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I have a question for the guys and gals opinions welcome as well. Some time ago on one of the dating sites I got a message from a man who's profile looked really good to me. Lots of similar interests. For several years I wore my hair long, I got it cut 2 years ago September. There were picture on my profile with both the longer hair and current short style. His main question for me was what length my hair was. When I told him short I never heard from him again. Why is hair length a deal breaker?

HippieChick58 9 May 26

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for's not about the length of the hair, but who it's attached to.


I've been ghosted for saying I prefer coffee to weed.

People are weird and fickle


I got rejected because of height. I'm 5' 10" so I'm not exactly short, probably average. But a lot (not all) of the women wanted guys that were well over 6' so they could wear their 5 inch heels and still be shorter than their man!!! In my estimation, that's a very shallow woman no matter how tall she may be in heels. It's a good way to dodge a bullet when they give you all you need to knowπŸ™‚

yeah if someone ditches you for something so trivial they are doing you a favor. I wonder how many people consider pouring molten iron a deal breaker? HA

@germangirl90439 5 inch heels would demolish what is left of my knees.

@btroje Apparently all of them, ha!

@farmboy2017 Maybe just too hot


I've been on dating site for a couple years and went out on a few dates. Makes me wonder do they want a real woman or some bimbo? To me it doesn't matter if your hair is short or long it's who you are as a person.


Not sure what it is with older men and long hair, but when I asked my former significant other to name something he actually liked about me, my hair was the answer, though he would prefer my hair to be blonder. Everyone has their image they are seeking, I guess. I had hoped he liked something of my personality.

Years ago I was on a dating site and an interested male's first question was "how much do you weigh?" I was fairly fit and weight proportionate, and tried to show that in my photos, but that question turned me off. Wow - hair length and body weight can change, but a shallow personality not so much!


I got one asking if I had freckles. Total message: hi do you have freckles(sic). I didn’t even answer, though I want to be sarcastic at them. I don’t give in to the temptation, because I’m not giving them ANY attention.

On my bum yes

@Simon1 That might be what he was looking for, lol.


Good question. If I were on the dating scene, I would be looking much more for communications that show intelligence, warmth, humor, and common values.


It sounds to me like you may have dodged a bullet.


There is no rational explanation for irrational behavior. That’s my motto. It saves me a lot of time trying to figure out why people do things.

Can I steal that idea!?

@farmboy2017 feel free

INDEED. I have a I DO NOT KNOW FILE. it works pretty well. Sometimes I mesh it with the I DO NOT CARE one, as well!


while it would make me feel weird I think it would be a favor. If thats all it take to run he probably would have never come near me.


Be thankful for the lucky escape πŸ˜€


It is a preference in the same way that perhaps blue eyes v brown, slim v not so slim, tall v short or intelligent being v an idiot-in-charge supporter, could be deal breaker's for someone! Everyone has an idea of what is attractive to them. Although, having said that, I think we have been brainwashed into thinking that a woman's worth is determined by her hair length (I have nothing against long hair by the way.) As a woman who has had short, grey/white hair for the last 6 years this has been my observation; I have had 3, yes 3, positive comments in 6 years from older white dudes, (what's up with that older white dudes?) young people across all cultures and races love it, but I get the most comments (complimentary) from African American men and older white women (who have told me that they wish they were brave enough to wear their hair the same way.)

make it 4 older white like it.

@hankster ha the man!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜€

@patchoullijulie lol..✌️


I was once berated for shaving. Apparently, appearances are more important than personality to some.


Not got a clue really. Maybe he had a hair fettish?


It isn't, although it obviously was for him


Shallow asshole, you did well to be rid of him.

Tomas Level 7 May 26, 2018

I like short hair personally. I find the neck sexy.

Hair can always be put or held up, as well ~


People just like what they like.


He was most likely a controlling ass. I had a guy try to get me to cut my hair short before I even met him. I was like no, I don’t grow OR cut my hair for anyone but me.


I wouldn't necessarily attribute it to the hair length issue. I get women who disappear all the time on dating sites for no apparent reason. It's called ghosting and it's a pretty common phenomenon from what I've heard from other people. The problem with internet dating sites, one can be talking to several prospects at the same time, so it's difficult to maintain focus on one person or attention can be shifted at any time to someone else. I just consider it part of the game. It's not ideal, but I move on.


I don't know, but if that scared him off, he probably wasn't worth it to begin with. Personally, I prefer shorter hair on women.

I perfer someone who can get past the length of my hair but then I am not this guy~ I like long hair and keep it short on top. This was a deal breaker for one man I was involved with years ago and wow was I glad I found out.

People need to be themselves and neither dress, (well maybe with the exception of some lingerie~) and wear their hair to suit their self image and comfort.


I don't think it should be, that said I think he is shallow!


It's not a deal breaker. I think you're asking why it was a deal breaker for him, which in such case your guess is as good as anybody else


I doubt it is a deal breaker for most men but older generations were programmed to believe women should have long hair. I bet long hair on a man would be a deal breaker for some women too.

Their loss....

@Simon1 Precisely! <3

I could even have a thing for a woman who had shaved their head, non-racist though. Who cares?

@Wrytyr Did you look at my pic's lol? I look good bald. Will never do it again though it was creepy to touch my head AND super cold.

@CreativelyMe Yes I looked and I saw.


When I was new to the game, a partner told me I should grow my bob cut out again because "Guys prefer long hair on their women." To which I explained that no one would ever own me. I never really understood how something as simple as a haircut could make someone write you off completely. Glad I experienced that lesson early on!

I'm gonna cut my hair really short one day.

@Ellatynemouth It can be so freeing! I thought I was a hardcore punker at the time so mine was messy and blue.

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