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What was the happiest day of your life? For me it was the day I graduated from college. I was 45 and the first person in my family to get a bachelor’s degree. The ceremony took place a couple hours away from home so I rented a “sleeps a bazillion” cabin and was joined by my four sisters, a brother, two of my three sons (the other was in the USAF stationed in Europe), my soon to be daughter-in-law, my in-laws, many nieces and nephews. For the actual ceremony they were joined by my boss, his wife, and son, and my best friend, her husband and son. My best friend bought my dress and her husband gave me an ounce of pot. Afterwards I went on a week-long vacation with my sisters. Good times.

ProudMerry 7 May 27

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I hope the happiest day of my life hasn't happened yet, because I can't remember any that stick out in my mind. I'm not saying life has been a drag, I just don't remember anything that was really outstanding that didn't have other crap going on.

@Waywardduck I've done that more than once. Can't say they were the happiest days of my life.

Yeah, I can't really say what my happiest - nor saddest - moment was. I've had some great times and some awful times, but can't quantify any specific one as being "the most"


Happiest, my mum, my a new crop circle in a field next to Avebury Circle near Avebury in Wiltshire....Aug. 1, 2012. The circle had just appeared that morning and we were one of the first groups of people into it.
Bucket list item....checked off! it was just a really cool and special day all around.... I've had a lot of great days...but that was probably the top of the list.

So aliens or sub-terrenian species are melting grain stalks in geometric patterns to compute our path to a wormhole in outer space ????? Must be a reason Star Trek NEVER scripted this stuff

@GreenAtheist Is there a point to your comment? I certainly didn't make any claims about the origin or creation of crop circles..... you have your bucket list, I have mine. Let me know when you post that you've knocked something off your list so I can come put a random negative comment on it.


I am a happy, energetic and optimistic person with joie de vivre. Wonderful things happen nearly every day.

Last Spring walking along the riverfront trail, I was thrilled when a bald eagle with a six-foot wingspan flew right overhead, swooping down toward the Columbia River beside the trail. It was so close, I could feel the whoosh of air from its wings. Splash! Without pausing, the eagle snatched a fish and soared upward, holding the fish in its talons.

"Did you SEE that eagle?" I called excitedly to people around me, gleefully jumping up and down. They were all staring at their smart phone screens. Nobody else saw it.

Watching that eagle was a peak, ecstatic moment in my life. I'll never forget it. We all need more low-level ecstasy in our lives.

@ProudMerry, Wow! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

I have never seen a fox in the wild, despite hiking over 200 miles/year since age 21.


Ive had so many. I can't say which one is better than the rest. Ill list some. I had to pass 4 welding test to hire in at a chemical plant. I passed all my test to hire in as a millwright at a chemical plant. I passed all my tests to hire in as a machinist at a refinery. I guess being capable of getting the job meant the most to me. Now retiring is the next.

@ProudMerry. It can be rough. I had to retire. I ached all over from the physical demands. I'm just now feeling 50 %.


what degree?

@ProudMerry I can see why that would be such a big day. Good on you!


The day my daughter was born. Saddest was about 2 months ago when my wife said she wanted a divorce.

Dfox Level 4 May 27, 2018

I have many happy days, not just one. Any time spent with my family is great. Going to the Ren Faire also makes me happy.

@ProudMerry S.C.A. is Society for Creative Anachronism. ....RAINBOW GATHERINGS are into 3rd generations of hippie homecomings to 1969 AGAIN


It will be a great day my future mate chooses me for our shared political vision and total love

@ProudMerry sparkling eyes sweetest kisses every touch tingles gently and hair smells rain fresh each word a forever echo of joyful affirmation ....or we stumble stutter and sing no matter how at loss for words and agree to another date of getting to know "you"


well done ProudMerry
happiest day for me is every day
i am alive i have a another chance of finding my soul mate, i can learn something new , be grateful and smile at others and enjoy the present moment towards another journey

Rosh Level 7 May 28, 2018

@ProudMerry well i am happy why be miserable you don't achieve anything


I’ve always been career oriented so after chasing a job for 17 years I finally got it despite going through a divorce and moving to a brand new location (lots of stress during the interview..of a lifetime). It was the hardest earned anything I’ve ever done and the absolute best day of my life when I got the good news!

Career SUCCESS ! Kudos. My dream job in the Navy spawned in the nightmare of war.


The day I got my BS in Physics stands out. So it's probably my happiest day. I've never smiled harder in my life.

But others of note: First date with my husband. Day I got married. Day we bought our land. Day we got certificate of occupancy (my husband built the house himself).


It would be easy to say the birth of one of my kids or graduation from law school ... but I am thinking the happiest day in my life was when I left OKC for bootcamp in Orlando. I was finally getting the heck out. I was so ready that my exuberance could not be contained.


On February 28, 1991 my daughter Cynthia was born - my first born. I was far more active in her birth than I had anticipated - I thought men were limited to the hallway to pass out cigars when the birth was announced - Nooooooooooooo. At any rate, I comforted my wife through the whole process until the midwife called me down to the other end of things. I caught my daughter (for lack of a better phrase) and I cut the umbilical cord. After the midwife cleaned her up she was brought to me as they prepped my wife to receive her and as I held her, she took hold of my index finger and I was shocked by the strength of her grip. At that moment - I understood what it meant to love. I love my wife - but the energy and love I felt that day is different - not less than - not more than - just different.

That was my happiest day and I hate saying that because the day I married my wife of nearly 30-years was pretty damn happy as well. It is just a different kind of happiness - if that makes sense.


The days my children were born.


Seeing my son born. We did home birth. No ultrasounds, no epideral. There was some team work involved. Very impressive woman/mother.


That sounds like a real happy time. I'm really happy for you. I've havesome very happy days,not sure what I would say the happiest is. I'll name one, My first solo flight in a single engine plane.


I honestly can't say what my happiest was, specifically. Almost all of my happiest moments involved being in bed with someone, though


I don’t have a “happiest day of my life” because so many days have been equally wonderful but in different ways. And, I have much life to still live and the “happiest” could easily in my future.


I've had many happiest days. I don't know which one was the best one. Here are just a few:

I used to ask people, "How do you know if you're in love?" Then, one day, I fell in love and I knew. (If you have to ask, you aren't in love.)

I went on a ski trip to Breckenridge, CO with most of my family. On this one perfect day of the trip, we all skied down Four O'Clock Run together. It's a nice, long, gentle run that ends in the middle of town. We ended the day drinking wine coolers in the jacuzzi.

I went on a trip to Kauai. My mother was getting married again. After the wedding, we all had dinner at a very nice restaurant on the beach. It was a perfect moment in time. The scenery was amazing. The food was amazing. The company was amazing. The mai tai (the first I'd ever tried) was divine nectar. The sun was setting. Tiki torches were burning. And the smell of plumeria was wafting on the evening breeze. I made sure to snapshot the moment into my memory so I could relive it again whenever I wanted.

vita Level 7 May 28, 2018

That sounds like an awesome day.

My happiest day was about twenty years ago, when I found out I was going to get sole legal custody of my son. His mother and I had diametrically opposed parenting styles, and she was struggling with personal issues that were putting him at risk.

Knowing he would be finally be safe forever made for a very happy day.


Happiest day was probably the birth of my first Daughter..????


I never thaught about it, I’m struggling to think of one... it’s a little unsettling not to have an answer, it seems a reasonable question, I’ve had many good times. 3 great kids, musical successes, marriage. Kids are big, divorced and the fan left, lol ... played Carnegie hall when I was five and it’s been all downhill since then... not really🙂 I mean I did play Carnegie but has not really been all downhill, but it has been hilly.


Just out of high school.
Released from state 'supervision'.
Sitting on a country roadside, beautiful sunny day.
Thinking I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted.
There's been many other times but nothing equal to that memory.


Congratulations! I'm also the first on my family to obtain a degree. This was a great feeling but more than the degree, to me, was the perfect GPA.

As C, D and F student during middle and high school, because my family (Jehovah's witnesses) didn't value education (they like to keep their flock stupid... They're easier to fleece that way), I grew up to realize just how important secular education was to surviving and thriving. So I made it a personal goal to excel, so that I would have a good example to point to for my own children, when discussing the concept of "doing your best all the time and being proud of your work".

Besides that, all my kids birthday, each anniversary with my amazing wife and seeing my kids do their best in all things. I want then to know no one will ever expect perfection but they will expect your very best.


You deserved a great time for such an accomplishment!

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