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Gentlemen, could you please give me some insight concerning unsolicited pictures of male genitalia? I've been on the very surprised & unhappy receiving end of such pictures. I'm far from a prude but to suddenly find the inclusion of a piece of male anatomy that I never said that I wanted to see, is a bit of a turn off. Any chance that a man may have had with me before that, is now gone. Why do some men assume that a woman automatically wants to see his junk? I thought he was an interesting man to chat with & then, there was a picture of his penis. That just killed it.

MermaidSuzy888 6 May 28

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Just reply with " LMAO ". Then you can move on.


This kinda best described it......

Thanks for that. Added to my growing collection.


I've always found a thorough critique of said organ to be a more than adequate reply.

Kimba Level 7 May 28, 2018

That is an idea I hadn't entertained but can see how it could prove effective

"You really should send this picture to your doctor. Those little bumps and that rash really need to get looked at - but NOT by me."


I think there are men who have a sexually distorted view of personal relationships and the importance of sex in them. These men have been not been able to develop a healthy view of sex and it’s place in a healthy relationship.

That is the simple truth but when it unwinds it gets a lot more tangled


Just plain perverts. like a flasher in a trench coat. it's hard to take a picture of your 'stupid', so they substituted picture of their brain.

btw..... please if you can report anything like that to admin, and though it may be tempting to say something, it might not be wise to reply. I think those folks might feed on reactions.

@hankster That sounds like a realistic opinion. The perpetrators of this form of insolence are not particularly sensitive of other peoples feelings.


Apparently, they've run out of ideas on how to attract women.


I haven't got a clue why someone would do that at all.


On a similar note before the internet men used to flash their privates regularly either in parks or out drinking with friends .


Obviously I don’t speak for all males, but all of mine are solicited.


I want to give the man a benefit of doubt and come up with my guess why he did that. He must be endowed with a huge genitalia and thinks that no woman could resist the temptation. Otherwise, this man is total jerk.

@MermaidSuzy888 Would you feel less put out if it had been of a size worth seeing???

It's tempting but I won't say it. LOL

@MermaidSuzy888 LOL now I am tempted. 😉


Suzy I promise to never send you one. Sorry you had that experience.


The simple and sad truth is that we men are way too preoccupied with our junk! Therefore, we feel like you ladies are too and we are too eager to share. I will share but only when asked to. I was fortunate enough to have a woman completely put me in my place the first time I sent an unsolicited dick pic. And I've never done it again.

@MermaidSuzy888 I agree. Cyber can be fun, by mutual consent.
What gets me is this exchange:
Him: hi!
Me: hello!
Him: full length nude or dick pic.
Me: block, BLOCK!

Was my hello too suggestive?! Nah, actually I’m thinking, bullet dodged.

@MermaidSuzy888 Cyber sex? Isn't that like fucking your phone?

What was the woman's response that made you realize your mistake? Knowing it may help us ladies get through to other guys.

@Sara72712 Well I should add that I thought the conversation had moved in that direction enough to make it appropriate but she DID NOT ask for it. So, she told me that was completely inappropriate and the main thing that got me was when she said if I had walked up to her on the street and engaged her in conversation for 1/2 hour and then just exposed myself, that would be unlawful!!! That got me right there! In addition to the fact that it's disrespectful and leaves nothing for the imagination for later! Does that all make ssense?

@Sara72712 thanks for the question Sara and the genuine interest in an answer!

@districtnative thank you for your honesty!


Interesting how being enamored of someone can change your whole perspective about a wrinkly bit of hairy flesh

@AMGT now if that could just work for me ( at least I don't have hair) I notice a lot of people assume I am a man in this personae

@MermaidSuzy888 no pun intended I am sure

@btroje whaaat?..

@Charlene what I said and it actually applies both ways


MermaidSuzy888, My personal opinion is that private pictures of my attributes are NOT for public or unsolicited dissemination. The most logical reason that I can figure out is that a) men without a personal high self image show them to show "who they are are because of what they have or b) 5hey have been misguided about the arts of connecting and conversing with introduced women and have been "pushed off the rails" so to speak by the overwhelming avaiability of pornography on the net.
My own past has had ind8vidual women, who once we connected, shared such photos to both offer and request private favors (think party favors, not obligatory ones) as a means to share a closer relationship where face to face options may be limited.
I REPEAT, NOT UNSOLICITED ONES. Sharing is not anywhere close to forcing them on those who are not in close an respected relationships. Unfortunately, the world overshadowed by the internet allows, the immature, the horribly misinformed, the angry and resentful (with or without reason) to peddle their personal brands of fake news to cause grief. Good luck with the new privacy rules and the options to dismiss these xxxxxxxxxxxx redacted.

get a grip either you think what you got is good enough for anyone or you are looking for different things than the woman if you are courting and looking for something meaningful then it is irreverent if she loves or likes you she will like whatever you have but if its just a hook up the rules are different and men with not much to show often feel that way its not necessarily about self esteem its about what you want and sounds like you want more than a toss in the hay nothing wrong with that


Whaaaaat? Why would someone do that?

It's sexual violence, is what it is. It's forcing you into an uncomfortable situation with no concern for your personal wants, right or dignity.

how is it violence ive seen violence and a dic pic is nothing like that and if its requested or not if you want it ok if not delete it no biggie

Yeah, I pondered that word when I wrote it. In my view 'violence' can be other than just physical. If someone passed me in the street and out of the blue, leant into my face and bellowed the 'C' word, I'd put that in the category of violence. But I'm a sensitive bunny.

I will clarify though, that in no way am I putting it in the category of a physical attack or sexual assault. Though it is stronger than just sexual aggression and it's a breach of a person's right to dignity, and respect. But yep, 'violence' may be the wrong word for it.

@DaveMania inappropriate maybe unsolicited buck up buttercup you need to not be so delicate life is tough


He mistook this site for Grinder?
Porn is his only reference for sexual activity?
It was actually a plucked goose he was preparing for the oven?
Beyond that my imagination fails.


I have never understood why some men do that. I only look at my own when necessary. ?


It sooo pisses me off..and an instant trip to the shit can for him.


It happens - not necessarily just on this site. I also have been interested in the thinking behind it because as far as I know - it is the ultimate turn off for every woman I've spoken to. What is it the people who send them are thinking?

@MermaidSuzy888 Yes - sure does


they may as well show you who will be making the decisions in your conversations with them.


Physically he might qualify as a man but behaviorally he's more like an adolescent. All too many males arrest at that level. It is just another sad example of how the pathogenic process called 'civilizing', overseen by religious and idealistic organizations and the sick men who lead them, is a profoundly damaging process. Some of us can escape and repair and some not. Of the many destructive anti-life behaviors males exhibit, at least this one doesn't claim random strangers' lives.

I have to object to your claims. These are not mentally or emotionally stunted men. These are grown adults. They work. They pay bills. They have children. But they still send these inappropriate pictures to strangers online. Don't let them off the hook so easily. As a man in your 70s, you need to hold these men to higher standards. 'Well, at least they aren't killing people.' Really, hold them to higher standards.

@Sara72712 Oh, I'd certainly like to see them held to adult standards. They, along with damaged females, are what our society manufactures and each generation gets sicker. What passes for 'sex education' cannot possibly contain detailed information about human sexuality. If it did and if heads weren't filled with untruths or complete ignoring of it, this juvenile nonsense wouldn't happen.

@Sara72712 There was a time, not long ago, when some words used today, and quite incorrectly, as common insults had serious, clinical meaning in categorizing levels of arrested mental development:

Idiot - developmental age 1-3. Imbecile 3-7 Moron 8-12.

Advancement of science and over-misuse of the terms as insults caused their original meanings to be lost. The reason I bring it up is that adults fitting into the 8-12 category are capable of literacy; of holding down jobs requiring simpler, mechanistic labor; of speaking in normal, correct language; of breeding; of voting; of expressing opinions based on simple, often inaccurate understanding of sophisticated ideas.

They are also capable of comprising a large share of thoughtless mobs; of behaving like nine year olds in circumstances that call for better and to which their chronological ages allow them access. Nothing particularly evil about them personally but they are very....not smart and severely underdeveloped. The term 'grown adult' is often applied to them because that is what they look like, until that is, ignorant, juvenile behavior discloses what they are functionally.

@Silver1wun LOL! You can't be serious?? This is the best fiction I've read in a long time. I hold a couple psychology degrees. But I still can't figure out why you are defending these people. Are you poorly trying to describe Goddard's theory? That was about IQ, by the way, not age.

Yes, there is a developmental spectrum, but the vast majority of people are doing just fine. These inappropriate men do not have the mental age (or maturity) of a 9 year old. They are just privileged assholes who think they get to be creeps to whomever they wish.

@Silver1wun also, damaged females? Please elaborate.


I have to ask. Did this occur here on Agnostic.Com?


Would you believe this is not the first time the subject has come up? If you are interested in previous comments on this site, just did a search for "dick." One of the posts has well over 100 comments.

To answer your question, I have never sent any unsolicited pictures of anything to anyone. I would say that any male who sends an unsolicited picture of his genitals is no "gentleman."


I wish I could tell you. I a man and as straight as they come. The only thing I can come up with is that men always want to se a woman’s genitalia and they must assume weman want the same thing. Or maybe it's a younger generation thing. I don’t know if any guys my age send dick pics or not. I didn’t like sending them even if asked for one when I was single.


Only ever done that once and not unsolicited and we ended up living together for 5 years and one kid. So she must have liked what she saw, it brought her 700 miles to get her hands on it, LMAO soz, funny mood.

really that good huh awesome good job

I wanna see


Really sad. I've had this happen to me, too. Not on here, though... Gives new meaning to the term "junk mail' (apologies, it's early morning).

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