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Welcome to America. As part of coming to this fine country of ours, you must choose how you would like to be killed. Please select only one of the options below. Thank you for your co-operation.

How would you like to be killed?

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anglophone 9 June 8

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Since you are NOT an American, your post is a FAKE.


Sarcasm may be bad enough to kill Americans...

Ryo1 Level 8 June 11, 2022

I think I would prefer to be killed by a gas explosion caused by gas company negligence. That way my heirs could sue the bloody fossil fuel barons for millions.


I just want to be able to take a few of the fuggers (credit Norman Mailer 😁) when they show up!


I've lived fearing for the blinding flash ever since Reagan. I've become accustomed to the thought.


In the next Great Extinction.


What explains @anglophone’s obsession with America?

He knows he his country is second rate an is jealous



You left out:
Toxic water
Unsafe bridges and infrastructure
Addictive pain Killers
The police
Bad food

Yikes! My bad. Thanks for mentioning those.


opioid overdose thks

puff Level 8 June 8, 2022

A sick question! If I were to be killed, I don't give a damn what the circumstances are, so long long as it were not because of my acting in an immoral and destructive manner.

It being sick is the whole point of this post, this to underscore the malaise that is currently afflicting the USA.

@anglophone When people constantly try yo get into your country (even illegally), then you may have somethig to crow about.

Until then I guess your second rate country will continue to bore you.

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