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Are IDC s welcome here? Seems to be overflowing with Atheists and IDK s...

no, this isn't just an excuse to create a new hashtag... β˜‚, it's a serious question because in a post Christian culture after the number of Atheists and IDKs have risen the next stage seems to be the rise of the IDC s

I would consider all of these to be not religions but standpoints concerning religion and therefore IDC s should fit in perfectly.

McIntyre 6 Dec 19

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If you are an IDC then why should you care about atheists and IDKs overflowing here? πŸ˜‰


Great question!


I assume by IDC you mean I Don't Care? As expressed by NDT along the lines of "why would I bother worrying about religion when I've got a universe to explore?" If so, yes, you're welcome here. If by IDK you mean I Don't Know, that's kind of the definition of the name of the site lol.
And Atheist just means "I don't have a belief in god(s)" so there tend to be lots of agnostic atheists in general. The three categories you named are not mutually exclusive, they all answer slightly different questions: "Do you believe in God?"-theist or atheist, "Do you know for sure that god does(n't) exist?"-liar or agnostic, "Does it bother you that you aren't sure?"-pathetic or apathetic (hm, I may be a bit biased in my labels).

Well put. ????

@GodlessMichael Is there something you'd like me to explain more clearly? Those question marks are a bit unspecific lol.



godef Level 7 Dec 19, 2017

LOL ... thanks for the chuckle....

@evidentialist I hate getting hit with acronyms and having to scramble to look them up. It's even crazier where I work; we constantly throwing out acronyms and half the time no one knows what they actually mean.

@godef -- Ex military and frequent government contracts, so I know well what you mean.


That's exactly it, my previous company was full of ex military and government funded


IDCs are generally welcome, as are IDMs such as myself. It Doesn't Matter to the point for me I find any argument of the "unknown and as yet unknowable" frivolous and a waste of time.

On the other hand I completely discount most (???) organized religion, and especially any abrahamic cults (xianity, judaism, islam,...). The audacities, absurdities and contradictions of their holey texts themselves are proofs enough against them. In the words of Ozzy Osborne "too many religions but only one god" is also ample proof enough none can be "right"!

Buy that's just me and I realize many theists are going to ride the fence toward the religions to which they've been indoctrinated, at times for many years. Looking through the questions that have been posed here you'll find many. Those we can work with.


IDK whether IDK or IDC, but MMW, FWIW, IIRC, LOL, PEBKAC. That Being said, AFAIK, by EOD, it's still TBA.


WUTBW? (WhatchuTalkin'BoutWillis)


IDC that YDC. Welcome to the group and enjoy the occasional pithy tidbit that shows up among the babbling that fills our petty allotment of bandwidth.

Too true. Where I work the average IQ is 90 and only a few aspire to going back to education to get their high school diplomas, but conversation is fast moving and witty in many different ways.

Here, there are nice people, and I do count that as far more precious than intelligence, but despite IQs of around 145, I think it would be more interesting if there was some actual real brain power as well.

@McIntyre -- You mean some depth of thought? In what areas?

'If it's worthy of mention it is worthy of understanding'.

So I just made that quote up, but I'm totally amazed now I'm in the US by how many things are mentioned by people who don't understand them at all and heard them in the media and therefore assume they must be true, and as long as other people believe them then it is OK for them to believe the junk too.

@McIntyre -- it's the old reciprocity of ignorance gambit riding the back of the Dunning--Kruger effect. Ancient wisdom: A few drops of knowledge will drown the owner in a sea of rebuttal.

In practical terms, someone here wrote a post that was ironic, pretty much everyone commented how stupid he is, and a few decided he must be sarcastic, so I posted 'Irony is what brings out meaning' and that got 3 comments in addition to the 2 I wrote, you and MsOliver made valuable contributions, but apart from that, a couple of misunderstandings and nothing else.

In the post 'What is the bible to you?' I explained with data that there is no 'the Bible' in fact there are many many millions of possible contenders for that title. I got 2 likes, someone else wrote 'toilet paper' and got 11. I really don't belong here.

I wouldn't let a few dumbass responses hold you back or run you off. Remember, this is, at best, social media and a dual purpose dating site to boot. I'm sure you understand that we can't expect to get the best and the brightest. The best we can hope for is the occasional rim shot. Otherwise there would be an exam to pass in order to use the site. Hang in there --- and don't expect too much too fast.

So right, I've checked in most days and found nothing intelligent or useful but today I stumbled into a total gem! In General and Hellos, by Derek D 'I tend to be overly honest..., was just what I needed to learn more about. Fab!


the awesome think about IDC (I don't care, right?) is they have no religious opinions, cuz they don't care....I don't know how that works, but I think that is ex was an IDC who claimed atheist....she really didn't care nor did she like to talk or hear about religions at all...


That depends. What are IDCs and IDKs?

I think they mean, I Don't Care and I Don't Know. Basically, just another way of saying Agnostic.

So, YNS (You're Not Sure). D'oh! πŸ™‚


Not really the meaning of Agnostic - take a look: []



SamL Level 7 Dec 19, 2017

I haven't cared for at least 30 years now, whether we're talking religion or government. They're both full of...


Thats interesting because i havent seen this yet.


I hope IDCs are welcome, I'm pretty new myself. I simply don't care cuz a traditional definition of god can't exist and the only god "possible" wouldn't care about us. A possible god would be unfalsifiable and in a world who's existence is arguably subject to conciousness an unfalsifiable thing is as real as you make it. I feel like I have more important things to do with my time than care about such things.


Sure, why not. That is where I was for many years.


Everyone is welcome. I don't knows and I don't cares.


I think the fact that you posted shows that you do care, why else bother? πŸ˜‰

Grim Level 4 Dec 19, 2017

I think it's a subtle distinction. If you believed the whole Christian "Infinite Reward" vs. "Infinite Punishment" nonsense, you would care. If you don't care it means you don't believe, so you are certainly welcome here.

BD66 Level 7 Dec 19, 2017

Please - let's use better terms: (1) Gnostic Theist, (2) Gnostic Atheist, (3) Agnostic Theist, or (4) Agnostic Atheist. Most of us here are Agnostic Atheists, with a spattering of the other three mixed in (with possibly no Gnostic theists, though). So "IDC" is not a useful term really - technically all IDCs must also be one of the four - likely the same - Agnostic atheists (just with less interest in the topic in general). Simiarly, "IDK" is also a very unhelpful phrase, as it could mean EITHER #3 or #4 - Agnostic Theist or Agnostic Atheist. So let's ditch IDK altogether, and replace IDC with "Agnostic atheist with no interest in discussing any of this" or similar - []

Very true but the previous 3 posts I wrote were on very important topics and as well defined as I could make them and 1 got one like and one brief response and the other 2 got no likes and no responses, so I thought I'd write a nonsense post and as you can see it has been far more successful.


IDC means ?

I Don't Care, it is the most common position in societies where religion is a minority position.

oh ok. Thanks.


At first I thought an IDC has no place here because so much is devoted to attacking religion and an IDC (I don't care) wouldn't do that, so the IDC s would miss out on a lot of the fun.

But I've just had a look around and there are more posts in the General and Hellos section than in Religion and Spirituality and taken overall the sections a big majority of posts are not promoting A&A (Atheism & Agnosticism) but just solving life's problems without recourse to some fictitious kind of non obvious knowledgeable powerful being so there's a very big overlap with what the I don't cares need.

Yes, In future I'll be more careful to explain my TLA s.


Welcome and hello from east of you in Las Vegas




Unfortunately it’s not the same thing, but you don’t have to care if you don’t want to.

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