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Jesus Miracle # 1:Water into Wine - This magic trick is made quite easy taking into account two advantages. A: Wine in Jesus's time averaged 1 part wine to 10 parts water, and B: Desert air. - First, you grab yourself an ordinary clay wine vessel or two. Then you fill the vessels with wine which is made twice as strong as the usual (1 part wine, 5 parts water). Place the vessels out in the hot sun for a few days till the water is evaporated. Now all you have to do is fill them with water, swirl them around a bit while saying a few magic words and WALLA! You got yourself an alcohol free miracle!

chucklesIII 7 May 18

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My Uncle Doc taught me this one. Every day around 3 he'd turn into a bar. I've been practicing.

Your Uncle was a wise man.


I'm sorry, did you say "alcohol free"? I thought alcohol WAS the miracle.


So basically, this Jesus bloke invented Ribena?


What could the bastard have done with oregano?

Sold it in small bags.


No person so no miracle.


Yeah, but can you explain how the Easter Bunny can lay eggs?

They are pre inserted by Santa.


I just turned a one dollar bill into a Pay Day candy bar and I'm pretty pleased with my self.


I just turned nothing into gin with a few bits of paper and metal discs...whoop!

I need that recipe!


How can alcohol free be a miracle ???

I agree. Jesus lost a lot of friends that day.

Did he ever have any ??


You take the magic out of it. It'll never play Hollywood now.


There is always someone selling watered down shit!

Coldo Level 8 May 18, 2018

And always people accepting and believing it.

@jlynn37 There's a sucker born every minute.

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