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As an atheist living in the bible belt, it is difficult to meet like minded women. As soon as I tell them I am an atheist, they judge me for it, disregarding the fact that I am a good person and treat others with great respect. I tell them upfront because i don't want to waste time. I feel like if I hide it, it is going to cause problems down the road in the relationship.

Cody2084 3 June 4

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Get out of Oklahoma.


Welcome to the club, Brother. Boise's not exactly in the Bible Belt, but there are lots of Mormonoids here and a variety of other true believers here. It's really difficult to find another agnostic, especially a female one.


Have you tried hooking up with Preacher's daughters? They tend to be more open minded because they have seen all of the hypocrisy and bullshit of religion firsthand.


Yep. I'm an atheist, I work overnights, I'm a gamer, I don't give the first shit about football or beer, I have an unconventional sense of humor (weirdo), and I'm dysthymic.

I'll probably never date again as long as I'm living in the Midwest...but this is where my family, job, friends, and house are so I guess I'm just (not) fucked


It sucks in OKC so I can't imagine it would be easy where you're at. I don't worry about it anymore as I am twice your age and more inclined to smoke some weed and vegetate than cruise chicks. There are some atheist groups in OKC and state-wide. You can try Red and his peeps at AOK. The problem is you're normally dealing with some people having serious social issues. I've never seen a bigger bunch of social misfits. If you're just like normal they're a hard group to hang with. I'd say move to a big city like Dallas.


I think what you're doing is really great. I think it scares some people tho.... like you I'm in the Bible Belt and it just requires more looking. good luck Cody.


You have to just be open and honest..and if people judge you ..they are damaged and you should laugh it off..imagine their in an asylum wearing straitjackets....


The funny thing to me is, I always say I'm open to dating pretty much anybody, regardless. It's religion that makes people exclusivists. That was also a nail in the coffin for my marriage; the more open I was about being an atheist (not just avoiding church, mind you, actually being an atheist) the colder she got towards me. Just one of many nails in the coffin.


Thats religion for you !


Relationships take time. After they get to know you they will see you are a good person and, hopefully, will change their mind. If they don't, they are not for you anyway.


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Just say you have no religious preference.

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