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How supportive were your parents when they learned you were not religious? As a parent I hope to guide my children towards self discovery and give them as much information about religion, history, and mythology as possible. Let common sense, facts, love, and life help them find their beliefs. Nothing forced.

By robdowney
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We always seemed to have calm and thought provoking talks about it. it helped that they had open minds smile001.gif

RegExp Level 2 May 16, 2018

My parents shipped me to Israel on a Bible Study Tour when I denounced god at my Confirmation from Jewish Sunday School. Not exactly supportive.

sassygirl3869 Level 9 May 16, 2018

Not at all! Did it have the reverse effect they intended? Did they ever acknowledge that their reaction went overboard?


Both of my parents passed away before they knew. I think they would not be happy about it but would have supported my decision.

Txgrl4evr Level 4 May 16, 2018

Sorry for your loss. Of course they would have! They loved you enough that you felt ok with your decision and you are an amazing human! We support you as well smile001.gif

@robdowney thanks


Major split

Marine Level 8 May 16, 2018

7-10 huh? That must have been a challenge for them and you. Did it eventually wind down or has it remained a huge issue for you?

@robdowney never resolved they never got to see their grandchilren grow up. Called them her little devils

@Marine What a shame, some people never see the truth or the finality of life. No matter what your beliefs are you should at least try to understand and live a loving life towards your family.

@robdowney We tried but were repulsed by both families due to religion.

@Marine at that is the key, you tried. We can only control our own actions, after that you must move on and hope the others will learn in time to accept. Good luck my friend.


My paretns were atheist but completley bonkers I was never brought up in any conventional way I had to look out for myself my mother was manic my father depressed. I had ot make up my own rules and left home at 15 years . Old when my mother actually did manage to engage me in a fight with her . I was always known by our neighours as that weird child - I don't mind any more got to 70 had a good life - all is well but 'families ' totally not my thing!

jacpod Level 8 May 16, 2018

When I hear stories about leaving home at such a young age it leaves me in awe. You are so strong to have made that decision and I think you are amazing! 70 is the new 40 I hear ! smile009.gif


I wish my mother had never told me I was a Jew. Ruined my life. For the last 20 years I have dropped it completely and deny I ever was. Feel much better now. Religion who needs it.

LeeSpaner1 Level 4 May 16, 2018

We are a reflection of our experiences. Hopefully it made you stronger in some way knowing that. Glad you have found peace in your decision.

@robdowney nope. only bitterness in the large waste of time in a Myth or Fable that sucked money and resources away from me.


My parents died in 2008, and I only decided I was totally agnostic this past year.

birdingnut Level 8 May 16, 2018

Sorry for your loss. My father past two years ago, I miss him terribly.


I was not raised with any. My parents divorced, my dad married a Baptist, and became a member of her church. Surprised me and I am OT sure how much of that was him being a giving person. My mom found out about me being engaged in dialog and said that confirmed her opinion it was all bs.

TaylorWalston Level 5 May 16, 2018

I grew up Mormon. I never really just one day told them I don't believe anymore, as my parents wouldn't have taken it well at all. I just kept making it harder and harder for them to make me go to church. When I was getting to the point that I wouldn't go at all, I started to question them on why they think all this made up stuff was real and that's when they realized I no longer believed. My mother got pretty defensive and my father started to become preachy/emotional. It's been a huge issue with my dad and I since as he wants to talk about it (And many other boarderline conspiracies) but I refuse as he gets so emotional that anything I say he takes as a threat and explodes. No conversation with him is enjoyable, yet he wants a good relationship with me so he keeps trying. My mother just kept begging me to start going again till one day I had to lay down the law with her and tell her that her pressuring me isn't fair, and for the most part she's accepted it. Overall I hate how my parents are stuck in this terrible mentality but they are both very intellectually challenged and it actually probably helps them as I don't think they could handle the idea that there isn't such a cut and dry purpose to life.

criztoferlee1 Level 4 May 16, 2018

Wow, very powerful stuff. I know that must be difficult. It is great that everyone is still trying to keep it together, thanks for sharing.


Both of my parents were religious. When I made it clear that religion was no longer a part of my life, we simply never broached to topic again. Other than that, our relationship did not change.

wordywalt Level 8 May 16, 2018

That is a strong showing of support in itself. The fact that it didn’t change their relationship is wonderful, your family is cool in my book.

For their time and place, I agree.@robdowney


My lack of belief in god is probably one of the least offensive beliefs I have to my father. He can't get over the fact I voted for President Obama twice and would have done it a third time if he would have ran again.

My son was raised to question all authority. Lucky for me, he's an atheist because I'm not sure how I would have reacted otherwise. I hope I would accept and try not to judge but would probably feel that I failed him somehow.

PhoebeCat Level 7 May 16, 2018

Sounds like you have done well raising him! I have a brother who is ultra conservative and hated that my folks both were liberal Obama voters. Luckily for everyone my brother lives in Kansas so we didn't have awkward family gatherings very often.

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