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New DNA. To all the people rabbiting on about how wonderful it is that Meghan Markle is introducing new DNA into the royal family, just stop. Diana already took care of that with Harry, and one of Queen Victoria's children couldn't have been Alfred's because of a genetic disease which neither of them had. So please don't cite that as a reason for Princess Meghan....

GoldenDoll 7 May 19

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I would not mind mixing my DNA with Meghan's, but just once would be enough, thank you very much !


What about George I of Hanover? He introduced German DNA into the royal family and at the time was far more criticized and controversial a figure than Meghan is today.


Well I love the Royals and think everyone should have one.... πŸ˜‰


Think very different when his Mum married Charles. They really know and love each other. Hope they have a good life together.

Who knows if they know & love each other? I'm not in their inner circle of friends. Maybe you are.

Charles was forced into marrying Diana. They were chalk and cheese with a large age difference. He actually was in love with Camilla, who shared his passion for horses and the land. But Camilla was a divorcee and therefore not a virgin. (stupid protocols mandated virginity.) Fortunately for him, Royal protocols have been forced to soften their stance following so many scandals, and now Charles and Camilla are married.

@Petter Are there actually people who don't know this?

@GoldenDoll Unfortunately, yes.


Prince Phillip is Greek. Greece is geologically on the African plate. But he is not as close to mother Africa as Megan, her mother or her grand forbearers. Why would we stop celebrating the evolution of a cultural lead in acceptance? There are PoC who have been ostracized for eons & acceptance into history is evidence that love prevails in the long run. That she & her mother are embraced by this historical family gives us hope that new DNA will refresh, replenish a lineage that is millenniums in the making. The DNA of social change, acceptance for the better is evident. Let us rejoice in a distraction from the lack of inclusiveness that is leading our nation into divisiveness.

You have a very romanticized idea of our royal family. Having a black (but not too black) woman in it is a great PR move - their popularity will receive a boost as they show how liberated they are, and so they may keep their jobs for a while longer. Unless Meghan shags all the male members of the family & has a baby with each of them, her DNA will refresh only the offspring of a prince who is now on his way to becoming a minor royal.

@GoldenDoll Precisely and pithilly put.


1776: American Revolution; 1789: French Revolution; 1963: "I have a Dream"; 2009: Barack Obama president of USA. And all this in vain. People still worship those "royal" parasites.

Nobody worships them. They are an amusement.

@GoldenDoll and a blimmin expensive one at that πŸ™‚

Love the hats. Who doesn't love a reason for dressing up.


" So please don't cite that as a reason for Princess Meghan.." Do you think they love each other and isn't that the reason for the Duchess of Sussex. The Royal trappings thing seems to obscure this fact.

cava Level 7 May 19, 2018

I have no idea if they love each other. I don't know them.


Queen Charlotte, the German wife of β€œmad” King George III and mother of his 15 children, is descended from a Portuguese noblewoman, who was in turn descended from a 13th-century king and his mistress, Madragana, who may have been a Moor, or black person.

Eighteenth-century commentators said she had β€œnegroid” features and a royal doctor declared her as having a β€œtrue mulatto face”. If Valdes is correct, all the royal family would have black heritage, including Victoria and the modern royals.


Here's a thought, abolish the monarchy and fix the NHS with all the money that will be saved. That way nobody will care if they are screwing their cousins or some actress, not my dime, not my business.

... and of course, also raise taxes to compensate for the reduction in tourist revenues. Then there's the extremely costly business of having to elect a new President every few years - and give round-the-clock protection to past presidents. Better raise taxes yet again.


Oh Maudies isnt it enough that today All day I am having to be out of here and gardening or walking because I seriously hate the madness of people who get all 'Royalised'.We are being told that it will help the country (a Β£50,000 cake)??

Right on!

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