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A recent post from our little community @Unity has spurred a question in my tiny but hungry mind. Given the divisions in the current political climate what do you consider to be the most important trait in a political leader?
Commitment to political agenda?
Commitment to the constitution and the oath?

There are an unquantifiable number of human traits we use to judge the qualifications of a leader; but among these 2, which impacts your decision at the poll most?

Traits of leadership.

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Garban 8 Feb 27

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I have a suggestion to try for enlightenment.
Pick any Country...even the evil Russian Federation, and read their Constitution. You will be surprised how wonderful it sounds! Based solely on their Constitution you may want to move there. The thing is the Constitution...even our little more than pleasant conjoling whisperings if not for The Rule Of Law and its universal and fair application to all. If you don't have that, the constitution is not worth wiping your butt on.

I concur if the discipline to support and defend part of the oaths are not upheld it’s just so much paper. Do you have a better option?

@Garban Saddly, no I don't. But it should focus our attention on maintaining our independent systems of checks and balances. It is unfortunate yhat we have pretty much lost two that we need to reclaim...Freedom of the Press, and the political independence of the Supreme Court.


We first should text them to see if they are literate. Second, we have to test them to see if they know what the Constitution is. And then we have to test them to see if the have read and understand the Constitution. Next, we have to make it illegal, by prison time of at least twenty years for taking or influencing money other than their salary. Getting rich from knowing how laws are going to affect the economy, before they are acted should be illegal for the twenty years in prison. Congress is not a place to make money, if one wants to do that work on wall street and never work for government in any capacity. Make the laws easy and without loopholes. No getting out of jail free cards.


In elections I vote for policy first. Secondly, I vote based on the record of the person. In other words, does their record match up with what they say they will do if elected, because if they don't match up on policy and record, then they are just another untrustworthy sellout who, like Reingmond said below, will say one thing during the election campaign and then do something else once they are elected. So few voters bother to compare the two and think critically when they vote. Finally, I look at the candidate's character. Are they truthful and loyal to their constituencies and their political allies? Are they greedy and seeking power just to get rich and be powerful, or do they care more about helping the masses?


I did not vote as I would want a president to have a good mix of both.


We've certainly seen what happens when a president has no loyalty to the Constitution.

(And all his followers show they don't care about it either.)


I vote for Dems because they are generally not talking about killing me for my views or lifestyle.


I would much rather vote on issues. I don't trust political agenda, but I really don't trust any politician's (mis)interpretation of the constitution. So, I went with agenda.


A different but related question would be...
Would you be patriotic to "America" if it ceased to be America?


How about honesty, desire and willingness to serve all and help the less fortunate, and most of all, not taking bribes from special interests or lobbyists?


I have to admit that I am not patriotic to the government of the US. I am patriotic to the original Constitution, its intent, the intent of Our Founding Fathers, and the American Ideal. As long as the US government is reasonably adherent to those standards, I am patriotic to the US. However, we recently had Trump (a very unAmerican traitor) in the White House which showed "it can happen here".


The ability to speak a full sentence without getting tripped up would help. I think this year’s state of the union address is being aired on Comedy Central.

Have you ever been having a thoughtful conversation with adults about a subject like global warming; when a 9 year old walks in the room; having only conceived one word of the conversation “ice”; naïvely breaks into an off key version of “Let it Go”? 🤨

@Garban Maybe the kid's trying to warn about Ice Nine?


@CourtJester Continuing with my analogy above; The 9 year old child not getting the response he feels he deserves for his excellent performance, has a hissy fit, accusingly his captive audience of not having the cultural maturity to grasp the depth of his talent? 🤨

OK, let's put this in perspective. Trump never spoke in full sentences and often changed his sentence direction and meaning as he went along. He still does that and his handlers want him to avoid testimony in court on anything. Then we have those that told me from day one that Obama could not speak in full sentences.

@rainmanjr I had to look up Ice Nine. COOL!


It seems the different political parties have forgotten what they are to have as a base of thought. Politicians are supposed to be elected by the people who they are to represent, instead, those elected support those with the most money. We should stop paying them since they no longer do our bidding. Allow them to be paid by those who they really support, thus they would have who they support in the face of those who elected them. Once people realize they have the power to through these people out of office and keep them out of office. We have to fix this and the first thing is to fix the educational system to teach what is needed to be successful at advancing the country, instead of advancing the downfall of democracy.

Our current adhoc system is the Candidates play to the Voters until they are elected, then they pivot to represent the Plutocrats.

It will take a dozen years of focused and careful work to "fix" the d$A and make it something of value. That being said, we are better than the Red menaces of this world.

@Reignmond The sad thing is that most Americans never catch on to the bait and switch you describe above. And of the ones that do, most of them simply quit voting, once they realize it makes no difference with the two major parties. If only a majority of the voters would figure out the scam AND start voting for third party candidates who aren't already bought and can't be bought, then we could actually get our democracy back from the plutocrats. But even then, I fear, they would institute a military crackdown and a coup before they would allow the voters to regain control of the federal government instead of the plutocrats.

@TomMcGiverin It sure dies get frustrating. I find that in the last 15 years I simy can't vote for any Republicans, but I am also disatisfied with Democrats. I really want to totally change our entire election system.

@Reignmond If we had ranked choice voting, where third party candidates would not be taking away votes from major party candidates, and thus being labelled a spoiler, then people would freely vote third party and we could get rid of the duopoly. But the major parties would never allow this, even tho it would greatly increase participation in voting, since voters would no longer have to choose the lesser evil. They could vote their first choice, second choice, etc... As it stand, the only way we dump the duopoly is a majority of eligible voters getting over their demoralization, ignoring the corporate media and the propaganda of the major parties, and voting in a third party government in DC.

@TomMcGiverin It seems the only way we are able to vote anymore is Evil.

@dalefvictor Yup, a shit sandwich in which we only get a choice over the flavor of shit and how much is in the sandwich. Of course, the more bread you have, the less shit you have to eat, at least in our American system of capitalism.

@TomMcGiverin I like tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce on my shit sandwiches. Might as well dress them up.

@TomMcGiverin I have a suite of changes I want to our voting system. Very briefly; get rid of all campaign contributions and any "gifts" to candidates. Eliminate all political parties. Let every candidate run on their own policies, merits, and history. Voting to be through an elimination system (like sports playoffs). This way when we have a large number of candidates each round of voting would eliminate half the candidates, and the winners would then have another chance to plead their case to the American people. It is sort of like ranked voting, but gives voters more direct involvement and a change to reconsider their choices.

@Reignmond Good luck on eliminating campaign bribery and gifts to pols. Lots of legal precedents would have to be overturned and it would take a constitutional amendment.

@TomMcGiverin None theless it is what is needed. All forms of bribery need to be eliminated as much as possible.


I agree with Jeff, that idealistically they should be the same thing. But the Constitution can be interpreted and misinterpreted in so many ways. If I hear one more crazy libertarian say the "right to bear arms shall not be infringed." Therefore, me or a convicted felon can walk into the 7Eleven with 12 ARs and a nuclear bomb, I'm gonna puke,

I think Dems should switch tactics to outlawing militias. They were outdated the minute a standing Army was created so let's outlaw them.

@rainmanjr I do not know, it seems to me that by allowing militias we get the names of people who would stand against the government. Though standing against the government may be a good thing, standing against the people and the Constitution never is. If they stand against the Constitution then it is just a manner in which opposition to the COnstitution can get grouped together and dealt with once they decide to attempt a takeover.

I hope this does not make you sick, but wouldn't the people be better off if we could all carry miniguns and a million rounds of ammo around all the time. We could bear arms and shoot the shit out of everything. Once the ammo is gone the gov't should be responsible for providing more. Would that make these people feel better? Just think how safe we would all be.


Those should be the same thing.

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