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Pope Francis on potential conflict in Ukraine: 'War is insane'
I think religion is insane.


xenoview 8 Feb 9

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Both are insane.


Yes, religion is insane. I recently heard a few rants on the Dan Bongino Show where Dan is damning the hell out of his Democratic imagined bad guy while admitting they are both Catholic. Dan went on to claim Jesus is his savior and how much he believes in god. This is a double whammy on how ate up politics and religion are today.


Francis is liberal in the Catholic sense of the word. At least he's right about war being insane. Sometimes you've got to give the devil credit.


So is being celibate and then advising someone on marriage and child rearing.


These are the same fuckers that called for just how many Holy Crusades? They were willing to take murderers, rapists and fuck knows what else as Holy Xstian Warriors but the pope thinks that war is insane. Of course war is insanity but only if you are one of the poor dumb fucks that has to die for it.

Nah... I'll never have to die for war, but I still know it's insane.


In my opinion BOTH of them are totally INSANE

I was going to say the same thing.


I think war is more insane than religion, but not by much.

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