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Any Collectors here? I collect various shit, coins for examle.Indian pennies 1900- 1920.

Coldo 8 May 3

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Just broken people who need fixing


My daughter and I belong to a stamp club, a coin club and a rock club. We also collect books and movies and, apparently, heads.


Guitars, have over 100 so far........

Acoustic or electronic? Any one of a kind, hand-crafted guitars? Do you play?

@pixiedust I've got a little bit of everything, a few one offs but mostly electric and quite a few arch top acoustics from the 30's & 40's which I restored. I do play but I'm not great.


Great hobby! I would not known this was a real Apache until I saw the horse standing in a puddle of genuine Texas chili. 🙂 I collected things in my youth like stamps and coins, which I felt helped me value things,and learn to keep things in order. But now that I am older I have let go of collecting anything but memories, but admit I lose some of those once in a while.


frisbees and old folding lawn chairs.

Do you re-cane the chairs?

@pixiedust I don't have any with cane, but I have repaired some like this.

@hankster Nice! Do you find it difficult to get the materials you need?

@pixiedust I've been lucky so far finding it in thrift stores and flea markets. I haven't yet done it, but I thought it might be interesting to make one from old seat belts I could get out of the junkyard.

@pixiedust do you have a bunch of old lawn chairs or something, something you would dare to call the

@hankster What a great idea - old seat belts! Please let us know how well it works.

@hankster Not enough lawn chairs to call a collection. Heads, however, we have many of those - hairdresser dummy heads, wig stand heads, doll heads of various sorts - lined up on top shelves, stored in bins and bags, at home and at work ... mwahahahaha (oh, and one model from a facial reconstruction kit)

@pixiedust sounds a little creepy, creepy collection sounds fun.

@pixiedust found this one just the other day. I'm going to put some new strapping in it, but otherwise it's ready to go. I'll let you know about the seatbelts if I ever get around to it.


Mauser rifles.


Mostly books of the occult persuasion, and decorative daggers though I haven't really got started to my own satisfaction on that front. I need to set up a proper display. I have 12 so far but nothing set up for display.

AmyLF Level 7 May 3, 2018

I would, and have had various collections over the years, but every time I move I have to lose the extra stuff, so donate it to others.

Nevertheless I still collect knives, even though I can't carry them legally most places. Just today I needed to open something and didn't have my jackknife with me, felt very frustrated.

you can't even have a pocket knife?

@hankster I probably can here in Thailand but it was ingrained in me from teaching in the US to never have a "weapon" on me because of zero tolerance school rules, and from riding airlines. I don't know if my having a pocket knife will get me in trouble or not.

@birdingnut I couldn't in school either here in the states but weekends and summers I generally carried one. My dad hunted, fished, camped so until he had fully dislodged himself from our lives, I went with him camping fairly regularly. I think he got some guff for letting his 7/8/9 year old carry a knife and cut a hot dog/marshmallow switch for themselves but I think he rather have us (I also have a younger sister and brother) able to take care of ourselves than do the fairy tale thing many girls so often did back then in wanting a guy around to take care of things for them.

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