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Sigh. I'm crushing on one of you pretty bad.... it makes my day pleasant thinking about it... One bad things about the connections over the internet? Sometimes your crush is MILES/STATES/COUNTRIES away...

P.S. Not telling, so don't even ask.

onlyduh 7 June 1

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Aw, c'mon, who is it, huh?

@onlyduh -- All right, have it your way. I'll find out, you know. I have sources in high places with mind-melding powers. In the meantime, live long and prosper.

@onlyduh -- Aw, goshwillickers, now I feel all squishy inside.


I can relate, but such is the way of the internet.


If someone had a crush on me I would want to know @onlyduh. Send a PM.


I'm SO jealous! I haven't had ANY crushes on anyone. In fact the only men I seem to attract are fat old blokes who want 'a picture of a sexy pose showing my legs' or to 'increase my self esteem' by telling me I'm 'desireable', & that just makes me feel sick. It sucks.

@onlyduh I'm still waiting on my 10%.

@onlyduh I've been kissing frogs for years - no princes yet.


Online crushes happen. I would say to reach out and tell them. What's the worst that could happen?

Okay, so they could say something about it in this public forum. But that would reflect very negatively on them. I'm sure they would be raked over the coals for being such an insensitive ass.

Many would applaud your courage to face your fears and tell someone how you feel about them.

How else are you going to find out if they have an interest in you? One benefit of an online relationship is that there will likely be a lot of time to get to know each other before you ever met in person. Writing can be a gateway to pure honesty since it isn't distracted by the person sitting right in front of you.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the feeling.


Oh darling - and I never even knew you cared. What do you mean, it's not me. Wah!!

@onlyduh Oh woe is me ! Such is the pain of unrequited lust, sorry, I mean love.

@Petter You two should write a romance novel together.


Sorry I'm just so irresistible ???


@onlyduh yes I cause many a heart break lol


I'm sorry, I'm already married.


You should say Hi and get the ball rolling. Lots of people meet online and end up married so it can happen.. Never know if you don't ever say hello!


It can be great and aweful at the same time!

@onlyduh true dat!


If someone is worth it, you can make it work.

@onlyduh There is only one way to find out. Plan a vacation? Even douchenozzles might have some usefulness especially if he's cute.

@onlyduh Well, most of my crushes have been far away. Have even flown across the pond to meet them. May be I’m just the adventurous kind. If it doesn’t work out at least you get a vacation out of it and get to see the world.

@onlyduh Good for you. Sensible is overrated.


I totally understand that.

balou Level 8 June 1, 2018

Enjoy it! I love that feeling even though it doesn't often last.

@LimeySteve gives good advice, but I see this site as offering a lot of resources to learn about whomever you're interested in. It might be time to move it a notch higher.

@onlyduh Your next posts explains it! You're a sequential kind of lady.

@AstralSmoke Sequential? Do you mean she takes her men one after the other? 😉

@Petter Maybe, but her posts need to be read in sequence. That's alright, she doesn't understand me either.

@onlyduh I guess that leaves me out. I just can't do bacon.


Ah the ever-tempting long distance have not met you crush. I went through that back in the late 90s....ouch. Won't do that again. No crushing until we meet....then....GAME ON!


So, then, have they quit making passports and selling airplane tickets? Have cars, buses, trains, and boats become inaccessible? Did the apocalypse happen and no one told me?

@onlyduh but things are simple. Only humans make them hard.


I am not asking...I am saying, definitely cannot be me ????????

@onlyduh ......mmmhhh... that is most definitely and unequivocally a sound and solid maybe (me being the one you have a crush on, that is..... Probability is likely small but still a possibility) !!!! ???

@onlyduh ....... Time to get that special bottle of (you feel the blanks) and then take you out some other time to (your favorite restaurant here, price doesn't matter) and finally a nice walk under the stars (your favorite place here) ??

@onlyduh you understand I am just playing along, right??? ???

@onlyduh ..........oh ratts, you have not seen my post at the very top, have you????? ????


Ok ok all seriousness. This person you speak of, it's far away...right? Based on that assumption, I think it's safe to say you have never seen him in person. Unless you tell us that you both have FaceTime on your record, then most likely you have a crush on a picture !!!! that whay you are trying to tell us????? ???

@onlyduh but then again, I understand the idea to find someone interesting..... Attractive, that part I still don't understand how...... Not pushing your buttons, just curious ( I know, curiosity killed the cat.....good thing I am not one ? ). Anyhow, enjoy your crush my friend

@onlyduh super cute....damn, that gotta take me down the list !!!! oh well....... now, douchenozzle??..I don't know about that, I will always let the other person be the judge of that. I feel like we are still going in circles here but that's ok, it's been fun for me I hope it has been fun for you too !! Cheers !!


You know that you're just playing a game.

@onlyduh I hope it works out for you.


Whoever they are, be brave! Go for it and tell them!


It is definitely one of the drawbacks. That is probably why some folks don't msg.

@onlyduh Very true. ☺


@onlyduh uh if😉

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