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Last night was a full moon. My grandson G and I were driving home when he asked this question:
what would the earth be like if there were no moon
Sometimes his questions baffle me. I said: "there would be no tides, and it would always be dark at night."
What are the other effects of not having a moon?

Spinliesel 8 May 1

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Well, if the moon had never existed no biggy, if it disappeared suddenly HELP!!!!!! 🙂


Tides would be so small, more frequent, and no major pattern to them as they would be mostly from the sun, but also other planets a little. Not sure how much life would have evolved differently, corals, inter tidal ecosystems are prolific, without them a lot less food for both terrestrial and marine species, would animals have evolved onto land as readily? woudl plants?

an interesting question


That kid is going places. Get him in a science club, stat!


We are in an almost unimaginably lucky situation. We live in a delicate yet surprisingly long lasting (by our individual perceptions) balance of confluences between the gravitation and radiation, etc. of the sun, the moon and the rest of the universe.
I suppose it could be argued that with the huge number of stars and planets that seem to be there, it had to happen somewhere. But even given that, we have been incredibly lucky so far

I highly recommend a book by Eric D. Schneider & Dorian Sagan -- Into the Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics, and Life although it's probably a bit high level for your grandson. But it talks about our situation with respect to several of the energy gradients in which we happen to reside.


We wouldn't exist 🙂

Without the Moon the darkside of the planet (night) would get so cold we would die or have to develop improbable habitation or other life would be dead. The Earth rotation speed would increase. It protects us from meteor impact .. I would think magnetic fields / tides / oceans all that is going to be out of bat.. What will control womens periods ? I Think we might all be very dead anyway .. Maybe life would be there if never a moon but kinda something very furry that lives underground lol.. life I think would be extreme - high gravity and going from hot to very cold fast. Shorter days meteors raining from the sky a lot!! think would be a right laugh!


Werewolves wouldn't exist. Oh, wait...


This reminded me of the comment by Bill O'riely talking to Richard Dawkins.
Bill; " tide goes in, tide goes out. Yall can't explain that, can't explain why"


Reminds me of the meme about christians carrying doG around like a well lubed dildo to insert in any little crack in science.


No eclipses either.
There may be knock on effects of not having tides. I've idly wondered if tidal rock pools could have acted as mixing vessels that might play a part in the early formation of life.

We would have scales and fins and prehensile tails?

@Spinliesel earlier than that. We'd be soup.


George Takei just posted a whole video about this on facebook. One of the things that surprised me was that it would affect the orbit of the earth. I don't remember the details now, though.


Those are the main ones, but Uncle Google just told me that the Moon also helps stabilize the rotation of the Earth on its axis. With total darkness at night many nocturnal animals would not be able to see like they now do for hunting. Also humans could not see as well at night.
What else can I say?
There once was a time of no Moon,
So romance was gone very soon,
In dark they would huddle,
But no light to cuddle,
No kisses, no weddings in June! 🙂


Werewolves would have a deep, unknown sense of unfullfillment.


There would still be tides due to the sun's gravity, but they would be smaller than what we are used to. The really big effect would be that we would not have the regular change of seasons that we are used to. The Earth's constant 23.5 degree tilt with respect to the ecliptic would no longer be maintained. Instead, the axis of rotation would meander unpredictably. Basically it would be chaos. Life on this planet would be nothing like what we are used to.


Women might menstruate at a different interval?


It would change how we keep time. The calendar was originally lunar, and it correlated with the cycle of the moon: 28 days. In those 28 days, the moon went through four phases, and 28/4 = 7, the number of days in a week. This is one reason why seven is/was a sacred number. It was also sacred because the ancients knew of seven planets. Just think: there would be no Monday (day of the moon).


Great question I wonder if the moon keeps us just the right amount away/ close to the sun


Maybe we would've got to Mars by now since moon wouldn't have been an available space program goal.

serns Level 5 May 1, 2018

People and perhaps life itself might not exist without the moon.See how the heavens work on science channel.


Actuslly, more than you know. The relatively lsrge mass of the moon stabilizes the tilt of the Earth. Without it, the Earth would wobble around and totally screw up the constant seasonal climate changes thst allows for life to flourish on the planet.

godef Level 7 May 1, 2018

What a dilemma,

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