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Could you stay isolated for five days in total isolation as an asocial experiment?

This includes no contact interaction with the outside world what’s so ever. No computers, no phones.

EmeraldJewel 7 June 6

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Do I get to have my dog? Don’t see an issue then.


I have kids.I'd sleep for the first three days. No prob. Where do I sign?


Exactly. Be like a holiday, can you make it 10 days?


If you are talking about isolation, such as "the hole" in prisons, where there is no light or windows in a small concrete cell room, my answer is no, not me. Not for any money. But if you mean staying at a cabin for a week alone, without electronics, I can certainly do that, no problem.

I was just thinking along very similar lines but you said it better.

@Mofferatu Thank you. Just saw your comment, or I would have said thanks earlier. I only know about the hole because of Orange is the New Black. It makes you insane. Charlie (stillinterested)

@StilInterested I didn't tag you in my comment - so it was my bad. Yes, I would definitely go insane in that situation, and much quicker if the end date was unknown. We are part of a social species. But, some time away from "life", relaxing in a cabin sounds wonderful, right about now 🙂


Absolutely. I do two days every weekend. What’s three more days?


Yes, but not indoors. I would have to be able to get outside.


If you just mean no people or society, not a problem. I go into the wilderness often. 6 weeks without seeing another person is about my longest. No phone or anything.
If you mean in an empty room, no lights or anything, I don't think I would be ok with that.


Been there done that many many times. Yes I could do it again no problem.


I can and I have more so than I care to admit.

That makes two of us.


Yes. When can I start?


Definitely. I didn't have a computer or phone for most of my life and I naturally isolate from people. This sounds awesome.


Absolutely, as long as I can bring some books and embroidery supplies. If I can bring my sewing machine, fabric and supplies, I could stay for months.


Easy peasy...I could do it for 5 months if I had to...and be just fine

Xena Level 6 June 7, 2018

A typical work week.

Haha, I was a process camerman/ darkroom printer for a while. My workday was alone in a pitch black closet.


Sure, as long as I had my dogs and a few books. I've done this several times when hiking. We're not talking about a small white room (or refrigerator box) with no doors or windows, I hope. That might send about anyone over the edge.


Just no computer or phone? Yes. Just give me a book, pencil & drawing pad or any other doodad to mess with & I'd be fine. Would probably get a lot of "work" done lol


I could.




Give me,books,a bottle of Jack and a log cabin, and I would be there,for 5 weeks,not 5 days.


Sound like a typical week for me. 😉


Nothing to it. What's the pay?


I would call it a vacation. A great one if I could bring my dog.


It would be hard, but yes. Book, games, movies if they are allowed, sleep, baking,


I think I've probably done it or at least come close - feels that way sometimes


You know, it'd be easy to say "yeah, sure, I could do that." But the truth is I have no idea if I could. I THINK I could.


Yep. I like people but am an introvert are heart. It would be like recharging.


Yes!!!! Farmboy can do it?

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