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I guess I finally understand that telling the truth all the time makes people not want to be around me, not even family.
I'm sick of all my fellow apes.
Sometimes I just want to forget all the politics and overt manipulation, smoke some good sativa, get naked and wash the ape stink off myself and drift off into a fantasy of just drifting off into space.

Willow_Wisp 8 Jan 21

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Telling the truth only offends people who doubt their ability to maintain their lies. It is the biggest liars with the most insecurities who are therefore most offended, why show people like that any mercy, sometimes there is pain to be faced before we grow.



It's good not to smoke so much that you get the spins...


mmmmmm, ape stink


The truth is always the most important thing and there's a reason if someone doesn't want it told. But you have the discretion to determine if and when it is necessary and in your best interest to speak it. Most of those people don"t even matter. You got this.


I find that telling the truth makes people I don't want around me, go away. Truth is like kryptonite to the assholes of the species.

Hear! Hear!


As the black sheep of my birth family who was targeted by narcissistic abuser who kept me captive for almost 40 years, I understand the first sentiment. As a woman, I have understood being naked and high has always been an invitation to get raped.

That's why I only do such things behind locked doors...alone.


this is why i enjoy my own company vast majority of the time. too many people are minuses, and not pluses in life. my hobbies are ever consuming and entertaining.


Well, you could get naked and come and drift in the swimming pool of this house.

You have high hopes. 😉

@Betty Air fares? Other issues? Not a chance! 😉

@anglophone I guess you can dream. 😉

@Betty Hmm. Have I told you that I prefer a different gender? 😉

@anglophone No you haven't. What gender do you prefer?

@Betty Ah, that would be telling! 😉

@anglophone You are such a tease. 😉

@Betty Yes, you know me far too well! 😉

@anglophone I have only scratched the surface.


I hear you there………

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