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Bill Nye is more than just "The Science Guy".

He's famous for his debate with Ken Hamm. He won 7 Emmy's for his years on TV, He's made dozens of CD's and videos on simple science experiments that are repeatable in a typical High school (and often even in Jr. Hi and middle school science classes as well).

Here's a Freethought poster/meme, and the 2 hour debate with Hamm and Nye.

Worth the watch if you're a serious Agnostic/Atheist.

Robecology 9 Nov 27

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Ham seemed incapable of answering some questions and many times his only answer was Genesis. Since there is zero evidence the bible is accurate and extremely unlikely written by god, how can an educated scientist use the document as their only explanation with so much confidence?


I remember attending a viewing of this debate in a room somewhere with the Seattle Atheists, since I was visiting at the time.


I could not finish this. No way. Ken has proven once again that he is a ham and that there are no Answers In Genesis. Moses is credited with the writing of Genesis and when he died they assume that someone else wrote it in about his death. Moses himself might be mythical because there is no history of him outside the bible. Why would an actual god be telling anything to Moses? This goes on into one book (Genesis as a beginning) being bound with 65 other books to create an ongoing story and that happened some 300 plus years after the time of Jesus. This was all done by decree so as to make Christianity acceptable to Romans. Modern believers ignore it and eat this all up. It is all ridiculous! Arguments of Ham and others debating science is nonsense. It is OK to not know everything.


Poor Ken Ham...he is totally out of his depth facing Bill Nye!


Bill Nye was awesome for that debate. His examples, were simple and easy to understand. Ken Ham continually holding up the bible as the only evidence was a complete disservice and cop out reply/defense.

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