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This is how trump got elected.

TheLiberalGent 7 May 15

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Wow... that is enough to have made a difference in the election.

Of course I realize also hat the average IQ is just 100. Which is pretty scary, as all those low IQ people are very easily manipulated into votign against their own interests.


So, where does tequila come from then?


Hillary got over three million more votes than that asshole. Gerrymandering is a powerful thing as is using armies of the walking brain dead.


Could be because the 2018 premiums for Obamacare came out days before the election. My premiums were $500 per month before Obamacare kicked in. They were $1270 per month in 2017, and I found out my 2018 premiums would be $1866 per month days before the election.

BD66 Level 8 May 15, 2018

You did not do your research. I too found these kind of numbers but was urged to see if I qualified. I did and my premiums fell dramatically, I live in a republican state that would not recognize Obamacare and with that we were all punished with high rates, But for those of us who like to research things way beyond what is normally done, we were able to take full advantage, I went for 1300 per month down to 56 dollars per month with ACA

I did do my research. I have a family of 5, and if my income was above 110K, I did not qualify for any government benefits. Even those who do get stuck with insurance that sucks. I had to create a partnership so I could get decent group insurance, and my rates went from $1866 to $1702 per month.


So stupid that it's enough to make the angels weep, those same angels that 77% of Americans believe are real.


That nothing more than 80% believe in god, approximately 30% believe in ghosts, and I have no idea how many believe in psychics, astrology, and other pseudoscientific bullshit.

JimG Level 8 May 15, 2018

What do you mean putting physics in the same sentence as pseudo junk, Physics is real and NOT a fake view. Physics is the base or foundation of all.

@EMC2 I believe the man said PSYCHICS, not physics.


How now, brown cow? Gimme some goddamn chocolate milk!

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