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You are in a time machine. You have a choice of two buttons, Past or Future. Which do you choose and what date do you enter?

By MyLiege7
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I’d go back to 1977 and correct a lot of fuck ups going forward! Oh, and I’d have to attend Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd concerts I missed out on!

balou Level 8 Dec 20, 2017

Funny. I always said if I could go back in time, I'd want to see one of the original concerts of Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Closest I came to Pink Floyd concert was seeing Roger Waters in concert. It was great.

@MyLiege David Gilmour is still touring these days. I'd love to see him.


The 1950's, New York, Havana, San Juan, Los Angeles, Mexico City... Glory of Mambo, the suits, the ties, the hats, the two tone shoes, Been able to dance with my Mother in the Palladium, NYC. Elbow Fights in the Dance Floor! Observe from a distance my Father. Dance and Daiquiris.



Clearly the only acceptable answer is Nov 5th, 1955


id go back a few weeks with results to races etc like back to the future

Good call smile009.gif


Future. ANYTHING to get my hair back. hmm say 2099 and get a look at the next year 2k experience. Maybe rent a flying car?

FynTul Level 6 Dec 21, 2017

Will we EVER have our flying cars?

Lots of tech was neccessary first. Smartphones could handle flight control now (navigation). Self driving cars for the auto-pilot feature. Pretty sure I'm not the only person that knows how to make centripatol propulsion work efficiently so yeah, we will at some point. Going to be pricey. Might see some recreational vehicle "kits" regular folk could afford in 5-10 years. Missuse/crime is a huge issue. Gotta outfit the military and law enforcement first. Zzzzz


Definitely future. 100 years from now. Hopefully the worst will be over!

NZVee Level 4 Dec 21, 2017

2050...see how virtual reality is doing. I wouldn't want to go too far into the future, because I want to be able to relate to my environment. Don't want to be the monkey out of the zoo scenario.


12 noon, 30 December, 2399. Be there to welcome in the 25th Century, even if I'm alone. Main reason though is to see if Roddenberry was anywhere near right.


No doubt the future like at least 100,000 years.. My be by then most of man kind wil evolve.

azzow2 Level 8 Dec 20, 2017

hahaha...I am hoping for that in 100 years from now. Guess I underestimated..


10,000 years into the future, if not just for a quick glimpse... It's taken humankind 200,000 years to get from basic hominids counting in the thousands, to over 7 billion. If we're not going to annailiate ourselves, I'd love to see how it all takes shape.

Hominid Level 7 Dec 20, 2017

Past. I'd want to visit the 1960s

Don't romanticise it... it wasn't all that great. Although, the music was okay. And the braless women. Shit, why did my IQ just drop to room temperature?


I'm not romanticizing it. It was a fascinating time in history, and was a time of great change in American history. As a history buff, I would be remiss if I didn't try to see it firsthand.

They failed. No great change occurred and, in the end, they voted for a return to 1939. Sad generation. @ErichZannIII

K, was just having a bit of fun with you. So ya, a very transformative time in the western world. When doing your research, be sure to spend time on how "The Pill" was responsible for the sexual revolution. All of a sudden, men and women could have sex with no consequences. It was a big deal. Anthropologists were predicting orgies on every street corner. Also, the end of the Vietnam war, and the Cold war all contributed to the newly emerging culture of rebellion against the "establishment".

That should get you started... smile009.gif

Well, when time travel is invented, I'll have to go to the 60s first. Watch the Civil Rights movement, anti-war movement, etcetera.


The future for sure.

JenSelby Level 4 Dec 21, 2017

distant future... I'll either be alone or in a post scarcity society, I'd be fine with either


I've always had this fascination with the 1930s and Art Deco. I'd love to visit the 1933 Worlds Fair/Exposition in Chicago. I'd get to hear amazing jazz, wear a nifty suit, and meet a few hot dames.

MrLizard Level 8 Dec 21, 2017


I would get out if the time machine.

The past was full of religious-fuelled violence, death, poverty, desease, and injustice.

The future could disappear in nuclear armageddon at any moment.

ToakReon Level 7 Dec 21, 2017

Past. 1982 when I was in first grade.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 21, 2017

May 1, 2121. I want to know what humanity has transformed in to…

Natnael Level 4 Dec 21, 2017

I would go back to 1533 and make sure the puritan movement never happene. Also 1478 to make sure that crap didn't go down either.

Ometiklan Level 4 Dec 21, 2017

Future 2 years... I have some savings maturing and I can finally buy my own little wooden house with a veg garden and chickens Dec 2018 to be precise lol


I don’t believe we have a future so back to 1770. You’ll see my signature on The Declaration.

rainmanjr Level 7 Dec 21, 2017

Oooh nice one!


When modern humans first evolved.

Meiliken Level 6 Dec 21, 2017

Go back nine months before Donald Trump was born find his parents and give them a condom and explain to them that they would be saving become a hero to mankind by using it.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 21, 2017

The future, about a thousand years from now. I want to see if Futurama was an accurate prediction or not ;-P

Nomad Level 6 Dec 21, 2017

Future-December 21,2018-One year later-see where I'm at one year from now.


I would not chose either - IF I had to stay there, or IF I things I did could change the future.
If it was just to look and stay for a few hours? I would pick This coming Friday at 7 pm.

The Loto max is $70 million dollars and I want to know the numbers!!

Teresa Level 6 Dec 21, 2017
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