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"An evangelical childhood is a total mindfuck" article by a religion professor printed in Rolling Stone.


BudFrank 8 June 18

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I can identify with a lot of this although I was not religious until my parents started going to church. I was about 12 at the time and today I connect this attitude with the fact that my youngest sister did not make it out of the hospital after she was born. It is like most evangelicals to ask or wonder what happened to her and say that all things happen for a reason. I know what happened to her. She died. She died and went into a grave. Evangelicals make it all much bigger than this.


"[Conservative Christianity] doesn’t admit difference. If it sees difference—whether sexual, political, or racial—it wants to obliterate that or consume that or overwhelm that by its own powers". Yep, that just about sums up all the right-wing Christian crazies that I have ever encountered.



I added the link. Sorry.


They are nuttier than most religious nutjobs!

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