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Personally, i don't mind the heat. and as they say, most of the scientists are in Hell, so they probably have air-conditioning there by now...

MacStriker 6 Aug 5

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Would I rather spend eternity in heaven with Christians and Muslims?. Or spend eternity in hell ¹with 10s of billions of people in the hottest night clubs in the Unverse?.

Excuse me, while I run for my birthday suit.


As one of my favorite authors once said, 'I don't believe in hell but if it exists, we won't be able to get near the fire because of the priests' (I probably messed up the exact quote, but that's close enough.)


We’re already in hell right now with this 100 degree heat and Biden and the crazy democraps running things!

I'm sure weather would not be near as hot now if Trump was still in office.

Yeah. If only they had let Trump nuke that hurricane 🌀


Shit! Hell is where all the fun is😉


If Hell actually exists, you most definitely CAN go there and choosing the wrong god to believe in and worship, and there are literally thousands, you most likely WILL go there.


Who is this "they"? Maga assholes on FB?

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