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Let's say "God" does exist. What on earth makes people think it is a HE. Always. Find a religious internet meme and it's always "The Father" "The Man Upstairs" "Sky Dad" whatever, always a HE, never a SHE.
. Why is that you think?

Redcupcoffee 7 May 17

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If the deity does exist, no one can say if we are talking about something that is a singular or plural... nor whether we are talking about a "being" or a "phenomenon" ... so why not use the complex third person pronoun "She/He/It/They" or, just the acronym S/H/I/T ...?

Wher's that laugh icon from Facebook when you need it?


I believe it's because "He" was created by men, in a male dominated, primitive, barely conscious world.

My thoughts EXACTLY!

@Redcupcoffee Don't forget the second stereotype, That God is a old guy with long white hair.


Most religious texts were written in male dominated societies. It can really be broken down that simply at least to me


because we are a patriarchal society. nothing more.

@Redcupcoffee it is what it is. not saying it's justified. meh.


Patriarchal traditions, plus, as a general rule, and IMHO, fewer women than men are total psychopaths.


My God is a he. But he sounds a lot like Cher.

gold star! ?


I think everyone must subconsciously admit that if something does exist that’s responsible for this inequitable hot mess of existence we’ve been left with, it must surely be a man.

@Redcupcoffee testosterone!!!!! The bloodlthirsyy killing, aggression hormone.


Because gods and religion were invented by men, for the benefit of men.
Why wouldn't they make gods in their own male image?

❤❤❤❤ x 1,000,000 and men likely high on some kind of fungus/hallucinogen no less!


The earliest deities were male and female usually biased more toward the female, it was with the advent of monotheism that male and gender neutral deities became referred to as "he"
The earliest known monotheistic deity was The Aton literally the sun, since polytheistic sun gods before it has been male, The Aton was generally referred to as he since the use of "it" was reserved for inanimate things.
Sun gods male, Moon goddess' female.
In the first true dualist religion Zoroastrianism Ahura Mazda the positive deity was male, as was Ahrimanez the negative, but again since neither was technically humanoid it was more of a courtesy.
With the advent of the house of Israel from which Judaism is an offshoot in it's earliest days there were two principle deities or Elohim: Adonai and Ashera symbolising the male and female principle
Genesis 1: 26 Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness"
Note the plural
Genesis 1: 27 in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

The word here translated, as God is Elohim the plural of El or Eloha so it should more accurately read
In the image of the gods he created them; male and female he created them.

when the house of Israel scattered leaving only the tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin, the priest of Adonai (the house of Benjamin or Levites) decided JHWH as he was then secretly being known was going to be the one and only God of Israel and took the opportunity to try and totally obliterate the "cult" of Ashera, by utterly suppressing women, blaming Eve for the woes of the world, and apart from Ruth, Esther and Deborah, editing all female prophets, priests, judges and royalty out of the scriptures. Banning women from study of the scriptures and ushering in the western age of female suppression that was to last almost 4000 years in orthodox religion and society.
However the Goddess cult has never died out, women have never totally be repressed and oppressed and today unfortunately are now being oppressed a new. Not this time by men, but by their own over zealous sisters, trying to utterly destroy the glory of the human race that is femininity, in favour of pseudo masculine females and hate mongering bigots.

To this apt explanation, I will add that some deities were hermaphroditic. Myths vary, but in one Egyptian creation myth, Atum, the "Great He-She" was the first being to arise from the primal abyss. In one Greek creation myth, Eros is also double sexed. It makes sense, actually.


Mother Earth

@Redcupcoffee ha well we tried that already, Artemis was worshipped among a pantheon of lesser gods for thousands of years. She is no less real than the construct of God we all more or less differ on today, except that she has fallen. For a reason, iow


Interestingly, the word "Allah" is non-gendered.
Thus while many refer to Allah as a "he" because arabic lacks a gender neutral pronoun, it is more accurately translated as an "it" in languages that do have a gender neutral pronoun.


I was Pagan/Wiccan for many years. We were always encouraged to look to the Mother and the Father - but mother seemed to always be the default gender for deities for most people I knew in the community.

Honestly, the whole 'God the Father' thing is kinda pointless, considering that if there is a god, it could theoretically be any gender, non-gender, unidentified gender, or any combination thereof. In this case, it's most likely because it was a patriarchal society that wrote the books, held all knowledge, money and power, etc etc... and their BS worldview was spread out by using religion.

It's just another aspect of the truly religious that I just can't understand. How can one say that "God is definitely this, and not that" when God is supposed to be all powerful, and could be any thing it wishes?


Historically, all people of power were male.
Hence, the "all powerful" would obviously also be male.

True: I shouldn't have said "all" but "most".

So since most people of power were male, it's stands to reason that the "most powerful" would also be male.


You know... If there was a god, I have to think it would be a she... Biologically, it's the female who gestates, and produces beings. I've always thought this, and hated the patriarchal nature of religion. It annoys me greatly that menstruation is depicted in the Bible as an unclean thing- that a woman in menstrus would have to go somewhere else... Menstruation is an abandoned preparation for creating a new person! Fuck!

Yeah... If there were a god, it would be a goddess... If there were a creator, it would be a she.

Us men, we're bigger, and stronger; but that's just sexual dimorphism... In other species, sometimes, it's the female who has the upper hand. Among us primates, though, males are bigger. So what? It's the females who actually run the show... We would be NOTHING without them.

There certainly isn't a god; but if there was, it would be a she.

That's my two cents worth.


I would say that the reason could be that the Middle Eastern society that created the god of Abraham were patriarchic. So I think that a male god was consistent with their culture. Women were consider property and subservient to males. So I think having that view of women they wouldn’t have an all-powerful female deity. From my experience living in a Muslim country women were and are second class citizens. If you look at other parts of the world like in pre Christian Europe there were many female gods. Even in that area before the god of Abraham was adopted as the “one true god” there were many female gods. So I think that it’s a culture reflection of who they were and are. Just my thoughts on it.


Because the god was invented by men.

or at least religion was, ya. Ppl who cannot find 95%+ of what their maths tell them must exist prolly aren't too qualified to be expounding on the probability of a Creative Force tho lol

BS. There were plenty of female dirties in all preliterate cultures. It was only with the adventuring of Judaism-Christianity-Islam that god became a male to not being.

Not necessarily--the first deities were invented before there was writing, but iconography is more often of females than of males. Also, goddesses were in all of the earliest cultures that invented writing.

I guess I was talking about the god I was raised with


What she's not a black lesbian ?

In Bruce Almighty "he" was black...but not lesbian.


Do you really want your gender to take responsibility for this shit? ?


I totally agree. I think it’s ridiculous to ascribe a gender to a supreme being. Talk about sexism.


Cause men wrote the Holy books lol. That's the reason in a nutshell



@Redcupcoffee does far more harm than good, that's for sure.


I think that, perhaps, you need to explore polytheistic religions. The first religions had goddesses: Egyptian, Sumerian, Hindu, and later, Greek, Roman, and Celtic myth had many images of the feminine divine, as did cultures all over the world.

Even Judaism has "Elohim," which is feminine and plural. Some scholars claim that Yahweh had a wife, as well. Even though Catholicism stops short of calling the Virgin Mary a goddess, she had and has a huge influence in the faith. Protestants immediately downgraded Mary as she was a bit too influential.

Modern pagan religions emphasize the importance of goddesses: Wicca, Asatru (based on Norse beliefs) and solitary practitioners all revere the female divine.

Although polytheistic religions were often patriarchal, the "existence" of goddesses did not mean that women got a fair shake. Monotheistic religions have a male deity to emphasize the importance of men--if there is only one, of course it will be a male. Some Christians deny that god has a sex, but yeah, their god is male.

You are looking at the wrong religious memes as modern paganism and Hinduism are practiced.

You beat me to it, we must have been typing at the same time 🙂

@LenHazell53 We can share the "credit." (Grin.)


Using semantics, the correct English language words for various occupations and conditions are words like:- Chairman, Human, etc.
The "man" here refers to species, not gender. Thus, if gender is important one may state (formally) The lady Chairman.
Only with the advent of Political Correctness gone wild have words like Chairwoman or Chairperson been invented. When referring to both men and women within a category, the default word is "he", not he/she or worse still, "they".
So, Man is an omnivore, he eats anything. is correct English.
It includes women, since in this usage it is not gender specific.
Thus, if the multiple manifestations of a god are being referenced, the correct word is "he".
Those who then refer to The man upstairs, etc. are utterly misled.
God is the "Woman in the Driver's Seat", ....

Using "man" to denote the entire human race is outdated; as an English teacher for almost two decades, I can attest to the shift away from using "man" in this context. The use of "man" began in the Anglo-Saxon language where "man" was an indefinite pronoun meaning he, she, it, the dog. The Anglo-Saxon word for "man" is "were," as in "werewolf," the "man-wolf." Over centuries, the meaning shifted and came to apply to males, specifically, just as the word "wife" originally meant any woman but now, means a married woman.

Humans were called the "race of men" because men were considered the most important sex. Even if the term did not originally mean that, it came to mean it in the highly patriarchal Western cultures. "He" was the default pronoun for the same reason, regardless of the etymology of the word.

So, no, it is no longer correct to say, "Man is an omnivore" because today, "man" refers to an adult male human. The use of "man" to collectively refer to both males and females is outdated, just as the definition of "man" used to be indefinite, a "knight" was not a man in shining armor, and "awful" meant "full of awe," not something nasty or unfortunate.

@Gwendolyn2018 I'm a Kenyan, where English was preserved, not pressured into changing. by knee-jerk activists. The USA may have changed its use of American English, but I do not speak that tongue. (I have been speaking non-American English for 7 decades.)

@Petter Ha! Kenyans have preserved "English"? You sound like the guy who told me that Americans do not speak "English"--only the Brits do. I asked him what the standard was and he said, "Shakespeare." I asked him if he had read Shakespeare and he had not. There are islands off the American Carolinas where people spoke Elizabethan English until very modern times; they "preserved" English, too, because they were isolated.

So, which "English" have you preserved? Old English (aka Anglo-Saxon pre-Norman invasion of 1066?)? Middle English? Early Modern English? Modern English? The English of the Cockneys? Scouse? Irish? Scottish? (Their dialects are also "English." ) Language consistently undergoes evolution. Your attitude is that of a dinosaur.

I have a BA and an MA in British literature. I teach British lit on a graduate level. Trust me, dude, British English has changed, as well.

By the way, if you are an atheist, even more of a reason to stop referring to all people as "mankind." In part, this verbiage was justified because Eve was formed from Adam's rib, making him the father and mother of humankind.

Get with the program.

@Gwendolyn2018 Suit yourself. I will continue to speak the King's English.

@Petter Language has never belonged to a king: it belongs to the people. They are the reason it changes. Kenya is not England. Language has been used as weapon to punish and subjugate, as did the Normans with the Anglo -Saxons and the English with the Welsh. Do not set yourself up as an expert on language when, apparently, you know so little.

@Gwendolyn2018 A very jaded view. Stick to your academic ivory tower. I shall continue to live in the every day world, where "Man" is a collective noun.

@Petter Dude, in YOUR world. Your view is the jaded one as you refuse to accept that "man" means "adult male human." Such a simple concept, so easy to fix. You are the patriarchy, immured in the past.

By the way, I have not always been an "academic." I was born in backwoods Oklahoma in 1952; Oklahoma was a third world "country" at that time. I spoke redneck hillbilly until I was in college; my sister and cousins still say, "I seen it." Sorry to burst your bubble.


its because "he" is "ma" made


Bc men can beat women up, essentially, so God, Who is not a person and has no sex, is being anthropomorphised in order to present Him as the One to follow. It is strictly a construct iow; God is not a "he." "There are no male or female in the kingdom." So, great reason to abandon religion imo, as that is a religious appropriation, but even the Bible argues against that.

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