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I noticed that there are a lot of old people on this site and very few Millennials. There are also older people on facebook and twitter, but they tend to be religious and/or conservative. I was wondering why are the vast majority of atheists and skeptics here are a lot older than me when I expected them to be Millennials or even younger.

Krystal_H 4 Dec 20

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Older woman here, and do not discount us old facebook account has been suspended for profanity.. 🙂


a few times myself.... for speaking the Truth I may add.

As I have pointed out before - you can't GIVE offense. People can only TAKE it. "Profanity" is in the eye of the beholder.


Ha, me too, many times. Twitter too. You go girl!!

good for you! all for the profane

me too


Can you speak louder I CAN'T HEAR THAT WELL?

godef Level 7 Dec 20, 2017

what was that? you can't get out of the whale?


@btroje Come on! I'm trying to eat my lunch and you caused me a great coughing fit! 😉

@kmdskit3 even geezers have skills


There's a mix here @Krystal_H look around and don't be so fucking judgemental.

OUCH, sassygirl!

I'm sure she wrote the comment quickly, and didn't realize some of the connotations that her words held. She is still pretty young and inexperienced, you know! She'll learn to craft her statements a bit more carefully around us old goats in the future, I'm sure. 😉

Well said sassygirl, I'm all ears.


Actually I have been impressed by the presence of younger age groups here, reflecting growing secularism in younger generations. I totally welcome that. Younger generations are always the hope of the future. I get frustrated when I see so many in my age profile (generally, not here on this site) who are so reactionary conservative and support bigoted politicians and parties and policies. What happened to you people? I often ask myself. People born in the 50s and 60s shouldn't have turned into right wing trogs as they got older. Be like Bernie Sanders.

Well said! Thank you.


" ... there are a lot of old people on this site ... "

Umm ... how "old" is old, whippersnapper?

OMG ... laughing so hard ...


Sorry Krystal, to make you feel you've wandered into the "brain gymnastic for the elderly" or something. My daughters are too busy to spend time here. They'd be more your age. And a lot of young men are too busy playing computer games.


Dang ... mah dentures popped raht outen mah mouf when I read this 'n'. Let me tell ya sumpin 'bout us old folks, kiddo. If you hang out with us you might just learn something that will give you a slight advantage over those other inexperienced, unlearned, unwashed heathen youngsters out there. Might even keep you out of trouble or give you some tips on how to get out of it when you have to. There is nothing like talking to those 'been-there-done-thats' when it comes to getting useful information and avoiding learning things the hard way.

Umm ... you aint badmouthin' heathens, there, are ya? I thought this place was THE place for us heathens.

Tis, but not the unwashed younguns. They's not sophisticamated enough.

That's cuz they're masticating when they should be osculating. They'll learn. Sophisticamation takes time. And determination. And grit.

  • John Wayne we still love ya*

What? I'm in the 1980s to 1999 range (1994) So I'm 23 at the moment. There does seem to be a strange age jump in open atheism from lesser than >15 and greater than 30. Though I suspect most of my generation is non-religious. There is the possibility of never coming across the site or figuring they have enough friends already.


Maybe it's because us old atheists and agnostics have lived in a world seemingly dominated by religious people longer and learned how to cope with them quietly. Also, I believe that for most people, becoming an agnostic or atheists is a long process involving both unlearning some things and finding a solid basis for not believing.


Hey thanks Krystal, I didnt think i was an old person till now LOL

With a name like Funeralgirl, it's a 'dead' giveaway.


you can get more points and get to higher levels faster if you recruit people to the site

And the benefits are...???

thought getting to a higher level would entertain a millenial like winning at gaming . its just a number


I'm not sure millenials can afford access to the internet, what with all their student loans and low pay.

d_day Level 7 Dec 20, 2017

We've had more time to consider things..


Who you callin ‘old?’ Don’t you know that ‘old’s the new middle-aged’ 😉 My daughters laugh at facebook … we’re not even ‘friends.’ Snapchat & Instagram are their platforms, I think..

I feel those ‘your age’ are surrounded by like-minded age-related friends. As you’re forced deeper into society you’ll lose track of those friends and likey learn the oppression and intimidation of religion, assuming you were fortunate enough not to have grown up amid it.

For me, I’ve been impressed at the number of youngsters! - and women! Crap, when I first became active with Atheists you’d show up at ‘a meeting’ to 95% men ..most older than I was.. Well, if you’re concerned with a social evolution away from religion - enjoy the company of those having led the charge ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 20, 2017

Well said.


Old age brings the following:

  • fading senses. Like - ALL of them.
  • bad short term memory
  • justified crankiness
  • less ego, ironically
  • perhaps some wisdom thanks to life experience

Millenials are characterized as self absorbed entitled spoiled shits raised by helicopter parents who wanted their children to be their buddies. I don't know you, so I'm certainly not applying that description to you, but I have a shitload of nieces and nephews that fit it to a tee.


Who you calling OLD?

@irascible 57 here, but I can say I do not look a day older than 56 and a half have experienced the same thing 🙂


Good because I am not into millennials but You Must Define To Us..."OLD".

She was talking about me. You youngsters didn't figure into it.


Not exactly sure what age is from my perspective maturity outweigh age by megatons.


This was an entertaining read lol.


they havent heard of the site yet?


older people have time for more wisdom. it's not young men who send the old to war to die.


Then a person can go on a different site where younger people hang around. Yes most of the older people are on Facebook but more younger people are using Twitter. Most of the current celebrities use Twitter and ones that were famous use Facebook and if a person wants lots of followers on Twitter, always use # hashtags.

Lots of young atheists use Twitter.


A lot of funny and appropriate replies to @Krystal_H. Maybe, like most of us, she expected this to be more of a dating site and hasn't figured out how much of what goes on here is about community too? It's also good to have your expectations fucked with a bit. Most our age would not be on a site like this. Most but not all... Still "old people" was kinda fucked up! Don't worry Krystal, I at least forgive you. 🙂


Word9ie walt's comment was great, YES I belive that the anveneical conservating want to develop a group wher thet can pass law and beliefs that's aking is so thye canpass laws on how everyelse must live. They're goint to hate and fall apart when cutrual diversity really beginst to
really evolve


I think there are lots of young atheists, agnostics abd skeptics - they just have things to do that are so much more fun than nattering away on here or facebook!

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