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If god has a great plan, why pray? Why solicit an omnipotent being to change his plan to fit your desires?
Your thoughts on why believers conceive they can influence the all mighty to change his plan?

Garban 8 Feb 12

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I think it gives them something to do when they otherwise feel helpless. Also gives them a sense of shared pain when they can involve their whole church, prayer group, etc. They don’t even realize how hypocritical they sound when they
—pray to change a plan that they’re taught to believe was pre-determined before they were even born
—pray for a different outcome when they/family/friend believe they are nearing the end of life but expect to go to Heaven, thought to be “paradise”


The so-called great plan is so secret that no human being has ever discovered and revealed its contents to humanity. Most of the galaxies appear to be flying away from each other at enormous speeds which seemingly increase with more distant galaxies. With very few exceptions they are all moving away from each other in no discernible direction. A spectacularly random event without an iota of planning. Well, at least not the kind of planning that we mere mortals would comprehend...LMAO>


Pick and mix the following in various proportions to suit individual believers:

  • gullibility
  • stupidity
  • arrogance
  • a sense of hopelessness

Catastrophic cognitive failure is a thread that is common to all four points above.


The Psychology of a Christian may well described as the following,
"I/we MUST always pray to God/Jesus for everything, either in giving thanks or asking for things to improve BECAUSE if we DO NOT then they, God /Jesus, will most likely forget that we exist."

I pray because god says I must 😞

@Garban Then maybe you ought to wise up and quit listening to "god".

@Garban Okay @Garban, your Profile states that you are a non-believer BUT here and elsewhere I get the impression that you may well be either a Closet Christfool or even worse a Faithfool TROLL, WHICH is it and be 100% honest IF you can.

@Triphid I guess your interpretation is based on my comment above “I pray to god because god says I must😞”.
My comment was intended to emphasize your comment. It’s sad that people can contradict themselves by praying to an omnipotent being.
I’m a critical thinker that tries to empathize with people, even in my own family, that have any belief not based in evidence. Sorry if you feel trolled.


Prayers give people a sense of hope and connectivity to something grander than themselves. This false sense of "bonding" is as comforting to adults as an invisible friend might be to a child. Prayers never get heard or answered by anyone, so I don't understand why believers continue to fool themselves.

Perhaps because they so ELECT to be so blind as NOT to see that they are fooling both themselves and those around them as well.

The absentee father 😞

@Garban Non-existent, Absentee Non-father you mean.


If everything is already planned ten we are all fucked. We are just ice cubes in a Manhattan.


Among the usual: ego, greed, envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, wrath, etc. Even helping others is only done to make one feel better. Pure selfishness.




Sounds like you lifted this from a George Carlin stand up routine.

I love George. But it is a sincere question.


In my experience, believers are comfortable living with paradox. It even becomes a mark of "spiritual maturity" to maintain faith while acknowledging that it makes no sense. It provides quite the effective buffer against cognitive dissonance.

Me42 Level 4 Feb 12, 2022

Obstinacy in the face of logic is the most noble of motives🤪

@Garban Oh REALLY?

@Triphid I’m new to social platforms. How do I make it obvious I’m being sarcastic? 🤪 is what thought would work.


Because they're brainwashed morons?


George Carlin had some greats on this one. They seem true to me, but the bibble claims people in the Old Pesterment were often able to change god's mind about something. That seems to be why people keep praying nonsense today as well.

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