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We all have that one fantasy celebrity cheat. Who is yours? Mine is Rachel Maddow.

By Redcupcoffee7
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I would never cheat on Norah Jones.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Is he still single? I'm not interested--even in my fantasy--if they're not single.


Angelina Jolie or Scarlet Johanson

Ben13 Level 5 May 3, 2018

Me, too! In a panromantic way, however, without lust!


One? ha!



Milana Vayntrub she played Lily in the AT&T commercials.

jwd45244 Level 7 May 3, 2018

I adore she's a deeply caring person.


Zoey Saldana

IAMGROOT Level 7 May 3, 2018

Jennifer Lopez


Jason momoa for sure!

On paper he fits the bill, but for some odd reason I cannot get into him, I just don't see it.

@Redcupcoffee more mamoa for me smile009.gif

@Blindbird All yours!

Yes! He's yummy. I also like Jason Statham and of course my original crush Robert Redford.


I listen to Rachel every time I can.

Watch her every night.


Yeah! Mine too! Good 'ole Rachel!


Anne Margret

Rachel Weisz

Scarlet Johansson


Emma Stone ?


Just recently, michelle wolf.!!!

Buddha Level 7 May 3, 2018

Great choice.


Emily Blunt

Proto Level 6 May 3, 2018

Bon Scott.

Except there's one little problem with that. He's DEAD.

Just WATCHING OR LISTENING to HIM is "mommy porn" to me LOL
I would be so fucketey fuck fucked if I ever ran into the old man version of him. SCROOD.

Qualia Level 8 May 3, 2018

What or who is a celebrity cheat? Thanks in adavnce for your answer!


I'm single, so it wouldn't be cheating, so I'd have to say (as I've said before) Simon Baker and his sexy, sleepy eyes. Swoon!!

YES!!!! OMG, I was just thinking Simon Baker, goodness that hair, those eyes, that smile, no kidding, he is just too beautiful for words. Makes me weak in the everywhere.....


Keanu Reeves. I have crushed on that man since I was 15 years old.

Yea, nice choice there.


Rob Thomas! OMG! He's so sexy! I am single so it wouldn't be cheating for me but, it would be for him. LOL They are an amazing couple though.

Aushra Level 6 May 4, 2018

David Cook (American Idol)
The voice is part of the sex appeal.


I have two: Shakira and Wonder Woman!

I will fight you to the death for Shakira

Dang it, you stole Wonder Woman from me. I love both Lynda and Gal. WW is MY everything. I'm a huge fan, even dressed as her for Halloween one year.

How about Shakira cosplaying Wonder woman?

@Redcupcoffee pictures or it didn't happen

@Redcupcoffee, @LenHazell53 that would be too much

@Shawappa44820 Oh it did happen. My ex has the pics now. I just have the memories.


When I used to care about such things - Debra Winger.

Care about what, celebrities or sexual fantasies?

I guess I was talking about walking away from the cult of celebrity worship. I just enjoy sports and entertainment on a different level that I used to. So many "heroes" turn out to be complete assholes. I was a teacher before I retired. When Jessica Simpson was very popular, many high school boys were drooling over her. I tried to explain to them that there were lots of girls in school who could have that look with a full hair and makeup team. So, my biggest hero in life is a former student who seemed to have a perfect life. Smart, pretty, good athlete, loving parents and sibs. She was living with a dark secret, having been molested by a male cousin beginning when she was 7. She finally told, and made a tremendous battle to come out the other side in very good shape. She still struggles sometimes. If I see an attractive woman, my reptilian brain kicks in. But, I'll save the fantasies for three women I actually had relationships and great sex with. My wife is also a great lover.


If we are going all political. I have to go with Comey. 6’8”! And he has stayed so calm in the face of everything. I need a man like that in my life. Crushing hardcore.

Yea me too. He's got that "oh golly gosh, I hope there are tapes - good guy" persona, which is a massive turn on for me. I'm super short, so 6'8" is weird but sexy.


Nicole Kidman....

jjhagen Level 6 May 3, 2018

Great choice, I adore her.

I've had a huge crush on her for a very long time... smile001.gif


Vanessa Mae, she could play that sweet violin afterward.

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