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This topic has been covered a few times on here. Hopefully this will help anyone that still has questions. Dick Pic 101 ? ??

BeeHappy 9 June 3

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I might also add...

  1. Make sure that your dick pic includes your face. A dick is a dick is a dick. Make your pic memorable. If you're sending your dick, but too shy to show your face, you just want to show your peepee. You might as well be standing on a street corner in a trench coat.

Excellent comment!

Love it!

AND--if you don't trust her enough to send one with your face in shouldn't send it. EVER!

That is The Best Ever! Thank you!


Even when I was married I couldn't pick my husband dick out if it were in a lineup.
Now if a man sent me a nude photo of Himself while he was cleaning the house...that right there I might remember

And cooking dinner?

@LucyLoohoo bonus points


Sorry, had to do it...

LOL!! I'd say shame on you but it is really very good!

I counter your picture of an evil dick with one of a good dick.

He is a dick.


I’m upset. No woman that I’ve ever know has asked for a dick pict. Frankly, I thought that most women would find such a thing offensive. Now I’m being led to believe that I’m just unappreciated. ?

I had no intention of doing so and thank you for the compliment.

When you find the right woman, you might be surprised. ?

I seriously doubt that.


I found some old texts on my iPad today. My first month of online dating, I answered a message and agreed to talk on the phone. He immediately texted a full-frontal pic! Block block block.

? lol


I have never requested, nor asked for, a dick pic. I've never understood why this is a thing. When I saw this meme on FB, and now here, and reading other posts on this topic, I realize perhaps I've been sheltered or something. I am actually glad about that. ? Even having been on dating sites for a few years, I realize now how lucky I've been!


Would sending a picture of my autographed poster of Dick Dale count as a dick pic?

Might be MORE effective, really.


I think some men send them because they're simply sexually aroused and assume the viewer feels the same.

Then there are other men who sense its power to shock and so use the image to shock and humiliate. It's probably borne of misogyny and means ' you, B'.

Either way - they are a bad idea unless asked for. I've received lots of unsolicited dick pics over the years. They do nothing for me.


Just as an aside. Some women complain about misogyny then indulge in ridiculing men by teasing them about the size of their penis. Hypocrites.

That really irritates me actually - Women can't complain about sexism, then take pleasure in ridiculing men's penis size. It's a double standard. It's bullying. A man cannot help his penis size. It also stinks of misogyny..


And it ain't the size of that fiddle it is the skill of the player. Some women are just mean bitches. I may be a bitch but I'm not mean.


I don't use misogynistic language anymore.


6 & 7 totally true for me. 5 untrue imo. Don’t send me your dick pics now because I like how they look. ?

@Stevil No, quite the contrary. Each one is unique and special in its own way.


I guess I should take it off my resume then...



I may be all alone in left field here, but those make no sense to me. It is as if such men ONLY see value in themselves in their dicks. I sure as hope that I am more than my damn dick!


No 4. is the one that many or most men don't get...ever.
Men assume that women must be visually attracted by their Dicks the same as they would be attracted by women's bums and boobs etc
But most women in general are not turned on by graphic or visual sex the way men are..they are just not wired that way.

That is true in general and especially in first communications but in certain circumstances I will admit to making a request for a pic. ?

Ok and is there a verification process ??
Like in theory I could send a picture of Jack Larges's Johnson from down the street...

@BeeHappy Actually I couldn't he would probably have me arrested..

@Hitchens no verification process that I'm aware of unless they include more of their body including the face. LOL!

Don't send Jack's Johnson! Not a good idea. ?

@BeeHappy Oops too late..I already sent It! ?

Oh bounced back..the file was too big to send!
Lol ?

@Hitchens Hahaha! Good one!


I either come from a completely different generation than those who take dic pics or I'm lame as hell. I have never once thought of it - nor would I even if my wife asked me to because she ain't anymore impressed with it than I am. In my opinion men who throw that out there at first contact are sending a clear message that their entire self worth or value rests with their dic.

Or that they have no sense of self worth.


I have a friend that I "met" when I was first single. We've never met in person, talked on the phone, messaged, and FB friends now. We're politically aligned. He claims to be xian. We met when we both needed support and did good for the distance. He had a major heart issues, and he's changed jobs a few times, and moved a few times. He's also a damn hound dog. He's been through 3 relationships since I've known him. He thinks his little man is the be all and end all, and regularly sends dick pics. He just doesn't get it that it does nothing for me and I delete it as soon as I can. Luckily for my peace of mind I see/talk with him much less often now because I go to bed early and he's busy with the recent temporary love of his life. Sometimes I wish I could just shake him.


Yes, Yes and Yes and especially numbers 1 and 7 oh and #2 and 3, 4,5 and 6. hee hee 😀


I've never sent one, but I have been asked to send one before ?

Congrats. Lol


You forgot to warn them about eating the Tide Pods!


I've posted it before but people keep bringing the subject up so here yet again are my dick pics purloined from elsewhere":

Thanks! Lol


What still amazes me is that some men need to be told these facts; and that some won't care. LOL


Number 4 is so me.
The last woman who asked me for a dick-pic, I sent her a picture of tRump.

Here's one! LOL

@Stevil Whatever that means. LOL

@Stevil I just got it. hahahaha

@Stevil So that's where it came from. The site is a riot. Thanks. LOL. That's where i found this too...

lmfao!!!! Best laugh of the day!

@Stevil hahaha No i learned it on the streets, like most things. hahahaha


Number 6. Number 6!


If you are going to send such a picture, consider reducing a dollar bill down to half size on a printer, and use that for perspective. She’ll never find out because your chance of ever meeting the lady is nil.

I’ve never done that, mind you, and have no plans to. It’s just an idea. In my case I’d need to enlarge the bill so as not to scare her off. 🙂


Years ago in the 70's someone bought me a dic as a gag. It is in its origonal box somewhere in the basement. If I want to see a dic that is my fall back position. I can find the real deal if I so choose.




It is the same as breast pics which seem to be all the rage now among young folk. I have two workers on my landscaping crew that are single and who get constant pictures from women they have met on online dating sites. So it is just not men who think that showing off one's endowments will win the heart of the one they are after.

Are you sure they aren't asking for them? When I'm dating sites other than here, I am frequently asked to send photos of body parts. ?

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