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I have noticed this site degrading very rapidly in recent weeks. @Admin seems to have now been missing in action for a very long time. Members may wish to start making alternative arrangements, particularly those for whom you have significant connections.

anglophone 8 Feb 24

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I am enjoying this forum while it lasts.
I enjoy the company, even in the short time I have been on here I have seen a lot of features suddenly break or fall apart. I suppose with a huge number of members, all using the same resources, the pogram is finally spitting the dummy.
I found another atheist forum that had been abandoned., it turned out not to be quite suitable because there was no admin nor moderators. I was unsucessful in finding any past members much less moderators or admin, so I decided to start a fresh with an atheist-agnostic forum of my own.
Presently it is like an empty house, it needs interior design and decorating, I am working on it.
I would really like it if I could get some feedback and ideas and any information of how to run a forum.
[au-atheists-agnostics]. freeforums .net


Maybe it's just me, but I wonder if once someone is dealt a threshold amount of loss in their life they decide never to risk becoming reliant upon any single person or thing again. Once upon a time I worried about this website shutting down or getting kicked off it permanently. I even purchased a domain to start my own atheist website but abandoned it when I encountered the Conservative Atheist hatemongering and their aversion to facts that I would have had to contend with as an administrator. FB kicks me off from time to time for the same types of things it refuses to even take down conservative posts for. 30 day FB ban for saying that Trumpers are the stupidest mother Fuckers I have encountered in my life? They shouldn't be able to ban me for telling the truth but it shows who they are and will not disrupt my life one iota.

But I will take this opportunity to express my appreciation for most of my interactions here. I run into a lot of undesirable people on the internet but here I have met some that I actually respect. In each case of those I interacted with privately, I purposely brought the interaction to a close not because I wanted to but for the very purpose of not getting attached, even if I used another reason at the time.

One day likely without warning we will try to log in but get a web page not available message of some sort. After that happens a few times we will know it is over and we will reminisce in our minds about the fun we had getting to know each other and the fun we had running off the cons and then we will move on to the next thing that catches our attention and be thankful for the time we had to get to know each other here at admin's expense. I wish you all well except for the cons I wish to grow consciences. Let's just enjoy the time we have left. It will all work itself out.

Thank you for giving me that background. I, and probably others, had wondered about the why of the ending of your messages.

@anglophone You, sir, are a peach!

@LovinLarge And there I was under the delusion that I was an apricot! 😉


Surprised this didn't get deleted. Lol. I had posted the same concerns a few times and each post disappeared. It is a bummer since I'm not on Facebook or most of the other messy social media platforms. The intimate setting here is what I found so appealing.

Your words about posts disappearing have given me to scratch my head.


i would never want to blame members, or ferpetessake 'the site' for an influx of village idiots....since we do not even have an Admin, HTH would we stop them????? They will no doubt wander off pretty quickly, as they always do....or, hey, you could become Admin and then do something about the perceived problem instead of whining, just a thought......

Its not impossible for hackers to get into the site but at the time it is far from easy as most websites have programs that protect them like WAF (Website Application Firewall) Securi , WordFence and others that prevent DDoS Attacks. No, the site is simply slowing down because of lack of maintenance it is inevitable.

I do not know and I am inclined to think that whoever owns the site probably has more than one computer. My guess is and it is only a guess is that the computer/server for this website has only got one large hard disk. There are various factors that can cause a website to slow down, however, it is usually lack of maintenance.


There are a lot of Republican assholes on this site. Maybe it'll be good for my mental health when it shuts down and I don't have to see their shit anymore...


Anglo, does “site degrading” mean the site isn’t giving you what you want?

Identify your complaints.

I see the site’s occasional misbehavior as evidence that someone is leaving the site operating while they are editing the computer’s code. You can figure out what would happen if, without notice, they shut the site down so they can edit the code.


I have been getting bad gateway errors lately, not allowing access for a while. I keep thinking, ok, the site's gone for good. Then I wonder if there some other site where people might be. It feels a bit ominous to me.

I looked at Mastadon, an open source platform. I haven't joined it yet. I don't do other social media. Perhaps a techie here could set up an agnostic / atheist dot Com type mastadon site. Call it Secular or non religious name, even better.

You might want to look at @Gwendolyn2018's lead. I have been thinking about Facebook and Mastodon, using the same handle if I can, otherwise having an instantly recognisable alternative handle. Same avatar, of course.

@anglophone well, you couldn't pay me to join Facebook/ Meta. Mastadon possibly, but the navigation is tricky. But what exactly has @Gwendolyn2018 been doing? I'm not aware.

@David1955 She has said that she does Facebook and shared here her identity there.

I am having the same gateway problem. It reloads after few login attempts. I can't guess what is causing it.
With all the computer boffins aboard the forum, surely someone can come up with a solution.?
I have found a dead forum "Australian Atheists" of which I am the only member at present. We could easily co opt the site and make our own forum.??
It is an Idea

@anglophone []
I am the only member so far, as vocaloldfart. I am sure we can get onto proboards and make the fourm our very own. you have to r[] Prove you are not a robot with a 2 factor idientification process. I am sure we can get a few of us together and become the administrators. Be a bit of a pain in the arse process but I think it will be worth it.

@Kurtn Done.

There are several bad gateway errors that can appear for a variety of reasons when trying to access a webpage. One course of action which helps is to flush the DNS Server Cache. On the bottom left of your screen type in the letter CMD and further up you will notice Command Prompt, right click on it and choose Run as administrator it will open a black window which is the Command Shell. Type in the following and hit enter, ipconfig /flushdns Close the window and reboot.

I have found an abandoned forum site which we can make our own. so far everything works in it.
No Administrator or moderator as yet , but I am trying to organise that
We have 2 members of which I account for 1.
There were previous members but none has been onlline since 2021.
Everyone welcome from anywhere on the globe.

@Kurtn I'm signed in there now.....


By the way, my user name on FB is Gwendolyn Wanderer.

Thank you. 🙂

@anglophone de nada! It would be good to keep in touch.


We are but ships passing in the night. I do Facebook, but no other social media.


The following is a link to the domain registration and contains some information which may after some local inquiries result in contact with the administrator.


Thanks. I may follow that up.

P.S. I have started making inquiries.


There does not seem to be a way to contact the administrator and inquire if he wants to sell the site/domain or at least delegate its maintenance to a member(s) of this site.


If there is nobody attending to the server then inevitably this site will slow down.


@Admin has been awol for a long time. Many folks have migrated over to another site, I joined there but have been pretty inactive. I will stay here until the lights go off. I don't really notice that things have been worse in the past few days/weeks.

can I get directions too the alternate you write about? please.


@HippieChick58 I'll look at it again. Will people use their same handle names, I wonder?

@David1955 Probably not, but think of it as a place to make new friends and take on a new identity.

@HippieChick58 thanks!

@HippieChick58 I'm signed up as hankster.

I signed up too, HC.....just in case.

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