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I have been meaning ask a question to all of you, but I am really busy reading and responding as well as I can to your posts, and then I forget.

Do you remember your first car? I was born 1952, and my first car was a 1952 VW Beetle. I love that car. IT had kilometer speedo, an 36 hp. I had purchase a fire extinguisher that looked like a can of shaving cream for about a dollar, for just in case.

Wouldn,t you know, but had fuel line leak, and I looked in my mirror and could see flames. I thought "O" know! But I remember I had a fire extinguisher. The fire was out of control, and just barely opened the engine hood, and sprayed under the hood. To my amazement the fire went out, and I opened the hood, and spayed it some more just to be sure the fire was out. I tightened the fuel fitting with tools I always carried, and fired it up (pun intended), and drove home.

A little bit of wiring replacement, some sanding and spray paint on the hood and she was as as before. I am glad I was an Eagle Scout and was prepared.

At least I did one thing rightsmile001.gif

By Leutrelle7
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1967 Pontiac Tempest.
Not the one in the picture, but exactly like it.

KKGator Level 9 May 27, 2018

197-something red Datsun station wagon. It had an 8-track tape player, which made me one of the cool kids, lol.

ikr! I had wall-to-wall carpet and mag wheels, too! '66 Dodge Sportsman van, paneled windows in back and a multi-color paint scheme--silver & blue.

@Skeezwazzle A love machine! ?


My first was a 1969 Ford Falcon Futura Sport Coupe. Not a bad little ride.


My first car was a Mercury Capri when the Capri looked the new version of the Mustang which no one liked. It was blue, and that is about all I remember about it.

I had a Capri, it lasted about two years. Once my son—2 at the time—pulled the steering wheel cover off when I ran inside Hardee’s for three minutes. I came out and he was standing in the drivers seat, screaming at the sparks flying out of the wires. I started home anyway, having no other choice...after a mile the horn started blowing continuously. The dirty looks and flying birds I got, lol! My dad had to run by and disconnect the horn.


1977 VW Rabbit made in Germany (with the round headlights) ?


Born in ‘64 and my dad gave me his ‘69 Camero. He had it painted baby blue. It was a 302 but he had a 350 Nova engine put in. When I was 17 I went to the OCIR raceway in Irvine, CA with some friends and met husband #1 there. We (mostly he) drag raced (bracket raced) my car every weekend for years and made a fair amount of money. I gave him that car and my second car which was also super cool, a jacked up black and chromed out ‘73 Ranchero. I raced that one. I like muscle cars. I was never your average girl and I’m still not.

Elusia8 Level 6 May 27, 2018

1965 Buick Special. Had a fairly uncommon 300 V8.

IAMGROOT Level 7 May 28, 2018

Prior to my post on this I was driving a car my Dad purchased... 58 Buick Special, cheers?

@ArdentAtheist My first car was a ‘55 Buick Special. After I spun out on ice and totaled it my grandfather sold me his ‘56. It was the same all white, most of my friends didn’t know I upgraded my ride.


I’ve had a bunch of really cool interesting cars but the first purchased with my own money was a 76 Chevy Chevette piece of crap for $600. I think dam near every other car I ever had was cooler except for the piece of crap I’m currently exploring the limits of patience with.


'69 GTO.
red, black interior, black convertible top
4 speed manual


63 Ford Falcon. Cost me $35

btroje Level 9 May 27, 2018

I was 5 when my dad got his first car a black morris minor 1000 with little left and right signal hands on the doors love it we had the biggest car in the neighbourhood.

Rosh Level 7 May 28, 2018

That's a good story! My first car was a 1965 Dodge Dart. That car was awesome. So much room but didn't look like a boat. And I could actually tell what everything was under the hood, not like now, where it looks like your going into an autopsy!


A tatty Ford Escort Estate in 1986

ipdg77 Level 8 May 28, 2018

I had a used postal Jeep with right hand drive. I brought it for $800 and sold it for $1,000.

jwd45244 Level 7 May 28, 2018

A 1984 Mazda 626.


A 1967 Rebel convertible with a 343ci V8, and a 4 speed manual transmission on the floor. I drove it through high school.

Taladad Level 8 May 28, 2018

I bought my first car in 1966. It was a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500, light blue 4-door with a 302 cui V-8 driving a 3-speed automatic with overdrive. Awesome car. I used to hunt 357 Chevys with it. While I was on a remote assignment in Turkey my ex's father helped her trade it in on a '67 Ford Fairlane. I didn't find out until I got home. ?

Yogisan Level 7 May 28, 2018

I've never even driven a VW beetle, wanted one but never got round to it. My favourite car was a '67 mini, that was like driving a go kart. First actual car was a VW scirocco GT mk 1, 1978 bought in 1990. Motorbikes dude, simple, light, can fix them on the roadside. Can't sleep in them though...

Bhope101 Level 4 May 28, 2018

1973, I had a 1972 Dart. Loved it.


Here is the check for my very first car -- a brand new 1983 Renault Alliance -- Sky Blue, Sedan, Automatic. Paid in full -- tax, tags, title included.

My dad had to write the check and sign the contract because I wasn't 18 yet.
But I earned all the money working and saved it all -- also from 4-H and FFS projects...and permiums I won at fairs, etc.
I busted my butt and saved for 5 years to buy that car. smile001.gif
Driving it home was a great day. I was very proud.
Drove it to college a year later. 2 years after that, my college roommate totaled I bought another one with the insurance money and more money I had saved.

all told I've had 6 cars and 11 trucks.


It was a '56 Plymouth, two-toned, white and blue. Three speed manual transmission, stick on the steering wheel shaft. The blue parts were rusted and my dad and I painted them a new blue with a brush. I was also born in 1952 and I got the car when I was 18. Drove it round trip from California to Oklahoma and the brakes went out around Barstow. Got them fixed and no more problems arose on the trip.


1969 Plymouth Belvedere three on the tree! Love that car but the brakes kept going out so we had to get rid of it LOL I guess safety was An issue!


My first car (in 1980) was a 1968 Beetle. My father sold shortly thereafter and it was replaced by a 1973 Super Beetle.

Ohub Level 7 May 28, 2018

The first car I bought myself was a 1986 Chevy convertible. Loved it and took it cross country with me to SoCal

idoubtit Level 7 May 28, 2018

1973.... it was a 1966 International Scout pickup truck, sort of a short bed four-wheel drive version of the original Jeep-like SUV. I put big Armstrong off-road tires on it, a winch, off-road lights and painted it bright canary yellow! I probably had $1,000 in it by the time I was done. It was a piece of crap, but it sure was distinctive in the lot at Venice High School. I was a sophomore and not many people had their own cars then!

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