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Should clinics be established to assist people who want to go ahead and die? They could go in a humane way at there own choosing. Some people are hurting mentally or physically so bad and have little or no hope that they wish to go on out. Mental anguish can be worse than physical pain. Life and death are one string anyway. Life is a terminal illness in itself. Some people believe we already allow assisted death in abortion clinics.

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Grecio 7 June 10

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Thanks for the interesting and informative article. Good reading, very compelling..


No one had any say as to my birth and no one should have any say as to my death.

jlynn37 Level 8 June 10, 2018

I fully support a person's right to end their life on their own terms as well as assisted suicide, sort of like Kevorkians machine .. . I think if a person is terminally ill or in extreme pain or has a disease that will eventually render them helpless, they should have a right to control their death ..


You reminded me of the scene in Soylent Green, when Edward G. Robinon's character decided it was time for him to die, he goes to a hospital-like facility. They show him video of animals and nature (the way Earth used to be), play him his favorite music, and "put him to sleep." I love that idea.

Me too. Loved that scene and would love to die like that.


I absolutely believe that we should be able to do with dignity at a time of our own choosing.


Well, sort of. The issue is very complicated, but yes, in general I believe there should be a sanctioned way to exit the world. Lot of things to think/be careful about. If someone is not in a rational state of mind, say severely depressed for instance, is it ok to let them end it? Can we be sure all avenues to relieve suffering have been investigated? Do they need to be? Would it be fair to allow them to continue to suffer just because they are not in a rational state of mind. What if they never find any relief? How would we protect vulnerable people from being pressured by greedy relatives who can't stand the thought of grandma blowing all her savings on medical care? Much more to consider but it is late.....


Yes a hospice with excellent palliative care in a beautiful setting with a checkout button. ?

If there are the funds to support the patient going there

@Geoffrey51 It would be funded in the existing way here..not sure about other jurisdictions etc.
But cost savings would be made due to faster turnover of candidates for voluntary euthanasia.

@Hitchens so is that $10 per bed or $2000. What is the ball park figure for checking in?

@Geoffrey51 I would have to check that and get back to you. But its € euros.

Indeed I worked with hospice teams...this is a way to get the extra support that a family needs during those crucial times....Back in the days private physicians taking into account the patient health care directives and families consent ordered us to titrate central nervous system depressants/ pain medicine to eleviate the extreme and agonizing transitioning process...I sat a many besides providing comfort measures....the most humane alternative


I remember asking a minister about euthenasia in Alabama when I was a kid.
He said the Youth in Asia needed to give their souls to Jesus and denounce communism because they're all atheist.
Good times, good times...

Euthanasia.....isn't that like suicide?

When i was in jr high, in Alabama, I thought "youth in asia" was what people Monday when they said euthanasia. Silly me.


One could say that there is no more basic right than the right to die. I find myself standing with Kevorkian on this.

Mb_Man Level 7 June 11, 2018

Dont like the nomenclature here- Euthenasia is not necessarily voluntary, hence the term 'mercy killing'
Prefer the notion of 'assisted suicide' as it distinctly infers death by choice. We can only hope that this is the extent of the practice and that we never move toward the broader definitions, for our humanity's sake.

StJohn Level 6 June 10, 2018

The most terrifying thing about possibly developing Alzheimer's is NOT being able to ''off'' myself before I forget how to do it! I've seen friends in DIAPERS, DROOLING, ANGRY, HATEFUL....and I'm determined to spare myself and family/friends that horrible situation.

My dearly loved Uncle George had Parkinson's for most of his adult life. After his wife died, I'd go to visit (he had to be in a home...nobody could manage his falling, etc,) and he'd look directly into my eyes and beg me to ''Help me die, me die!" I was terrified to do it but I spoke with an RN friend who advised me strongly to NOT help him...she said there would be an autopsy and, as his last visitor.....well.

So, I had to stand by and wait for another year, while he became worse and worse. I still remember feeling relief when he died. Oh...and there WAS an autopsy!


As someone whose health is uncertain, heart and respiratory systems have been compromised I shudder to think about being unable to go out with friends. I believe in quality of life not quanity!

BillF Level 7 June 10, 2018

Indeed, I admire you. The healthcare industry makes most money with 6 mos to a year of the end of life for most people with medications, technologies, test, staff...they milk the healthcare system.


In the US there are already six states and the District of Columbia in which physician assisted suicide is legal ( California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, and Vermont). Though the requirements are slightly different, in each the patient has to request assistance at least once (sometimes more), has to be evaluated by a mental health professional, and several physicians must review the case. To date there has not been a huge rush, and it seems that for some subset of patients just knowing they can move ahead is sufficient and they do not use the medications.
As to the reasons probably the most compelling (at least from my perspective) is that with this option, individuals can actually terminate their lives reliably and with the least amount of suffering. Unfortunately, without medical help a fair number of people 'botch' their suicide attempt and end up with grievous injuries that aren't fatal (especially with firearms).

CAKe "controlled atomsphere killing" , simply breath pure nitrogen and you will fall a sleep and never wake-up again.


I think people need a team of interdisciplinary professionals to assist with the end of life choice....a little more than clinic or a few health care workers.


People are not voting , because you chose to limit the options to being lawfully allowed to off yourself in a clinic or not at all . There are other options . Personally , I've been living with diabetes , osteo arthritis , kidney failure , and a heart condition , for many decades . I do not plan to move in with my daughters , I do not want to live in an assisted living home , and I don't want the money I've worked so long to earn , carefully invested , and saved , to go down the drain keeping me alive , when there is no quality of life left for me . When I've reached the point , where I can't live in my own home , can't manage living on my own , even with in home help , can't make my own choices , can't read , because my eyes won't let me , can't move my fingers , can't hear due to the tinnities , can't choose my own food , can't get out into the sunshine , because I can't leave my bed , when there's no more pleasure to be had , for the rest of my life , I will make the decision .


I think we should set some criteria as to when people should be able to legally engage in assisted suicide. Either you are very old or medically incapacitated. After you reach the age of 80 or more, you should have that choice.


I HAVE LOST 4 FRIENDS in the last couple years... i guess its part of being in our 70s.
only one did i actually get to be around his last day... the 'HOSPICE FOLK' a couple exwives and mutual friends..., had a love-in.... his favirite music on spotify ... some happy pharma suticals ( YES IM A BAD SPELLER)... AND I WAS TO BRING HIS FAVORITE MEAL barneys burger blue cheese... he tried and i saved his life with a HEIMLICK hug, that wasnt how he was suppoed to dye (sp) HE WAS WAITING FOR A LIVER.. BUT WOULDNT HAVE THE STRENGTH FOR THAT....lets reserve that for the 'YOUNG'
short story all to long... i left for an evening tennis date, checking back-in HE ASKED FOR THE MAGIC PILL, he probably couldnt swallow it the next day........
i want just that type of option R

This sounds like it could have been a good story, but spelling notwithstanding, I have no clue what you actually said. Honestly. 😟


Too, damn simplistic question that needs very complex answer!?


Those who are still capable don't need any change as we each have the ability to take our own lives with or without help or legal okay. It is when we are incapable, and more likely to have a greater need, that we face being forced to live a life that is no longer worth living. Euthanasia should be legalized but there should be some oversight to prevent the elderly and infirm from being prompted into it. Clinics that supply information, counseling for patients and families, and final services could be a reasonable approach.


Abortion and eithenasia have nothing to do with one another, and should
never be compared.
That said, suicide is a "crime". It's illegal under the law.
That would have to change before even considering anything else.
Not to mention the fact that there is ample potential for abuse if such
clinics were permitted.

It's not illegal in many places these days.

The only abuse I can see is if it is done against an individual's knowledgeable consent.

@jlynn37 Exactly. There are already many, MANY instances of court-appointed guardianships abusing the rights of the elderly.
It's not that far a stretch to imagine the unscrupulous taking advantage
of anyone with physical disabilities, or mental challenges.
There are ALWAYS the unscrupulous looking for their next opportunity.
I just don't see any system of legal, assisted euthanasia working.
At least not for the foreseeable future.

It is legal in certain states. This woman bravely flew in the face of the religious, the demigogue medical community and anyone who opposed her. She made a difference for the needless suffering of others before her departure. []

Can see it now black market kill shop. Sign could read we take no prisoners cash only.

I just saw a video on this the other day. John Oliver I believe.

@Bierbasstard I'll have to see if I can find it. I'm sure he had an interesting take on it.
I'm not saying I'm against assisted-suicide, I'm just reluctant to endorse it given the level of potential abuse.

@KKGator It's illegal to commit suicide - what is the law going to do after I'm dead - put my corpse on trial? Also, we're not talking about clinics for people unable to make their own decisions - we're talking clinics for people who are of clear mind and in that case, the profit is in extending their life long after the patient wants to quit. There's no clinic in this country that I am aware of where a grandson can walk in with grandma and insist they kill her and so the chances for abuse are small to non-existent.

@SLBushway I never said there was. I just said that the potential for abuse, if such a thing were to come to pass, is quite high.
Not really sure what your argument is.

@KKGator Your comments can be interpreted as there is a great potential for abuse when in fact there is little potential, as in next to none. These aren't people that have others speaking for them - they're speaking for themselves and have been determined to have their full wits about them by a quite a number of people both in and outside of the clinic. That's not to say that elderly aren't abused but those are more likely than not seniors that can't speak for themselves.

@SLBushway What clinic? There are no clinics for this that I'm aware of.

How does the crime of suicide get punished. Is there some inter- dimensional police force that drags you back to the living world to fine you like a parking ticket. Do you have to go to court and if you plead guilty do you get a reduced fine. Seriously though, what are the punishments for suicide and how are they implemented

DAMN IT if convicted of suicide you should be put to death!

@Geoffrey51 Of course they can't go after the deceased, but until the law is changed across the board, anyone assisting (except for in a handful of states) anyone else end their life is subject to criminal penalty.
I am NOT saying I do not support assisted suicide. I'm NOT saying people don't have the right to make their own decisions about the end of their lives.
I'm simply saying that the concept of euthanasia clinics, as theoretically proposed, is not a good idea. I don't trust people to operate said clinics in an ethical manner. That's all.

It has to do with the guardianship aspect and the abuse. Found it:.


Yes. I support both. Euthenasia and abortion.


I so hope this will be available to me. I think I would prefer the comfort of my own home and bed for this to occur. Just prescribe the correct medicament and I'll keep it under lock and key until or if needed. However, should I suffer something debilitating.... that is a whole new ballgame.

We must all have advanced directives made.


Why only in clinics? I'd far rather have the mobile vet visit my home for me and die in my own place.

That said, I have a lot of chronic, painful conditions. None of them are killing me right now, but none of them are getting any better, either. Living with chronic pain is exhausting, and it really strips people of any will to live.


One restriction, for those not terminally ill in the traditional sense, would be a visit to a mental health counselor for a few sessions to really be sure. No mulligans with this decision.

Exactly, that's why I mentioned a interdisciplinary team to work with those make the end of life choices


I’m not sure about the clinic part. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars are they going to charge the family to euthanize Grandma? do you need a clinic? Does it take an MD to kill someone? How about just a veterinarian?

Oh! That's cold?????


You as an individual have the rite not to suffer from physical or mental anguish.

azzow2 Level 9 June 10, 2018
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