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This could be interesting.

By MarvelAnn8
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@bigbeardedbadass very good!


My name is already in alphabetical order. I guess my mom played this game first. lol smile002.gif

Betty Level 7 May 20, 2018

is it BOOP? lol


It's the only name I will give out. smile001.gif


That will do. smile002.gif

@Betty who doesn't love a mystery?


I don't know. Who doesn't? smile001.gif


NO. Let me guess. Is it "J"?

Sharp as a damn whip aint ya


ALPU, a real brain teaser.

zeuser Level 8 May 20, 2018

HI Paul. Feeling saintly, are we? smile009.gif

@Petter At least They steal from Peter and give it to me, there's something.

@zeuser ????




esu. Too easy!
Try my Hebrew name: egilt aifkr

AmiSue Level 8 May 20, 2018

rifka is the second part of it...please let me guess the first!!!!

geitl rifka???

this goes way back but my grandmother used to put 'la' at the end of all of our names. For Shari, I was 'sharila'. Just a loving dimunitive in yiddish. Maybe the Germans do that, too.

@crazycurlz OOh! It's Gitel Rifka. But by the (non)laws of transliteration you WIN!

@AmiSue my bubbie's tanta's name was Rivka...small world, huh?

@AmiSue or Rifka!!!




Being a former good Catholic boy I have a middle name and a confirmation name, so you can have them both smile001.gif

A C I K P R T & A C D E L N

ipdg77 Level 8 May 20, 2018

Patrick Declan

@smoyle Very good Sir. Two saints names which obviously had very little influence on the direction I went! lol

@ipdg77 they cancelled each other out


EEKLLY.....hell.... this is easy...i could even get it.


@AMGT hahahahhahahaha

@Emme. it!



I don't have a middle name.



Why not? Are you inclined to get one?


I just don't. Some people don't have middle names.


Ehnry - not difficult!

smoyle Level 6 May 20, 2018

Hi, Henry.

@Emme hello Emme!



Beehrt... I defy any of you to work it out !

Hebert54 Level 7 May 20, 2018


Hi, Herbert

@Emme Either he can't spell or you can't, he's only got 1 'r' but his name could be Threeb! lol

@ipdg77 or Brethe

@ipdg77 you did notice the obvious mistake then . It’s my French grandfathers name .

@ipdg77 correct ... fairly obvious I suppose . It’s my French grandfathers name . Lots of people do think it’s Herbert though .

@Hebert54 The clue came from former Saints QB Bobby Hebert (assuming he spelled it this way in the first place) smile001.gif

@ipdg77 not from the fact that my user name is Hebert54?

Probably not at 3 am!?



ToakReon Level 7 May 20, 2018


Correct - William indeed



Holysocks Level 7 May 20, 2018




I came up with a Gemenc but not with a Q

clue? french?

@crazycurlz That's what I thought, least my thought process wasn't as stupid as Usil this time smile001.gif

@crazycurlz Nope. Maybe Scottish or Irish. The family name is French, though.

@ipdg77 A clue CeeMnqu 'q' sound in modern Irish or in Gaelic. Scottish has a 'q'. MCqueen? First guess. That's not it. That would be McQueen. Any more clues? lol

@crazycurlz Very good. It doesn't seem as difficult as some of the others. I don't know where all the English middle names came from. We have Truscott, Henry, Francis, Ruth.



Stevil Level 8 May 20, 2018


@CallMeDave Mine was easier to decipher than for me to putt in alphabetical order.



CalvinJoe Level 7 May 20, 2018

Hint: Scandinavian.

Petter Level 8 May 20, 2018

Aren’t you missing more consonants?


@HippieChick58 Nope. No two letters are adjacent.

@CalvinJoe No. What name were you thinking of?

Didrik, ruler of the people.

@crazycurlz Well done! Clever you. Award yourself a large protractor to go with the ruler smile009.gif

@Petter Why Thank You, Petter Didrik, Ruler of The People, I Consider Myself Awarded One Large Protractor on this day of The Lord....oops, that's dipping a bit overboard!

@crazycurlz smile001.gifsmile009.gif


All those without a middle name need not apply

Flettie Level 7 May 20, 2018

Am ?

IamNobody Level 8 May 20, 2018


Looks like a Claire to me smile001.gif



@ipdg77 Luis

@ipdg77 hahaha! maybe it really is Usil.

@crazycurlz @cmadler If you wish to nominate me for the 'D'oh! of the week award' feel free. Talk about over complicating it!

@ipdg77 you are always hilariously funny...I figure you think out of the box too and I figured Usil was made with great effort. lol

@crazycurlz Thank you for your comment smile001.gif There is, at least in my head, a logic to how I came up with the ridiculous. When I saw the 'Usil' come up I thought of the film Dune and a name used in that. I didn't bother the check the spelling, it's Usul btw in the film, so hence my pathetic attempt at trying to be.......clever? smile001.gif

@crazycurlz could be worse, could be suli.

@GipsyOfNewSpain, @ipdg77 anyway, funny! I hope Marvel Ann will come up with more puzzles. This was a blast!


MarvelAnn this was fun! I hope you have more games up your sleeve!


you are a badass, lol...can you give us a clue?

@crazycurlz You don't want to know what I dreamt up for this dude!!!!

@ipdg77 hahaha of course I DO!!!! was it something ending in - - - BUTT? lol man, I have had a long day. bigbeardedbadass can't wait to hear what your name is...

@ipdg77 he can't be such a badass as all that...he came up with 'Carlene' for Hippie Chick, after all.

@crazycurlz it's my grandfather's name and I have never met another one.. Its Burritt

@bigbeardedbadass great name and nice connection. sorry for all the teasing. This post was so much fun I got carried away.
Is it pronounced like the words 'burr' or 'bureau' and 'it'?

@crazycurlz Burr-it


Mine is easy...Aaimr. And what is weird is that auto correct twice changed that to "Ask me" I guess if you have Ann it is a no brainer or...oops I guess it could be Nan






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