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Oh crap... I ran out of munchies. And the wedding is at 3:30am. Alrighty... poptarts and coffee. Anybody going to wake up early for the Royal wedding?

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BucketlistBob 8 May 19

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I had the best night's sleep last night that I've had in about a month. I got up, ran some errands, and came home an took a nap. Wedding, sorry not anywhere to be found on my list of priorities today. I'm pissed that I forgot to buy an avocado and might need to go back out tomorrow.

Hmmmm...good Jab...damn.


Not a chance in hell, I have no interest in this taxpayer funded sideshow.


Not whilst people are living on the streets.

What's that got to do with anything. Your not living in the streets.


An extravagant, part publicly funded wedding for those who already lead luxurious lives speaks volumes about inequality and society's priorities.

@Ellatynemouth. Dont get me wrong... i appreciate the culture change that's taking place. These 2 kids are going to make a difference there and everywhere they go. They may be the ones to help get people off the streets.


I'm an anti-monarchy kind of girl but am a sucker for pomp and ceremony. All set up with tea, strawberries & cream and already watching pre-wedding shows. ?

Life is too short, jump on the wagon and enjoy the ride !!

I I'm the same way. I didn't wake up to watch it I'll catch the pictures at some point


I have zero interest in this over publicized nonsence


I don't give a shit about those useless over rated ,overcompensated royal assholes

Good... take your useless ass somewhere else. I don't give a shit about your answer on My post

@BucketlistBob has his Royal Wedding on, and isn't having any of your buzzkill, Captain Buzzkill.

richiegtt Right on

I agree Rich.




I have more important things to do in life than watch this pussy ass crap


Unless you're planning on smoking weed to enhance the experience of the wedding, lacking munchies isn't a terrible loss. But still...


Camilla's hat needs its own Twitter Account. And that ceremony was Lit AF once the black bishop got rolling.


What wedding?



I'm always up all nite. what kind of pop tarts? make mine frosted cherry or choc fudge with vanilla cream. and coffee, of course!

All I could find is pumpkin...yuck.

@BucketlistBob yes, that pumpkin is absolutely horrible


Soccer, Scottish Cup Final.I don't want to ruin the weekend. Turned the T,going to watch it on my phone And "Who The Fucks Alice"????

Coldo Level 8 May 19, 2018

She the lady that owns the restaurant down the street.

@AstralSmoke Thx,was getting worried.


I can’t wait!!!

See????? .... brilliant minds think alike !! ??

I loved her dress, the veil...beautiful.


No way, not a chance.


I’m waking up early to catch, maybe a red eye? I’m not sure if it qualifies. Anyway, I’m flying to Newark in about 5 hours


In the grand scheme of things, this is inconsequential


I woke up at 7am...put on You Tube. I did not see the Clooneys, or Oprah or the Beckhams etc. What surprised me was the Black. Choir singing "Stand by Me"...pretty cool.

I agree.... its history in the making...


I must have missed it.

You couldn't have big


I'm in the middle. I'm not setting an alarm or anything, however our public stations in particular will pretty much be overrun with it all freakin' day long so I'll likely peak in from time to time. Don't get me wrong, of all the royal family I think I liked this particular one the best, and it's interesting they allowed him to marry Miss Marckle all things considered, but I'm not one to idolize. I'm happy they finally settled down. I'm happy the Queen was civil and welcoming. I'm just not terribly invested in all the ceremony and pomp of events like this.

BTW, the only WTF from is is those little things on women's heads... as in "WTF is that"?? Festive but ugly...

AmyLF Level 7 May 19, 2018

I didn't realize how religious this all was...ugh.

@BucketlistBob Of course. You have to think it's a very formal affair and a royal one at that. They would have to comply with whatever their royal religious convictions demand. I'm relatively certain we won't see a royal backyard or JP wedding ever... certainly not in our lifetime... quite possibly not even in the grandchildrens lifetimes.

@BucketlistBob the Queen is head of the. Angelican Church.

@vnufall. I didnt know that...

@BucketlistBob Yea, didn't really know that either but I do know whoever is in rule tends to either follow the going church or announces a change in the focus of the faith the family will lean. It's a thing... had a friend who liked going on about it years ago. I think that's a lot less dangerous than it was several generations ago but still a thing.

@AmyLF. Hmmm....Ok


There's a wedding?


In other news, the Rolling Stones are in. Dublin.


Mmmmmhhhh.... NOOOOOOO.... (Ha, already watching !!!!!) Why???... Why not????? ???

Of course I watched it. Meghan looked beautiful because she is, even much much better than that, her poise was impeccable. I hope those eyes and lovely smile will stand the test of the duty she is getting on her shoulders. Proud of this American girl !!!!!


Hell no


I'm getting up early to go the new exhibit at the Science Centre.


Not a chance! I wish them well, but I am so tired of hearing about it.


Another dysfunctional distraction. Besides, my extremely frugal boss is keeping his Hawaii trip. I like this boss and need him not to die!

TonyW Level 4 May 19, 2018
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