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Husband of Marjorie Taylor Greene, controversial Georgia Republican, files for divorce
The husband of controversial Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed for divorce Wednesday on grounds their marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

Perry Greene, who married the firebrand politician, is also asking to seal the divorce proceedings, “because the parties’ significant privacy interest in sealing the records outweighs the public’s minuscule interest in access to said records,” court documents show.
Greene spent more time allegedly banging tantric-sex gurus and gym owners and less time doing all the other things that have kept her occupied over the last few years, including but not limited to:

Promoting QAnon, the conspiracy theory that Democrats, Hollywood, and other elites are running a Satanic pedophile cult and eat babies;
Claiming school shootings like Parkland and Sandy Hook were false flags and/or staged, and that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton wanted school shootings to happen so they could get gun control legislation passed;
Harassing David Hogg, a survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting and screaming at him on the street that he was a “coward” using children to further anti-gun initiatives;
Insisting there’s no evidence a plane actually crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11;
Blaming the California wildfires on Jewish laser beams;
Baselessly claiming the election was stolen from Donald Trump;
Calling for Nancy Pelosi to be executed
Offering a fake mea culpa for some of the above and then making it clear she wasn’t sorry about any of it

noworry28 8 Sep 29

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She wants privacy - well fuck her - just like she gave privacy and kindness to Sandy Hook parents.


Piece of trash.


That is some fair and balanced reporting right there.

BDair Level 8 Sep 29, 2022
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