabinet office of party animals in Number 10 who believe the rules they make only apply to us and not to them. The Metropolitan police seems to be filled with misogynistic, sadistic and racist officers and are led by an incompetent commissioner who should resign along with the PM,, but like Boris she won’t. Worst of all the Met commissioner gives all the appearance of being in the government’s pocket. In short we are currently the laughing stock of the world.

However, for all that, we don’t have to worry about lunatics and halfwits owning and discharging guns all over the place and massacring our children …so on balance I think I’d rather live here on this side of the pond.

Begs belief, lunatics and halfwits is exactly right. It's constantly getting worse. In the wild west days it was common for towns to ban guns and the strictest guns laws were passed in the thirties.

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